⛔️ Cómo DESINSTALAR AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS correctamente 2020 Windows 10

In the description of this video, you have the link to the FULL TUTORIAL in text and more info Chapter 1: Disable antivirus in Windows 10 This is the traditional way. To do this we go to “Control Panel” and then “Uninstall programs” Select Avast and click on “Uninstall” Click on “Uninstall” to start the process If this process has not served you, we offer two more possibilities Chapter 2: Uninstall Avast from Avast configuration on Windows 10 We enter the Avast menu and click on “Options” We deactivate the options within “Performance” and “Do not disturb” Then we will do the traditional uninstall that we have seen in the previous chapter from the Control Panel If this does not end up serving you, we leave you a third option below Chapter 3: Uninstall Avast from the Avast Clear tool in Windows 10 If the above has not worked for you, let’s see how to remove it using Avast Clear. We download it from the full tutorial link in description We run the tool and the Avast uninstall process will begin To see the process and more information, you can consult the complete tutorial in the description

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