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One of the biggest headaches we can have on the computer! is to be infected by some of the many viruses that exist! and deceives those who think that thing of the past! and also who thinks this is a recent thing! six of the most iconic computer viruses in history BRAIN 1986, actually already in 1986 ipê mpc users got to know each other unintentionally! clear! BRAIN, which would be considered the first computer virus in history, it does not messed up or damaged anything on the computer that it was unlucky to be even though this did not prevent BRAIN from being the first to spread widely. the world! it was created by two brothers from Pakistan, who were there doing the experiments on ms two (CMD) BRAIN was so innocent, that the brothers even identified themselves in the code, he is leaving a very nice message well partner! Watch out for this virus !!! contact for vaccination !!! the virus was lodged in the first sector of diskettes magnetic, which were very popular at the time! and this made him boot virus (boot) CHERNOBYL 1998, unlike BRAIN, the CHI virus and was destructive to damn !!! and this even earned him the nickname CHERNOBYL, say he managed to squeeze in more than 60 million pcs (computer), especially in Asia, but he had a triggered only one year later, on April 26, 1999, and how the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened on that same date, years before, it received that name on the day of its activation! the virus infiltrated the system BIOS! that erased everything is the computer never called again, because the BIOS, contains all the instructions for the hardware tests, and to power the system some people of the time, could be fixed, because the removable biosphere chip, but most cases, only changing the motherboard !? MELISSA 1999 after the chernobyl attacked general, it was in the face that those neighbors Friendly staff !! those harmless !! It was only days before still in 999, the world has known MELISSA! the first great plague !! to cause a bad injury !! MELISSA spread, so fast !, that he even caught the world’s mail servers, after all, that was how he or be it, it’s good, that’s how it spread there are several ways that the virus can take over, the militia was a macro, it was a set of commands automated that infiltrated into Microsoft Outlook, and took over the program! in a time everyone was more innocent in relation to these attacks, a message with the title important, the coming of someone known and attached file, which was much more an invitation, than a threat this curiosity made millions of people click on that document, and in the sequence the makro began to open a lot of sites, pornographic !? At the same time, MELISSA sent copies of itself to a lot of people on its contact list. computer itself, it did not do much damage !! in the personal image? the damage was great, and I LOVE YOU 2000, the virus love you, too: it spreads by e-mail Just like Melissa, the tactics were the same! to leave dying of curiosity !! on the attachment, the file harmless !! it was actually a romem destructive, soon to click, the virus began to search for everything that is photo! music! video! and began to replace these files, for copies of himself, already thought to lose almost everything you had on the pc, so, this way meanwhile all your email contacts also received virus I LOVE YOU, as if you were the sender, Buddy!! huh! he has 45 million people worldwide, only catching the crowd by curiosity! approximately US $ 10 billion was damage, and it was written I love you on the subject, and now, imagine if I had written “I hate you” !! CABIR 2004, leaving a little bit of these pests, which spread by email in 2004, the world first knew the mobile virus, the harmless CABIR the form that the BRAIN, it was also created in an experimental way. to show for antivirus companies that it was possible to break into a cell with symbian the only effect of the CABIR, was to show the word Caribbean on the smartphone screen, when he called then, whenever the infected device connects via Bluetooth with another device, it would pass a copy of the virus. Unlike videos for computers, smartphone videos grew much faster, after the first pest was released. according to AVAST, until 2014 already had a million mobile viruses out there, STUXNET 2010 perhaps the most dangerous virus in the world, has been stuxnet that it did not hurt nor was it a virtual fly within a Windows or Mac OS, for example, instead the creators developed viruses to attack Iranian nuclear power plants. in 2010 this rome came to cause problems in a plant but was stopped, before the damage was greater, as any hacker would hardly have all the information that was needed to build a virus that attacked an industrial system especially scheduled, for nuclear power plants there is a suspicion that the government of the United States or Israel was behind this cyber weapon, this was the first virus made to attack the sector industrial, and since then, the world fears by a cyber war, and between several countries Because of that bunch of viruses there, guys! it’s always good to keep an eye on your computer’s security. is always there all system updates and have an antivirus reliable, installed, on the smartphone the situation is less critical, and if you do not download apps outside the official store you should not have problems, even so, it’s good to have a little protection too enjoy our video? So tell us! if you’ve ever had a negative virus experience, and how you solved it, beauty! enuncie forget to leave that I liked comrade, and sign up our channel to receive more information, about the world of technology. I’m Danilo amoroso! We’re the tech world, see you next time !!


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