AV-8B Harrier 2 | Firewill | ARMA 3 | (English SUBS)

We are going to test this Harrier V2 mod Published in the ArmA3 workshop Need’s to be loaded with FIRAWS mod Air Weapon System It’s very interesting, have some systems Like ECM like TGT Wich F-18 also had it But i personally disliked You can turn on the TGP for this MFCD and the map for this other I’m not sure about this option Ah, yes lighting the letters of the cockpit The TGP That works correctly Because the MFCD doesn’t show a nose camera What more? It has mirrors too For dogfighting or taxiing You Can do zoom in and zoom out This option is used to change to thermal view But inside the camera is still normal The zoom changes form narrow To open and open to narrow Like in real life But in real life you have 2 kinds of zooms Ejection seat that I would not recommend to use unless you are flying hehe I haven’t used countermeasures in PVP But I think this mod was very well made Outside is beutyful But I don’t usually flight in 3rd person view There we have the nozzles And they move if you change their position Pushing vectorial to maximun The only bad working is this If you put the nozzle to maximun and you push again it goes to the initial position This are the base weapons If you push the gas to a minimun it start to work (Trying to make it work) Pushing Throttle to maximun It tries to go up And here you see the bug I will take off in a normal way I forgot to put an LHD We will do an VTOL landing Let’s airborne The side wheels are unstable Train up It works like any other plane in arma Is not very difficult The TGP permits you to see If you impact without be inside the camera I choose that house and turn on The laser push “T”, locked I turn on the TGP I think is quite buggy Let’s try to make it functional Befor releasing the bombs You won’t see nothing until you are near This is an arma 3 problem Releasing weapons Passing by a side, never on it. take a look to the TPG There we can see the explosion a little in the camera We lost the image because we are far It’s better to use normal camera, but it looks nice Not much more Let’s go and land using VTOL Not complete vertical In real life isn’t completely vertical too We cannot land like in real life Because in arma LHD doesn’t move (Explaining why but not useful info for arma3) We will do the landing on the runway Is the same actually I think I didn’t tried The airbrakes but it should have Checking I have analogic Airbrakes binded Yes it has them On the canvas We are far, let’s push the throttle I landed on that port but the problem was to take off because of that bug but in an LHD is not a problem In the USS Freedom I think It should work All the nozzles to full A little bit the nose up to bleed speed If we push down the throttle we will lose altitud and speed what we have to do to land and in a decent airspeed near 0 You have to push throttle a bit when The speed indicator(up-left secreen) is in red (stalling) The number turns red, I push throttle and lowering speed Probably we will land near the start of the runway another bit of gas another bit of gas Not too much, if we get too much you will get some speed and you don’t want speed in VTOL You want a VTOL landing Here you can see, what happen if you don’t push the throttle Because I am always talking That was a bad approach Now a good one Low speed When we are near, a little bit less of gas Pushing a bit the nose up Getting low If we are not close enought more gas I will land it on the yellow line Is my first day with it Slowly Slowly Let’s put it on the end of the line strange noises because of the focusing and there it is quickly you engines off, because it will try to run because we have the gas near 100% This was quick This mod is nicely animated knees and joystick and throttle included It’s a very complete mod I liked this one so much It’s near a sim cockpit And compared with ARMA 3 complex is nice Any questions down in the box See you!


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  • Nestortilla 009

    hola buenas, quería saber como haces para fijar la cámara del tgp al fijar el objetivo

  • Alfredo Patnella

    Lol… aterrizaste sin el tren desplegado hermano.

  • Hola amigo, buen video. Baje este mod por steam workshop que además te pide instalar el mod FIR weapon. Tengo el DCL jet instalado, y el F/A 181 que trae no me aparece la opción de eyectarme que antes si me aparecía; sabes alguna tecla que lo haga?. Saludos

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