10 Basic Windows Laptop Keyboard Shortcuts-For Power Users⚡⚡⚡

Friends,if we know PC shortcuts
then the work which takes one hour to complete
can be done in half an hour and finish other personal chores.so I have brought 10 shortcuts
which we either neglect or use less in our work flow.If we use
these shortcuts then our productivity will increase manifold.These
shortcuts are from MS word,MS Excel,chrome,Firefox,windows,etc. First shortcut is for MS word to change word
casing i.e. Lower case letter to upper case or vice versa.
This command can be used in MS excel to call Insert function.
Second setting is to start new line in same cell in MS excel.
Another setting is for MS word to repeat last thing you have wriiten.
Setting for checking formatting window with shortcut key in MS word.
Shorcut to open and close a new desktop.It will open clean desktop.
How to cut data from various places in paragraph In MS word and paste it in one go using shortcut
key. How to access show hidden icons with the help
of shortcut key. Shortcut
to access On screen keyboard with shortcut. How to
fill series in Excel using various tricks in MS excel.
MS word shortcut to check font window using shortcut.


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