An INCREDIBLE find on this Apollo 13 computer! Amiga movie magic

*Perifractic* Whoa, what is this? We’re gonna find it. It’s f*** Oh s*** *Cris Blyth* This a modal yeah, this is from *copyrighted content name* dude. Wow, this is crazy. We can’t show this to anyone *Perifractic* Hello Chip Dippers! Welcome back to Retro Recipes. *talks to Puppyfractic* No, no, no, no no treats for you *switches focus on audience* But I do have a real treat in store for you Well, obviously I do a lot of videos about retro computers and retro gaming But what if we could combine 80’s computers with classic 80s movies? Yeah, I know. You’ve seen them all before. Well, I have found an Amiga 4000 It is a piece of movie history and it was on the set of Apollo 13 *bit of the theme song* Wow, I know right, however, that’s not where the wows end. *switches attention to Puppyfractic* Bow wowz? *switches attention to audience* Because I was going through it with its previous owner Chris Blythe from Team17, *Cris Blyth* Yes it will *laughs* You are not gonna believe what we found on the hard disk. Um, I’ve been doing these videos for for a little over 18 months and this is by far the most incredible experience I’ve had *pop* so stay tuned You’re not gonna want to miss one moment of this. Welcome to Retro Recipes! *talks to Puppyfractic* No, trust me. This is your treat *Retro Recipes theme song* *Cris Blyth quietly* Oh my God! Oh goodness, I guess what the sticker is still on it waiting to be peeled off. There’s some young Englishman maybe next Christmas *sings tune of Last Christmas by Wham!* Next Christmas she peeled off my sticker. *Perifractic* Well, I guess I do have a bit of a reputation for peeling those films but on this occasion I’ll leave it on because speaking of films this Amiga 4000 O40 came from California film company Digital Domain Chris Blythe here was recruited by them after he worked on the worms games for Team17 *worms laugh* And they were doing a clean-out when he rescued this machine from the dumpster. *whoosh* Sidenote as you may know once something’s in the trash It’s legally considered public domain any owners relinquished their rights And so Chris became the machines rightful custodian by saving it And here’s a look at his office or his domain at Digital Domain. Thirty years later he rediscovered it in his shed whilst he was preparing to move to Kenya and Having nowhere to store it He had no choice but to place it on the curbside on trash day, but not before firing a quick email to me So I raced round and this very trashy machine was saved once more. *Perifractic trips* Yep. Oops I’m fine. So yes, here is the very same machine on the set of Apollo 13 So what was it used for? I hear you ask. What? You didn’t? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway When they set up a moving camera shot on a crane like this, in this case past some huge models *Perifractic makes “neow” sound effect* Because the movies are shot on the film There’s no way for the director to actually playback or see what was recorded The film has to be developed first And so a process called video assist was developed initially by comedian and director, Jerry Lewis. No less Basically a small digital camera called a video tap is attached looking into the film cameras viewfinder and this can relay the live footage from the viewfinder to an external source, in this case it was plugged into the Amigas PAR card or *Perifractic says in American accent* personal animation recorder *Cris Blyth* *Amiga makes loud case-opening sound* *Cris laughs* Holy crap-a-moly. Oh man! *smacks lips* There’s a bad battery in there. I didn’t cut that one out! The toaster cards down and then this one here’s the playback card which gives you video playback This is the drives for the just for that just connects to that. So on that drive what might we find? On that one I don’t know. Wow! *Perifractic* One way to find out *Cris Blyth* I can’t- Who are you? What are you doing in my shed? *Perifractic says quietly* Oh shoot. *Cris* I can’t remember. *Perifractic* This thing was made by DPS in Canada. It was pretty impressive. Connected to the Amiga’s Zorro II card slot, it could record digital video at 576 P and 60 frames per second straight to the hard disk for instant playback And with a 4 gigabyte hard disk, for example, you could store up to 90 minutes of footage So why not use video tape instead? Surely that would be easier and cheaper. Well, the part could provide perfect freeze frames with the director, in this case Ron Howard to review something video couldn’t *machine makes gunshot-like sound* But more than just that – this Amiga was integral in talking to the motion control rig via arex scripts so they could record identical passes of the same scene each time adding more layers to the shot And it turns out I have some first-hand experience with video assist some of you may know I’ve been really lucky to work on a few movies including this one the Star Wars Episode one Phantom Menace identifies a pilot called lieutenant Gavin Sykes If you ever played battles from Naboo on the n64 or PC or other systems You’ll have played through that game as Gavin Sykes. That’ll be the rather Pixelated version but I remember on the set of this movie I had a scene filmed where I was running up these steps to my Naboo N1 Starfighter jumping in pulling the cockpit canopy over pushing buttons, it was a little embarrassing because ’cause the Naboo Gown or cloak was so long I kept getting it stuck in the canopy when I close the canopy over you can kind of imagine other pilots in space They’re pointing at me going, “your cloaks stuck in your door.” Anyway, because it was on film I would never have got to see it because they actually had to cut a ton of stuff out of that movie Well, I was able to go down the steps and then ask the video assist guy Hey can I see that back and I vividly remember him playing it back and I remember him turning to me afterwards and saying hey pretty slick Well, thank you so much, sir. I didn’t think so into shutting the coat in my door Well, anyway, the first thing we mustered is removed that destroyer of worlds, the Varta battery and try to clean up any corrosion that we can see. *power drill whirs* Here is that PAR card itself and I’m going to resist the urge to clean refurbish this entire machine this Stardust contains the very DNA of the film sets of major movies and This is the card that was used to take the video output from the video assist camera tap Processed in here and then fed through to the par card And this is an Ethernet card “Rapidfire”. Put that on ebay *clang* Destroyer of worlds where in our case the moon *click* *clack* Nestle’s here and I thought You little swine! Let’s blow this stardust just off this little area I’m literally breathing in Tom Hanks right now. Wait, that sounds weird. Yeah, this is not a happy area here There is only one thing for it I’m just gonna spray this on and clean it up and I was also able to take a peek underneath the PCB and there was No corrosion under there thankfully which means we don’t have to remove the motherboard Quite a complex job on this machine and I also made a full image backup of all of the drives So with that done Let’s team up with Chris Blythe again here in the retro recipes kitchen and see if we can find Apollo 13 footage on this machine fingers crossed *Cris*Hello, I’m still your that it bailed on He doesn’t have that in the transformer that’s 240 volts T. Yep Yeah, that was a very bad idea yeah, we just kill the first one its I can smell it oh man Chris you idiot We’d definitely kill the first one. Oh boy. Here’s what just happened We were sharing the power cable from another device which was plugged into this power step-up converter It converts us 120 volt power to European 240 volts but this a 4000 is American So we just sent 240 volts through it’s 120 volt power supply Frying it Well, thanks for watching subscribe below and cherry a cheers Cheers for lady fracked Ik she’s been taking apart computers since she was a kid so Let’s see if she can fix this one with the help of a replacement power supply from Raymond Liu on AmiBaY coming up right after this Oh and speaking of supporters I’m scheduling a Q&A with Chris Blythe and you can put your questions to him by simply joining up for my patreon So check it out and pose your questions to Chris, but don’t mention the power supply Yeah, hey guys season’s greetings got to get into the holiday cheer There we go, and I’m gonna fix the power supply I’m gonna try t Oh God oh That’s so sticky, we’re not gonna clean this one because of the history so I’m just gonna pretend like it’s not sticky or heavy, I know this should just slide off but It just slides off so the power supply is It’s right there where it is on all computers screwdriver Screwdriver Duct tape What did you want me to get? Pliers so I’m just gonna slide it down Always a good one ASMR It’s not particularly difficult, I just like to be very delicate with old parts, it’s like me just like you If we follow these cables there’s a salon down here. It is on the PCB And speaking of PCB way PCB way is having their Christmas sale, and you can get up to $200 off your order of PCBs and as we all know PCB stands for printed circuit That was circuit Power circuit rule. That’s just more like That did hurt. Tada. Give it a good shit. I’m just kidding Now, if my magic assistant will hand me the new one I Could of easily just reached over and grabbed it myself Thank You. Fan is clean Plug this back into the PCB Now we’re just putting it all back together first you find the one screw that’s being pain in the Butt. Can you remind us what a those screws like. No I don’t want to Just for the dogs at home There we are two new screws just don’t blow this one up, okay? So now we’re gonna test out my handiwork here is a plug it is already plugged in. It’s already on. Oh my gosh, we hadn’t plugged in yet and I thought the computer started up by magic, okay Looks like it’s up and running and hopefully Houston we won’t have any more problems, Huston, Houston Houston. Who’s Huston? Whitney Houston You’re weird happy holidays off to Perry fractic. He refracted So looking at this machine it is very clear to see Just what it’s been through you can feel this Gunk. I mean this is a real workhorse of an Amiga and I have connected it up to monitor. So let’s see if we can boot into work edge. Houston we have a problem I’m just getting this black screen. Which on an Amiga 4000 usually means a CPU error. This is the O40 processor that another impressive heatsink on it It’s got these little risers here Okay, that wasn’t too tricky Think oh, so my same time some kind of corrosion Around the port there So much of that just went in my eyes, it really looks solidly in place Yeah And Chris Blythe is due back here tomorrow, so I’m on a time crunch fingers crossed Well, I worked on this for a couple more hours But my attention kept being drawn back to this battery leakage area You can see that far bottom-left pin on you to on U216 seems to be corroded to the Adjacent pin. Now this is shaping up to be a long video So I won’t show you all this in detail But I worked on cleaning up this area for another few hours Including using lemon juice to neutralize the alkaline from the battery then cleaning it with alcohol and thoroughly drying it Well I do not see anything untoward. That sound you hear is the Soldering line heating up. So I just want to try and reflow the solder So these are surface mounted and that isn’t really my specialty. I’m kind of old school. I like the through-hole stuff But we can at least try to touch the soldering line to them see if we can reflow solder a little bit Okay, well I’m now on day two of trying to get this thing working and It may be one of those motherboards that is beyond Salvage the corrosion is just in so many of these surface mounted points and Something in this circuit and these hundreds of traces. Here’s I think causing this. Otherwise perfect looking CPU Not to be accessed. I May come back to this repair at another time, but my hunch is that thirty years over leaking battery Have rendered this unsalvageable however this is still history here and That data. Well that hasn’t been corroded So if we could simply swap the power card and this power hard disk into another A4,000 We could still salvage the data. So let’s team up with Chris Blythe again and see what happens all right, so this is looking at our groins We took everything the hard drives under DPS Capture and playback card and put them in this my Amiga my old me Amiga, which is now your Amiga and it works. You can’t have everything we’ve done very well to get anything out of these machines. Look at the mess Like an Amiga explosion ha. So finally we can try to find that Apollo 13 footage Let’s see. Image index. It’s gonna make a preview funnel there. A preview. Just go like that and then view This is amazing. I’m sweating. Oh Aren’t we filming this part? It is. Oh. Oh wow. Okay, this looks good Cancel. Property of Lightstorm Entertainment, okay Whoa What is this we’re gonna find it, it’s Titanic, oh, there’s a modal. Yeah This is from Titanic, dude, wow, this is crazy. Oh Man, this is Titanic. This is the PVR From Titanic when they did the motion control passes, I thought it’s gonna be from Apollo 13, but it’s from Titanic Okay, this is very very even way cooler than I thought it was Apollo 13 is good but Titanic. Apollo 13. We can’t show this to anyone Wow Titanic the movie that quite Raleigh for a long time it was the number-one film in history. Ah In a moment, we’ll get that footage moving and on the note of showing this footage to you guys I’ve sought comprehensive legal advice and there’s two reasons why we can Firstly as discussed because this machine’s ownership was relinquished by the previous owners I am now legally its new owner. So that property has transferred And secondly, the fair use laws of the U.S. Say that for historical or educational purposes it’s okay to show short clips and Well, if a 30-year old Amiga used to make the biggest film of all time Isn’t historical or educational. I don’t know what is That was motion control or? What we’re getting is those are models and there are underwater motion control models What was connected to the cameras recording film was also recording up with this machine? So this machine I can’t believe that. That was on the set of Titanic, Apollo 13, maybe The Abyss Well, the thing is you can see it Oh, that’s a model that’s the Titanic yeah That is the model of the Titanic, this was worth the wait, worth it’s weight in old I know, tell me about it But this looks like That’s something else. Looks like a space no, that’s it this is submarine Rover. That’s a submarine. Yeah It’s all Titanic. We have nothing for Apollo 13. No. Shame on you. Yes I’m so sorry only a more popular movie. But look at that. We took the cards out We put in another machine we boot it up and it works. Can’t do that with a laptop. Can’t. That’s the top of the Titanic. The top of the Titanic? Yeah. And look at that. There’s the front of the Titanic. Wow, that’s a very Distinctive shot. Iconic. How did they get the Amiga 4000 underwater. Well, it’s water proof as you know. Oh right. This is a swing around. This is one of the swing arounds. So this is one that would start far back remember the shot that went from them on the bow of the bridge the bridge of the front of the thing and Then it comes on and sweeps around to the old underneath thing. I’ve never seen it What? What happens at the end? I can’t tell you I don’t spoil of you. What? I’ve heard, I’ve heard stories The fact that we have the number one movie of all time. Mm-hmm Thank You Amiga. Yeah, I know this bananas That’s the submarine again. Oh yeah, that’s a model, model of the submarines. Yeah Well as if this wasn’t incredible enough, I mentioned getting those images moving So after a bit of trouble sorting out NTSC versus power issues we were able to hook up this monitor to the s-video output of the par card and Let’s see if we can actually play back the full motion video And there we have it. Wow. Shall I play something? Can it? Will it play back? Yes it will. Oh my God. The Titanic. The Titanic. Look at that now this is a video tap from the camera so it’s crappy. Wow. I mean that’s not crappy by any means. This is amazing And then this is oh this is the submarines. This is the submarines descending. We’re looking up at the submarine? Yeah. And it’s coming down as we past the Titanic. Holy moly. Yeah, and this footage is probably oh and it’s gonna pan down with it No, this has ever been seen anywhere This is bananas dude. That is amazing. It looks like a drone. A CGI drone That is nuts Oh wait look all the way past and you can scroll. So what’s Mat AIDS That’s a mat Wow, right and then there’s a mat, another mat pass but shorter I guess this was just another test. Some these are you know obviously them trying things out. Oh I don’t know what this was for? Oh their doing timing tests okay to see the fields in the fields of getting picked up were progressive MS 59. Oh, here we go Yeah Chris we have found the Titanic. That’s right. After 30 years almost buried in your shed. Buried in my shed Not my shed. A shed. A Shed. So this was a scene where it went in and then became. . .yeah, and from the looks of it So these are models here So the thing is if they’re filming is film, it would be a God damn nightmare to do all this. So with this They’re able to try things out. Yeah Holy **** Movie history right on these disks. That’s right Wow And guess what? They will not live anywhere else. This is it. And guess what they’re backed up. That’s right. oh Look at this Holy **** Let’s a part taken from the film by the looks of it. So they would use this to cut into the right room. Oh, yeah Because obviously the film certain parts of it already on you and then there’s this one here again That’s a rough shot of him. Looks like it and then this one here oh, oh wow, that’s the big sub. The mother ship So this is again used so that we’ve got some principal photography and then they’re gonna cutting it in in the internet with models But they are filming at the Titanic here. That’s good. So the Titanic stars in Titanic Yeah, that’s, that’s the Titanic right there And this is just being shot and they just be done there half a year. Not that this that’s basically it that’s all that’s there. Thanks a Titanic amount to Cris there for guiding us through that but that’s not quite it for you guys Firstly after we filmed this we discovered one more PAR Drive Which we think might hold those Apollo 13 or Abyss videos But as I no longer have that second a 4000 and I’ve run out of time here I’m not able to try it out But maybe you can see firstly I mentioned my backups and as with the team17 stuff I’m making them freely available on the Internet Archive for you to download under a non-commercial Creative Commons license right now Including that newly discovered drive bear in mind though. You’ll need A4000 with a par card to view the videos They won’t play without it Even on an emulator when chris has since told me that many of the original Titanic data tapes were corrupted by the building’s power supply which they were stored right next to So this might be the only data left But as for the real movie history hard drives themselves put those on Filipe No, seriously They’re in an auction right now Along with the rest of this historic machine all waiting to go to a loving new home with a serious movie memorabilia or Amiga Collector see the link in the description and I’ll keep trying to repair it in the meantime Or mr. Cameron, if you’re watching this just drop me a personal email not be honored to transfer ownership to you. Absolutely No charge just put me in your next movie In all seriousness, though if we’ve learned one thing on this little adventure together. It’s there sometimes if you aim for the stars Though you may not quite get where you intended. You might uncover a buried treasure Beyond your wildest dreams From the depths of space to the depths of the ocean. That’s it from me. Thanks for watching. Comment below. I’ll never let go but cheerio I can tell you what I found today, I found the Titanic They’ve already found the Titanic. Oh no, no, no on the computer. They already have it on the computer. It’s streaming I’m sure you can find it. No, no. No, I found original footage from the movie on a Commodore Amiga Did you find the heart of the ocean? No. Then why are we having this conversation Oh look, Dunkin Donuts. We can get a Leonardo de cappuccino.


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