Armband av Fimo Leather

Make a cuff bracelet from Fimo Leather Produced by Hobbyrian- Karolina Söderberg You can find a list of the materials used in the video, down below in the description. First start with a strip of regular Fimo Professional, about 2,5-3 mm thick (you can go a bit thinner for a leaner bracelet). Make it long enough to go around the bottle. Trim the edges with a blade or a knife. Don´t mush the clay but rather fold it so you don´t introduce air bubbles into the clay. If you let the clay hang and twist the bottle it will lay down straight on the bottle. Trim to the right length. Check so the base of your bracelet lies flush to the bottle all the way around. Now make a strip of FIMO LEATHER 909 black about 1-1,5 mm thick depending on how thick you want the bracelet. Make it long enough to cover the base. When you carefully stretch Fimo Leather, the texture becomes more visible. Trim it to the same width as the base. My camera has gone bunkers with the focus.. Due to fibers in the clay, it is a bit harder to cut it. Mark the length and trim. Punch holes 1 cm apart with a mini cutter about 2,5mm Make sure the distans from the edge is the same at both ends of the strip. Poke the clay from the holes with a needle tool. Do the same on the other side and on the ends. Check again so everything fits A bit short. Even if ll clay is unbaked it is good to use some liquid clay between the layers. A very thin layer of liquid clay helps the layers to cling together. Make sure it all fits nicely so nothing is sticking out on the sides. Trim of the access. Now it is time for the first bake and if you have a small oven, here is a tip for you. The bracelet should NOT some in contact with the tray. Please watch at the film “Baking like a pro” made by Hobbyrian. It is important to bake polymer clay properly! Bake the bracelet for 40-60 minutes in 130 degrees Celsius. Now it is properly baked and strong (cooled off).
Time to decorate. Now we are making strings from Fimo Leather 749 Rust. You can either roll them out by hand or …. …. use an extruder. When you get to the end of the rod, be careful so you dont destroy the threads. Your string is now very “hairy” because of the fibers in the clay. That is easily fixed by rolling the string on the table. Tadaaa! 2 strings is to be layed in a zig zag pattern. Lay down a very thin string of liquid clay along the length of the bracelet to attach the string. Make sure to put the liquid clay only where the string is going to cover it. Now it is time to lay down the string. Pinch the string with the needle tool to make sure it goes down the hole and so it is easy to fold. I think it looks best if you alternate the string that comes out on top of the other. Oops Now I need to add a new string.This was to short. Pinch it harder so it brakes off. Now you just add the new string and keep going like before. Make the ends look nice. And add the short strings. Now check the entire length of the bracelet to make sure the strings sits nicely and snug. Now the bracelet is baked one more time for 30-40 minutes at 130 degrees celsius. Make a strip of Fimo Leather 749 Rust that is about 2 mm thick. Stretch it to get that ruff leather texture. Trim the edge. Now remember that the width of the bracelet is the same as the ruler. This strip needs to be wide enough to fold over and cover the edge. So make the strip wider than the bracelet. Add a thin layer of liquid clay. This step is much easier with Fimo Leather than regular clay as it does not stick to it self so much. Stroke gently with you finger to make the clay stick and to remove air bubbles. Now stretch the clay to fit perfectly, this is again easier to do with Fimo Leather than regular polymer clay. Fold all the way to make sure it all looks good. Unfold and apply a LITTLE bit of liquid clay. Make sure no liquid clay ends up on the surface of the bracelet, it will leave a shiny spot. Fold the edge bak all the way, make i snug. Time to fix the ends. Trim of the access with a small scissor. Repeat on the other side. A signature stamp looks professional, you can design and get your own at Hobbyrian. Signed and ready. Now bake it a final time for 40-60 minutes at 130 degrees celsius. While the bracelet is still hot i always make sure it has the right shape and that the ends touch. Makes it sit nicely. I do this by placing “weights” in appropriate places and letting the bracelet cool off. Be careful not to burn you self as it is HOT! When the bracelet cools off completely it will harden and keep that shape. Subscribe so don´t miss upcoming videos! Music and pictures is the property of Hobbyrian.
Music written for Hobbyrian
by Mellownights-Sebstian Gottlieb.

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