7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story Official Trailer

Dear Lord, the battles we go through in life, We ask for a chance that’s fair, A chance to earn all our stripes, A chance to do or dare, If we should win, let it be by the code, With our Faith and Honor held high, If we should lose, we’ll stand by the road, And cheer as the victors go by Just in a matter of seconds I went from independent to dependent. I couldn’t feel thing You know something I’ve always done my whole life is to stay positive stay calm I just started to cry and that’s when They put me to sleep I’m not going to be part of the 97% that doesn’t recover from this A little farther Good! I’m gonna do what I can to beat it I had to relearn how to move different parts of my body with what was connected To be upright to be standing was like a sense of freedom And when I met Emily Everything changed. It was it was love at first sight for me I had a list of what I want in a guy I’m like whoa Chris is every single one of these I just started verbalizing to my friends that I want to walk across the stage of my college graduation At this point we had no idea how he was gonna walk across the stage. He was walking in this big walker He was working four or five hours every single day. Sometimes even more Chris had another little plan That I didn’t know about Will you please marry me and share the rest of my life together? Yes! What was incredible was that person that was gonna walk me across the stage Would be my fiancee Emily I went to that graduation walk knowing I busted myself for years If I trip and fall so be it Christopher Norton And you can do a little bit more a little extra on everything that you do what you’re supposed to do That’s when you can make the most significant impact the biggest difference I want to be able to walk Emily down the aisle of our wedding I’m gonna walk her down the aisle some way somehow and we’re going to go seven yards And I want to walk with her side by side I’m looking forward to the challenge


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