Hello friends, how are you welcome to a new video for the channel? Welcome to TechnoReviews. I’m Cristian and today I’m going to show you how to clean your PC without installing any software because I know that many of you usually download pirated games or programs there not to try and see how they go and that
usually generates temporary files in windows that are making our pc walk increasingly slow both in the start as in loading programs and
they make these precious fps go down that neither the fast rg will recover like this
that today I am going to bring you a tutorial very very very good and very
interesting so without further ado we started
well we start with the first of the tips to clean our pc that is going to
windows and write run not once that we write execute let’s write
percentage in percentage ok i equal I will leave it written to all
commands that we’re going to use in the description in case you do not feel like going
scoring not good once we have written this that mentions them
we press accept these files that let’s see here are all files
temporary games that we went downloading or apps that we went
downloading and windows it was leaving as junk files not as temporary
that are used in the installation then what we are going to do is
press control which is to select everything let’s say to
select shift delete ok we will say that there are 103 elements that should be
eliminate permanently we are going to say yes surely some other
file will not let us eliminate a no there is a problem if it does not allow us to eliminate
the odd file we omit ready to omit this do not make us a
Problem why and the important thing is that the vast majority
delete them that’s something that’s going to go through and it’s going to free us a lot of space
this is not the first of the tips that I’m going to teach you today
with the second the second consists of
go back to what would be addition and write execute not again execute
ok and now let’s write pre beta not perfect the same is also left in
the description we give you enter is going to say that we do not have permits to
enter this folder we are not going to say yes we want to give them
permissions we click on continue also we are going to leave a lot of files
that are garbage that are discharges basically what are you doing windows
when we go downloading things from internet do not worry they are not
files that are going to damage the system operational or nothing are treated only of
temporary files then again we are going to press control that stops
select all shift delete and we will delete shift delete is to select
so that the files do not go to the trash this I do not know if they knew it is a
tip that is pretty good as we have deleted everything
and tells us to close the last file before deleting it we will give omit
because the truth is that it is not going to move the needle so we leave this
file we already deleted the most important thing not the most gross then we go to the next
type that is go to my pc once we are on my pc
we are not going to stop at what would be the unit I know that the unit where we have the
windows and let’s click on properties once we’re in
properties let’s go free space and the most important thing of freeing space
the cause in my case I have 291 megabytes that it’s pretty but I know that a lot of
cases usually have windows files of old installations that usually
start very much at times can get to weigh 1 or 2 gb
ok this is good also to be erased then we click on clean files
this is going to take a little bit of security have patience depending on your weight
and it’s going to take a lot or little good in my case does not take much good look like
I told him before cleaning windows updates 938 gigabytes
friends is a lot so obviously what we are going to select
no and they upload ssp that’s not what we select this and we accept
then we will delete files and let’s wait because well, we erase
like 10-12 days then it’s a lot of space that you have to release but good
what about the fps I say a little jokingly you are surely not capable that if you do not
will improve a bit in our games in our games the fps but
basically for the team to walk more fast start faster
and others load the files faster it is called if we use photoshop
to edit or premier this is what goes to do is going to accelerate this kind of
program not what is the burden of files so good there as it is
erasing we have patience obviously do not
so good while it clears you I am commenting on what we are going to do with
another tips that is also very very good that will continue to free space in the
We are also going to see other tips that they are not so much to free space in the
disc but they are to give you more operating system performance as
it’s windows we’re going to see but basically we are going to disable some
visual effects not good in this case already finished what would be installed
he has already finished erase forgiveness the temporary files so we’re going to
proceed to the next step the next step is to go to advanced configuration of
system but for that first we’re going to have to go to writer and we’re not going to
open a common folder let’s click on the east menu and go
to go to the desk as well we are seeing we are not going to
click on this device in properties once we are in the properties
let’s go to advanced configuration of system not once we’re here in in
Advanced configuration of the system is just what he told them
let’s go to performance and let’s go to Advanced Options no no no no no no box no meat was
here or if it was still here was here sorry even if the visual effects
performance options visual effects and we’re going to click the third the third
of the options that is to adjust for get the best performance there
generally what goes is basically what what is going to do this is disable
visual effects of windows that both in windows 8 like in windows days is going to
make the windows good that the overall desktop performance be
much greater this is good also helps a lot
that our interface goes faster then we are going to click on accept myself
in my case I’m not going to click it because well my pc flies I have 32 gigabytes of
RAM I have a processor of a lot of
nuclei so I do not go in my case to do but if you have a pc that
if you have the processor is very limit I recommend you do it
so well you give accept accept and let’s move on to the next of the
points that is to throw back to windows and write again execute no
once we have written execute let’s write ms with end not
there we are in that border once we write this let’s go to the option
start windows and let’s open task manager we’re going to go to
what it is start and here will tell us all the
applications that are going to open when let’s start our pc not in this case we
will show for example in the part that says impact start will tell us that
so much that it’s so heavy the beginning the loading of these programs does not
in my case the like you of core is it loads the software this
Logitech of the webcam load enough also the antivirus and other good what
What we are going to do here is click on the program that we do not want to load
as soon as you start windows and disable what for example in my case
spotify I do not use it and it puts here like says the impact that has none and what
I have disabled in fact because I will have done it but for example this
this software not decent and that I do not use I’m going to click on disable
even if it has total down impact not what use
generally the programs that are going to visualize here are programs like Skype
in bonn or programs that have drivers of your mouse software
of your keyboard and others I recommend that if they do not know the software that is going
enlisting in this menu that you do not disable in ok for example not
they end the one that says program that does not they know it or not I do not know any that I have
a strange name that you do not know who is not habiliten ok in my case
for example adobe this update what disable because it is to update
adobe I do not use it so do not enable them
and well let’s disable here all the ones that we use this is what goes
to do is that when starting windows load in less programs making the
start be fast obviously not so well I burn without disabling
We accept changes and other finally to close we go with the
last of the points of this tutorial which is to go to windows go to start and
press or write execute we’re going to write from no more config
and let’s go to the start option not in the option does not start we’re going to go to
advanced clients and let’s click on the number of processors and we will choose
the largest number we have not if you have a processor of two
cores or two-wire surely I only let you choose two in my case
let me choose 12 the maximum number like that that I choose 12 I do not accept and in the part
where it says wait time we’re going to put 15 we accept apply and ready like this
What good friends I hope you have served the tutorial if they liked not
forget to share it like and subscribe! We leave you a greeting and even a next video!


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