In the description of this video, you have the link to the FULL TUTORIAL in text and more info Chapter 1: How to run Steam as a Windows 10 administrator We right click on the Steam shortcut and select “Properties” We will go to the “Compatibility” tab and there we must check the box “Run this program as administrator” Chapter 2: How to reset Winsock on Windows 10 We open the Command Prompt as administrators We put the command we see on the screen to reset the Winsock Chapter 3: How to repair corrupt Steam Windows 10 files We go to the Steam installation path that is usually in: C: Program Files (x86) Steam We open the appinfo_log file where the events produced by Steam will be Here the error will be shown if there is any. If there were any we would see a line similar to the one we put in the image To solve the error we would have to go to the folder path that is seen in the error and delete all the files. Then you have to restart Steam Chapter 4: How to run a Windows 10 hard drive scan We enter “Tools” and click on “Check” Disk error analysis will begin. If there were problems with Steam they would be detected Chapter 5: How to relocate Steam installation and Windows 10 game files Open Steam and enter the menu of “Steam – Parameters” We enter “Downloads” and then “Steam library folders” Click on “Add library folder” We will create a new folder to save the Steam files. We recommend that it be on a different disk drive than the current one, in this case we will choose the D: We right click on the new folder and mark it as the default folder Now we have to go to the default Steam folder and cut all the files except the “SteamApps” and “UserData” folders Now we go to the new folder created in D: and paste all the files. Then we restart Steam and check if the error goes away Chapter 6: Repair Steam from the app We enter Steam and “Library” We right click on the game that gives errors and click on “Properties” Go to the “Local files” tab and then “Verify file integrity” An analysis of the files of that game will be done Chapter 7: How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 We enter “Configuration” and “Update and security” Click on “Windows Security” and then on “Open Windows Defender Security Center” Click on “Antivirus and threat protection” Click on “Antivirus configuration and threat protection” Here we deactivate the “Real-time protection” option Chapter 8: Reinstall Steam Finally we can uninstall Steam and then enter the official website to download it again (link in description)

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  • ❗️ TUTORIAL COMPLETO en texto 👉
    ❗️ WINDOWS 10: Más soluciones y trucos GRATIS 👉 http://bit.ly/2Gv7UN5

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