A message from Michael McAfee

Hello, my name is Michael McAfee, I’m the Vice-President for Programs of PolicyLink, we’re based in the United States of America. I’m looking forward to joining you at the
Queensland Council of Social Service conference. At that conference we’re going to spend a
lot of time talking about leadership, talking about how do you operationalise frameworks,
like Results Based Accountability, or collective impact, and most importantly, we’re going
to spend time really figuring out how do we connect our head with our heart, so that we can
really do the thing that we came to this work to do in the first place, which is to transform
individuals’ lives, and ultimately transform our communities so that they are communities
of opportunity. I’m looking forward to learning from you,
I’m looking forward to challenging you, I’m looking forward to being challenged, and ultimately,
I’m looking forward to us walking away with more effective tools and practices to make
this world a better place. Thank you.

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