✔ Facebook: Privacy Life Hacks

So I just found out about this whole Facebook
and Russia thing; pretty not that cool. Turns out it gets even worse. Facebook has shared your
data without your consent with at least sixty other Tech Companies. That means your name,
your workplace, your relationship status, your political leaning. Invade privacy much? I’m not gonna delete Facbook. How else would I get invited to events or remember my friends
birthdays or watch the political fights in the comments? What do we do? The first step is:
you wanna minimize what Facebook is saving about you. Go to your settings and then go
to ad preferences. This shows you the information that you are sharing with your advertisers.
If you’re the kind of person who watches TV for the ads, go ahead, share whatever data
you want. If you are normal, just turn it off. The next step is to stop facebook from
tracking you to other sites. Whether it’s one of the countless sites in Facebooks network
or just one of those millions of sites with social sharing which is at the bottom. Your
information is being tracked everytime you interact with it without your consent. And
it just feels wrong. Clean it up by turning on “do not track” in your browser settings.
This will send a signal to tell sites you visited and third party content like maps
to stop tracking your activity everywhere you go. To beef up your online privacy the
best thing to do is to create a virtual private network also known as VPN. This hides and
encrypts your traffic within your local network. It can cost a little money, but it’s the most
effective way to browse anonymously and foil Zuckerberg for good. The last step is Facebook
Messenger. This is a great place to stay in touch with friends. It’s also a great place
for Facebook and companies like Netflix, Spotify, and even big banks to read, write,
and even delete your messages. That is just weird. Luckily you can stop this by encrypting
your messages. Now it’s not gonna work for everything like gifs, video, and audio messaging.
but with your texts it should be fine. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone.
Tap on “me” and then on “secret conversations”. That’s it. Easy steps to keep Facebook in
check. Now go enjoy yourself. But don’t even think about friending me. I like my privacy


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