ACMP Avira Management Console – 2/5 Abfragen: schnell und einfach informiert

Welome to this AMCP video on Avira queries. I have just deployed the agent and I have created two test events on my client. Of course I can take a look at these events under the event tab, can mark them as read usefully, one can add a comment here to say that, this was just a test for this video and I can confirm with ok and then the icon in the front will change to the opened letter. We can update, maybe something else has come in – no, then it was only these two events and now I can back to my dashboard and can see that there aren’t anymore unread events in this area. How does it collect these events? Here there is the agent planner the Avira scanner that starts per default every hour and it collect the diverse events from the respective clients. This means that the client carries this out regularly and sends the events to the ACMP server. Lets take a look at the query on the subject Avira, I can first set the optimal column width and under the fields I can also add a couple of Avira specific fields to the events. Here, per drag and drop we will simply take the ID, the date, the respective spelling and and maybe even the type thereafter, we can immediately see that what we are being shown is true. If we expand the client, here we can see the new events or better said the two events that I have already confirmed. This means that since then no other events have taken place. Now lets try and create a small event here, it will be instantly identified by Avira and now we can obviously say we want to collect events immediately. One can do so via execute planned tasks also determine that the Avira scanner should start right away. As we can see I have sent and it has been received lets update and thereafter the new event is instantly recorded here. We can save my query and I can always retrieve this information. Of course it is possible to add new queries where the subject Avira is concerned. Thank you for paying attention. If you have any further questions, turn to your ACMP Sales Partners.

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