Beginner Backyard Beekeeping Lunchtime LIVE CHAT just for YOU

hello everyone so welcome do lunch time
live chat for backyard beginner beekeepers so I’m down here in my
youtube bungalow it’s Sunday afternoon today is December the 15th it’s freezing
cold outside it’s going down into the teens and the wind gusts are going up to
35 miles an hour so of course this afternoon I’m doing baby portraits but
for right now I’m here talking about beginner beekeeping and if you chime in
and you have questions this is the place to post them so if you’re watching this
after the fact look down in the comment section below this is gonna run about an
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thanks for seeing everyone good afternoon from Annapolis John Nathan
some people don’t like it when it’s been a lot of time doing shoutouts to people
that are showing up in this down here in the comment section based on how you’re
seeing it John McNeil good day hello everybody Larry Lee great to see
everyone and let me know what’s going on when you ask a question also let me know
where you’re located what’s going on with you so we’ll just talk about
anything that pops up and one of the good aspects of having a live chat like
this some people don’t want to dig through
all of the series on beginner beekeeping because we’ve done 42 episodes of that
to know if I’ve covered something or not so whatever’s on your mind right now
this is your opportunity to ask the question and get some just in time we
call it information could be all the same people that we see I’m glad you all
made it now people should have known that this was coming up and I want to
appreciate pass my appreciation on to those of you who answered my survey
about when you wanted the live chat Sunday afternoon and whether you wanted
it combined with answers to questions that are received first no
they want a straight live chat and we separated the two so we did another one
yesterday well yesterday we did a walk through the woods
snowy walked through the woods Larry yeah Washington and of course a lot of
the people that are down here in the chat stream know each other and that’s
one of the good aspects of a live chat people can touch base make friends
reconnect ask each other questions and of course this dialogue carries on in
the comments section after it’s done so after the live session this will remain
so time to get your kids Navy kids to build snowballs around your eyes
so walls around the hives anything that provides a windbreak and be good we’re
gonna have gusty winds this afternoon and I appreciate that you all are here
we have 25 people that are chiming in anyone has a question or something to
share we could talk about it so oh yeah and this is my latest coffee cup design
and this is the honey bee guru and you might wonder what does it say on there
well it says I have been to the apiary and after many seasons I have returned
knowing the way to be so the way to be is the name of my bee vlog so those are
underneath too in the offering snare with the t-shirts and everything video
looks hundred-percent today thank you because you know what I completely
reconfigured my system yesterday and moved my antennas around until I got the
best signal quality I could get if the signal starts to degrade
I hope somebody says something over in the comments chat section so that I’ll
shut down the chat I do not want evidence forever on YouTube of a crappy
pixelated image if we were bees that’s the way we would see the world but we’re
not so time to get your kids so somebody is putting snow balls around their hives
and nobody has a question decent-sized cow
is it’s 11 ounces if anybody wants to know by the way I drew that B was the
case you wondered it was a pencil sketch and the new ones have the Beehive on and
that’s a pen and ink so you want to look at those two going to get snow tomorrow
Logan Ohio and well yeah what kind of coffee am i drinking Cathy a roast oh
that is from one of my viewers that actually owns his own copy roasting
business fantastic John wick Nell hello Rob rejectable hey how’s it going
and we will have another chat before Christmas you know it mark there will be
another one but on a win but I’m getting caught up with my work which means more
time it’s been making videos and once you know what that comes around at the
time of year when we have snow everywhere so if you looked at my snowy
walk yesterday you know what the environments like so it figures that I
get the time to do things when there’s nothing going on outside then experiment
here’s our Philly been experimenting with making pepper infused honey any
suggestions on how to thicken it back up after the infusion no I have no I have
no idea if your infusing peppers with honey I’m guessing that this is honey
that you’re going to eat you can always reduce the water content in your honey
by using a regular household the omit of fire put it in the smallest room you
have open the container run the dehumidifier and you will see it go
right on down and what else we have Brazil welcome here we go
world gets smaller through YouTube when you connect with cedar at flow when do I
connect with cedar how do you mean that I’ve talked with cedar I’ve talked with
we Skype and for those of you don’t know I have been invited by the flow hive
people to take part in their online beekeeping instruction website which is
called the beekeeper org and I’m one of the instructors so
they reached out to me and invited me to be a part of that teaching group and
it’s gonna be a lot of fun I did a basic lesson and you can see some of those
lessons for free right now and I did the one about how to put together a basic
beehive so I was really excited that they contacted me and thanks to the
magic of the Internet we can do all of this all over the world but that is
actually the beekeeper org is run by the inventors of the flow hive and so I mean
good day from Canada I saw one of your videos about bio floor for hive how did
your experiment go I don’t know what a bio floor is Stephanie Stephanie
Stephanie so I’m video about the bio floor for hive I’m sorry I don’t
understand the question I don’t know what a bio Flora’s is there another way
to explain that Northern Illinois hello so everybody’s here but since nobody’s
really asking a question although I’d like to know what this bio floor for
hive is and again we have people chiming in from Greece thank you for joining us
32 people watching there’s one thing that did come in that I’m gonna be
looking at anyone know what this is if you know what this is write your
answer in the comment section let’s see good morning from Minnesota this year I
was wondering why the honey crystallized so fast it’s not when honey crystallizes
in a jar it is not doesn’t have anything to do with the air it has to do with the
nectar source and how much pollen and stuff is in it so in time so what’s
crystallized honey I’ll give an example right here
both of these honey sources were drawn off of the hives exactly the same time
they’ve been in the jars for exactly the same amount of time what’s the
difference the floral source these bees must have been working the asters and
the goldenrod more and these were probably working the clover and some of
the other nectar sources that do not crystallize because they don’t filter it
and because I don’t remove the particulates out of it we end up with
crystallized honey if the source is prone to crystallization is one honey
better than the other no this just stays liquid this can be real iqua fied later
but look at that the exact same times it’s a matter of the source of the bees
use so different colonies are going after different things but it doesn’t
have to do with the year or the season in particular it’s the floral source and
what’s predominant for that time of year Jaypee the bee man I have perma comb as
well to test yeah I just got mine two days ago they sent me a whole box of it
so we’ll see how that goes John says very wide foundation I can tell you John
with the foundation if we’re talking about this perma comb by the way is
completely drawn solid food grade wax and there’s a lot of discussion about
the size of these cells these are coming in at 5.1 millimeters
and that is of course on the surface if you go deeper in because this is
obviously a drawn-out material they’re narrower at the bottom so it goes all
the way down to 4.8 at the bottom of the cell and they are slanted just like the
bees would do and so yeah all the way deep inside running around four point
nine millimeters and at the very opening fun to five point one millimeters I
measure that this morning just in case a question came up by the floor check out
Phil Chandler barefoot beekeeper UK okay so there’s bio floor see I’ve never
talked about bio floor so I don’t know what it is you’re Fred what’s your
recipe for honey butter you know to use up crystallized honey I don’t do
anything to it I just take it out as crystallized honey and I don’t alter it
at all it remelt when you put it on hot toast
and other hot breads and things like that or when you put it in coffee just
melts right up again so I don’t actually change it I take it right out of the
hive put it right in the jar if it crystallizes it gets used just the way
it is I don’t alter it and yes you belong with the best glad the flow
company is crediting your teaching skills Thanks yeah Esther you know I was
really surprised that they asked me because there’s a whole string of PhDs
in their instructor list of professionals so I’m right down there
with basically I’m from the University of direct experience when it comes to P
keeping and I was very happy to get that email that they were inviting me to take
part so we’ll see how that goes very excited to be in that group now ap the
bee man depending on how you use them you need to place them 3/8 inch apart
each side so JP the bee man are you talking about the spacing of those
frames when you put them in the box it’s interesting that you mentioned that
because guess what comes with the perma comb these spacers look at the
difference if you’re putting 10 frames in a 10 frame box this is a size that’s
going to be up and there are 10 slots here see how close they are
but you flip it over now you put nine frames in a 10 frame box
and what’s that do that leaves more space in between because let me tell you
something when it comes to this perma calm stuff you don’t want to be scraping
this plastic when you’re scraping off your tappings so by having it in the
wider spacing option right there you will have more space between which means
the bees will draw out their own comb farther and it will stand proud of the
surface of it and then when you scrape it off with your own cap or whatever you
use you will not be physically interacting with the surface of this
plastic which I highly recommend you don’t scrape this plastic so I’m glad
you brought that up and I’m glad that I just haven’t had the space or handy
these come with the perma comb units so you can put them in there and they take
the guesswork out of spacing mountain again that’s for your honey super we
need space amount like that when it comes to brood it won’t make a
difference so JP the Beeman says did you get the
spacers you know and I’m Way ahead of you people by the way
Jeremy Lindsey I’m really happy with my flow hive to7 frame just too expensive
to have ten of them yeah if you’re buying ten of them they’re very
expensive by the way they’re offering $100 discount on their website right now
I think through the holidays I can give you a $50 discount at any time but yeah
they’re expensive you buy a pile of them I think I have 12 Lots so let’s not even
talk about cost there’s one sitting right back here that’s not even in
service okay that’s a $800 hive so that’s the biggest complain about flow
hives I always say if you are angry about them the biggest source of their
anger is the fact that it cost a palimony
here’s Elizabeth I closed my upper entrances to have two inch foam board in
the inner cover what are your thoughts I’m in Michigan yes closure upper
entrance I totally agree for all of my beehives this winter all of the upper
entrances are closed the only opening is at the landing board and those that have
screened bottom boards had the inserted core flute all the way to its top most
restrictive setting so as long as they have inch and half to two inches of open
entrance there on the landing board I think you’re good to go
and yes we’re closing off all the upper entrances online here for my climate and
I from Singapore sorry I was sure it was you who made the video on it bio floor
yeah I’ve not done anything with bio floors
because again I’m just ignorant about it I don’t know even what they are so when
you put mosses and wood debris to mimic a tree trunk
some say the biodiversity now that does sound like what you would find if you
looked into a bee tree and you saw all the pulpy debris and dead bees and
everything else are in the bottom and all the organisms by the way they’re
feeding on that down there that sounds like a very holistic approach because
you would have a lot of activity bacteria that’s beneficial inside that
hive it’s just something I have not looked into but I know when you’re
looking at feral colonies and where they live and how they live unattended to by
people you find that there’s a lot of debris down there and there’s a lot of
beneficial bacteria that a lot of beekeepers at overtreat kill off the
beneficial with the bad bacteria so it’s a very interesting area it creates as a
plus against varroa I can’t you know attest to whether it is a bonus against
burrow but I will say this if your bees are healthier if the environment that
they’re in keeps them healthier and stronger just like people even though
you’re on cold germs and so on you’re less likely to be sick healthier bees do
not succumb to illness as quickly so if you’ve got some natural bacteria that
benefits the bees I could see where that would help
it’s all very little traffic and a couple of hives opened one it was 55
degrees it’s all about three frame cluster is that about the right size for
an eight frame so if you’ve got three frames of bees clustered in an eighth
frame box and you’re confining them to the deep this is from backyard bees in
North Carolina I have had single eights with three or four frames just as you’re
describing make it all the way through winter just fine I hope that a lot of
those frames are full of honey and that they have some resources to get them
through if not you’re gonna have to do something to feed them but mine made it
just fine fewer bees actually have consumption of fewer
resources so they actually can get by and much less that’s a good wintering
cluster potentially I keep good records what is your tenth there we’re having 50
degrees any weather here in Dandridge Tennessee I tell you right now it’s 29
degrees and it’s gonna drop into the teens this afternoon I’m glad I made it
mark sipes after seeing what you did with crystallized honey what can be done
to non crystallized honey to make it non flowing for emergency feeding I don’t
know when he’s asking if you’re gonna use this for emergency feed if you’re
gonna use straight honey by the way that’s the best stuff but if you’re
gonna use it for emergency feeding you can’t put this in a rapid round for
example because the bees would get down in there they get stuck in it and they
just die so you have a pile of dead bees in your honey if you’re gonna use this
and put it upside down one of those upside down feeders you’re gonna have
the same expansion and contraction when those warm days come along and it’s
gonna push it out through these little holes but I think the bees can manage
honey better if you’re putting this in an upside down feeder and feeding it
that way than if it were sugar syrup which you should not put on in the
wintertime anyway but I think they might keep up with the honey that seeps out of
that because when is it going to expand when they have a warm up so when it gets
over 50 degrees they’re gonna break closer they can move around it might
keep up with that so I don’t do anything to slow it down if you’ve got it at 16%
moisture for example so if you got thicker honey I suppose that would be a
better solution if you’re gonna try to feed that to keep your bees going Mary
Springer made it there’s eight frame super full above so backyard bees you’re
good to go that thing’s full that’s I’ll bet they
make it but if they die out I did not say that in the spring so keep us posted
29 hello to all I’ll be in Flo’s neck of the woods in early February John will
today have you actually physically gone to their place that would be interesting
I wonder if they give tours and stuff I’m always curious when people show up
and fluoride has their own YouTube channel and people are always visiting
and getting interviewed and stuff I wonder if they can invite and if they
pay for them to come out there if they just kind of showed up said hey I’m in
the neighborhood do you want to talk to me so I’ve never been invited to the
flow hive complex where they have all their bees Larry Lee you just I froze up
is my video degrading right now if it is we’re gonna shut this down and it can
use store-bought honey as a backup feeding or just her own Jennifer
cauldron I would not use store-bought honey in my beehives period do you know
that one of the most recent market research groups found that over 80% of
store-bought honey is not real honey we are doing a terrible job of policing the
honey that is going in now that’s different from like your whole foods
co-op some places like that where they have a sticker and they validate the
exact source and everything else there’s pollen in it and everything else but
when when it comes to when it comes to the honey that’s in your supermarkets
and stuff the bulk of it is not real honey and that’s a shame
I would not be feeding that stuff to my bees but is it you know worse than sugar
water it’s probably got some high fructose corn syrup and other things
they’re doing such a good job of imitating honey the honey pirates are
just I don’t even know what to say watch a documentary called food and corporated
and see what’s going on and so here we go okay Larry thank you I’m good now
your Maryland had bees in both boxes before closing up for winter do I ever
need to go back down to the brood box after year one well once if if you
verify that they’ve got feed on and everything during winter so if you’ve
got plenty of honey you know capped honey that the bees dipped everything
else and your clusters down below there’s no reason in the middle of
winter to go down and then just back the brood box because guess what you’re not
gonna do anything for them so more harm is done by beekeepers
particularly new beekeepers we get a warm day in the middle of winter and
decide they want to get down inside and check
out all the details on their bees leave them close up verify they have food and
resources and then leave them alone to close it up as fast as you can your
potential is only to do harm to them you can tree Queen the middle winner
you’re not gonna split the colony there’s nothing you’re gonna do to
resuscitate the colony beyond making sure they’re sheltered that they’re
sealed up well and that they have food and resources available so when the
cluster breaks have something to eat to keep them going but don’t get all the
way down in those brood chambers there’s no practical reason for doing that more
people have killed their bees that way than not here’s Robert insects here in
Montana it can only get natural honey but I really love orange blossom honey
and can’t get it here except at the store and it’s I believe fake here’s
what you do Robert when you get a nice to go to big-box stores that I will not
name because they come after you even the little people they come after
you I took honey off the shelf I get all the information off the back where it
came from where it was being processed and what I found was just a big
processing center in the United States that does not produce honey they didn’t
have any contracts to buy honey from honey producers here in the US and then
I did the bank check on that and found out it’s not real companies countries
that have been banned from selling their honey to the United States sell their
honey to the United States still through shell companies and then they go through
other countries that we have trade agreements with and they get their honey
here into the United States do a deep dive on Google look up real honey raw
honey that isn’t and see what you come up with I’ll tell you what it’s a mess
sorry I meant do I ever need to condense back down to one boss no if you’re
already in winter right now are Philly leave your boxes as they’re configured
right now because guess what happens when you pull your beehives apart and
winter is too cold for them to work the propolis and wax they can’t reseal all
of that great work that they did while it was still warm so try not to break
those valuable seals between the boxes the inner cover to the top and
everything else they’ve revised that they’ve sealed out with some
home and everything else and they have winterized themselves when you pull that
apart they can’t repair it anymore because it’s too cold for them to work
the wax and get it back so try to stay out you only want to verify don’t
condense and you think don’t change your configuration in my opinion now that
winter has started they’re going to do the best they can
no tour says John I already connected and have to visit a neighbor with Flo
Ives okay so they don’t give tours at the flow you know what the flow height
of people should actually have a visitor’s d’art and a visitor center
where people can go and learn about the invention it’s fantastic you would think
you know there are New South Wales I would love to go to New South Wales
because there are a lot of reptiles and amphibians for starters that I want to
check out there if I ever go you’re gonna see some youtubes
about stuff that I’ve also heard that the koala bears their habitat is
impacted by the big fires that they’ve had in Australia this year so Robert
says yeah I’m afraid I’ve seen a lot of documentaries on it it’s unbelievable
what they get away with selling yes right it is unbelievable
we need more when me we need more informed consumers to reject fake honey
but they’re only buying it as a sugar so they’re not as informed or concerned
about getting raw honey or the properties of honey that comes from a
local beekeeper and that’s what I always tell people get it from the whole foods
co-op again from local beekeeper sources where you know who’s raising the bees
and you know that’s real honey and that you know that if it’s chunk honey in the
comb that at least that’s real honey is that real come you never know any more
on that either Ronald Carter this is what I try to tell
people for years store honey it’s not real honey you’re right Ronald because
the new reports that are out are dismal mary springer Wow didn’t know that I
bought Publix orange and it was really good although my Publix made by local
that’s true if they’re if they source it locally there’s gonna be big sticker
right on the Shelf touting that but if you go into again another big chain
store that when do they had raw honey a pint of our honey for three dollars
and fifty cents not even close here we go is there an approximate day
or temperature that we say is the last time we can open the hive well I will
say this and that’s from bullet 68 the last day in your region first of all
when you alter the feed if you’re offering sugar syrup at the end of the
year which should be two to one sugar to water the first time to stop doing that
is when you start getting freezing temps at night and then of course because you
can have a rare freezing day but that’s when you stop feeding the liquid because
the bees are going to be trapped inside this is another reason why I don’t like
it when people want to warm up their eyes you warm up their hives and the
bees are consuming resources in there and now they need to fly out to do a
cleansing flight because just like you drinking a bunch of coffee eventually
you’re going to need access to the bathroom and when they fly out it’s 29
degrees outside and the guy in the snow so heating the hive is a mistake you
want to keep their metabolism low and you want to keep them consuming things
at a minimal rate because we don’t want them to have to defecate so here we go
and there’s somebody I’m going to block here so we’re going to classify that as hate speech that’s the
first time it’s ever happens now I’m actually gonna have to hide the user that’s unfortunate its first time that’s
happened YouTube has a built-in filter system supposed to block something like
that but anyway you’re blocked unreported and deleted so we’ll go mark
types I’ve watched a channel about their teeny stingless bees
captain hives the size of a child’s shoe box they’re fascinating oh yeah I’ve
seen those two stingless bees now remember people this is basic backyard
beekeeping and if you have questions about that it’d be great to talking
about Jim Miller when are spring going to be here before you know it
when should I treat for mites you treat for mites depending on what your
treatment is but as soon as the weather breaks in spring and they’re foraging
you want to get a mite count so you want to get into your brood frames and get
some bees and see what the mite counts are if you require treatment you want to
do that before the main’ nectar flow comes on because a lot of treatments you
cannot do when you’re going to use the honey that they gather during the nectar
flow so in the spring you treat before the nectar flow kicks then really strong
and in the fall you treat after the nectar flow is done and after you’ve
taken off honey that you’re going to use so here we go Fred s how long is Abby’s
memory that’s really good question because remember that bees have
instinctive behaviors but they also do demonstrate a certain level of memory
and I think Fred s is asking this because he also asks a question about if
you lock up their bees for three days do they forget where they live and
therefore can you now move a hive to a new location and then the bees that come
back out I don’t want to lock my bees up for three days but bees have recognition
visual recognized and they can remember obviously where
they’ve been because they return to the same location time and again and they
also do that by scent by sight and so how long is their memory I haven’t
personally done any test for that but I’ll tell you this I have walked out in
the bee yard before with a test tube full of sugar water and I’ve collected
bees off of the landing board of a hive because as soon as they find the sugar
water they get on it then I walk away with that and then I sit down in my
chair and I wait for them to finish drinking and then they fly back to the
hive and then they’ll bring their friends of course and now you’ll have 10
bees go into the test tube and they’ll get that sugar syrup and then they fly
back to the hive now they’re remembering the location because I’m static I’m
sitting in one spot but what if I get up and walk and move to another location
and address the same and I still have the test tube they go to the spot where
I was but they also seek me out and they’ll visually go right to the level
that I was holding that sugar water which has no real aroma for them to
follow so they remember what I looked like and they come to me again but as
far as how long they will remember that like you mentioned three days that
they’ve remembered bees have a memory that’s three days long I don’t know if
that’s true because we’ve had situations here where the bees go for example to a
feeding station and then you get a week long of rain and stormy weather and the
bees are trapped inside and they can’t navigate but at the end of that week
when the weather breaks they zip right back to that feeding station so they
remember the location of the feeding station for a week so where the
three-day memory comes in I don’t know but it’s a very interesting area why
does it be as memory how long will they register where a food resources and
things like that that’s very interesting there’ll be a farm Fred you need some
moderators yes I do I do need a moderator I don’t know how you do that
but it would be fun because then I gonna have somebody feed me questions too
hey Fred those stainless these I’ve seen in videos you guys doing hives on them
how do they post stainless bees again I don’t work with stingless bees I work
with apis mellifera i don’t have any experience with any of the stingless
bees there are many more viruses than just foul brood there are also two types
of fabric European foul brood and American foul brood American foul brood
is the worst and yes he’s right and Leonor is correct
so moderators good idea how I can bees fly that’s another question how high
does it be fly I don’t know on a practical level those who have studied
drone congregation areas I know that those are as high as 50 feet and look at
Thomas Sealy studies and some of the others who have studied wrong
congregation areas to see how high they fly and they also put a queen in a cage
and they put her suspended underneath a balloon the helium balloon and they let
that go to see at what height they would attract the drones and those are good
tests and a good area to look into on a practical level for a backyard beekeeper
how high a bee flies isn’t you know isn’t really relevant on a practical
level we know they fly to the treetops and we know that they can worry it
themselves if they get the height they can see the landscape register the
landscape and then travel I think it’s to their benefit sometimes to fly high
but remember when they fly high they are also susceptible to predation by birds
because then they’re more they’re in the open and they’re distinguished and easy
to get to so that’s a curious question I want to write it down now how do bees fly if anybody has a
reference for that that studies that have been done so those who just want to
know information for the sake of it uh here I’ll be far more volunteer to be
the modern moderator I think somebody else Carlos who’s not here today
volunteered to moderate some time hey Freddie honeybees utilize pine and tree
pollen honeybees utilize pollen from a lot of different resources but pine tree
pollens not at the top of the list what they do get from pine trees is the rosin
resin that then they use for propolis so that’s one thing that they get but for
the pollen as far as a meaningful source they go more after the Aspen’s and
cottonwoods and things like that early in the year and then of course the
maples and Oaks and things like that as far as the pine tree pollen itself I
don’t know that they’re nuts about it it’s not high on the list of beneficial
pollens for bees but they do use the the resin that they get from the early
blossoms let’s see I have not seen a single bee in Seattle in over five years
is there anyone else in the Seattle area where they have a problems with
honeybees what do you think about the 5g Network killing the bees a lot of media
is talking about that well that’s from herald bee farm what I think about the
5g network hurting the bees I think that all the way back to the cellphone myth
that was put out earlier where they said cellphones were messing up the bees did
you know that originated from a college student that was part of an apiary study
who put a cell phone in a beehive I was trying to find out if the bees would be
bothered by the cell phone that got reinterpreted as he was using the cell
phone signal which was not the case it was the vibration of the phone and the
one to see if the bees would react to it reject it act differently around it it
was a total fail nothing happened the bees might try to put propolis on it
because they can’t get rid of it and it’s a foreign object in the hive
but there was no evidence that they were reacting to any radio frequencies at all
low level or otherwise electromagnetic frequencies if you want to see what the
bees think of those things look at even wasps
for example that like to build nests often on those high power stations so
there’s no real evidence right now that I know of if you know of a study that’s
real not anecdotal information but if you know of one that’s real there’s
nothing that I’ve seen read or ever spoken with anyone of any expertise that
says that radio frequencies the 5g network or anything else would have a
detrimental impact on the honeybees I think they would hurt people first but
so anyway Google says they can fly as high as a mountain okay now see as high
as a mountain what mountain what’s a mountain anyway if they could
follow a mountain they can fly up into the mountains that’s gonna thing
altitude altitude thin air and so on might have an impact on the
bees so again that’s an area I don’t know anything else about it what about Melaleuca in Florida Holly
Jeremy just walked down to the apiary and the bees are flowing in and out it’s
such a beautiful thing to see what’s your temperature there Jeremy Lindsey
these flowing in and out that’s good that they can get out because those
winter cleansing flights are important don’t forget to keep your beehives clear
and I was over at the adult toy store known as Home Depot and I found these
this was in the girls section and these are kabob skewers but look how it shaped
have this little paddles on them and then their skewers for your barbeque but
guess what this is really for in my opinion this is for cleaning out your
dead bees from your entrance reducers so look at these flat these things are
perfectly designed to go in there and scoop them out so this beats out my
paint sticks I just got these because I was looking at stuff at random just to
see what’s going on so the Weber girl company sells these you want to get your
bees out yeah that’s they’re made out of bamboo
you talk about a tree awhile back that was really good for bees what was the
name of that tree and will it grow in North Florida the tree that I’m talking
about the American linden tree the American linden tree if you get that
thing – its adult size it’s fully mature size that is a nectar flowing
Jolyon and I’m not sure I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to grow in Florida
but look up the American linden there’s also a little leaf linden I have three
varieties of linden trees on my property and if you’re gonna grow a tree for bees
that’s it people don’t like it by the way next to their driveways and things
like that because that linden tree is gonna drop SAP on your cars and things
like that that’s the only unpopular aspect about it but if you call it a bee
tree people won’t want it around if you call it a pollinator tree people are
more than open to that because now the thing abut ER flies and stuff so that’s
the tree Robert it’s the linden mark sipes there again thank you Mark this is
a super chat mark clicked a little dollar sign down there and it’s given me
a pizza so after I do my bidding portrait session this afternoon mark
we’re gonna get a pizza from you so how is the o AV treatment actually killing
the mites cause of death will you treat your observation hive and will you video
and if and when you do would be interesting to see what they do with any
residue okay mark I actually did treat the observation hive with like Salik
acid vaporization and I made a video of it to show it the bees reaction is so I
will try to put a link to that down in the description o AV treatment
observation hive and how does it kill the mites the mites walk on it because
the Ice Palace the it crystallizes and lands on all the surfaces including we
want to get it on as many bees as we can the mice touch it with their feet it
goes through their feet and affects the nervous system of the mite and kills it
without killing the bees that’s how it works although there’s a lot of
speculation about what other things might be killing off the mites but it
works I was impressed and guess what aside from the initial
puffs of that oxalis the in sublimate sublimated oxalis it goes into the hive
the bees rushed away from it right away and then they fanned it throughout the
observation hive which is why it was really a great opportunity to show that
because you can see everything inside the bees went back into their normal
routine and normal behavior patterns even while the italic acid vapor was
moving freely through the observation height so it was very beneficial to be
able to see that the bees are not even stressed by the introduction of oxalic
acid vaporization treatments so that’s why Oh a V is the only thing I use is
considered a soft treatment it’s naturally occurring and I use that and
it works great thanks for that question and there is a video showing exactly how
to do it and what the bees do when they’re exposed to it JP says it causes
suffocation mmm it really doesn’t it it gets through their feet it gets into the
nervous system and it can damage their sensitive feet too so they can’t crawl
on things anymore but it’s not suffocating them it doesn’t
do anything to alter it’s not like taking oxygen out where if you use co2
or something but it does damage their feet to where they can’t crawl around
they can’t get on everything so then backyard bees North Carolina
says burns our legs off so it says well I’m gonna leave that as an open subject
fred is it wrong for me to clean out all the dead bees on the bottom or do you or
just do you and only open the front if if you can sweep out those bees from
your bottom board during winter without opening the hive I would not remove the
brood box to do that but if you’ve got a method reaching in there and raking them
out the more dead bees that you get out the less dead bees they’re gonna have to
pull out also those bees increase humidity and the decompose in the bottom
of the hive so they actually start to stink so the more that you can scrape
out of there the better I’m actually looking for a tool nobody has this yet
so if you’re some kind of innovator and you’re looking for a tool that you can
for bee keepers that would be beneficial if you made something like this it was
out of stainless steel for example and then it had a little articulated joint
right here and this part could bend and this were curved let’s say and so you
could push it in there and then push a plunger or something and they caused
this to bend over so that when you pulled it out you’re dragging it out and
then when you release it it goes straight again so you stick it in there
push a plunger it sweeps over and then you draw them out it would be a
fantastic thing and it does not exist right now so there’s a tool present for
me to use something that we definitely could be innovating developing and doing
something with but yeah clean them all out all you can without anything you can
do without opening the hive that improves your reason winner and gets the
stuff out of the way anything that’s going to be there progress or cause them
extra work and you can do it form go ahead Jeremy Lindsey I planted two
little leaf linden trees on my property here in danger in Tennessee for your
advice some time back so how are they doing the problem with the linden trees
is they just take so long to mature so you’re ahead a friend of mine bought ten
flat linden trees I think about one 10-foot linden trees and the other two
were four-foot and they’re gonna take a long time till they get big enough to
really get going here’s a lioness as used a quarter inch rod bent on the end
about one or two inches yeah if it’s already bent and holding that position
we could do that but the the advantage would be if it goes in straight and then
bends and then you can pull it out you know they have all these little grabbing
tools and everything that’s what I would like to get a hold of if there was one
in existence now I would get it so right now I just do the chopstick booth but if
it’s already bent and you stick it in there you know you’re kind of pushing
these back to pull these forward less effective.although would still work just
I’m looking for a new tool there so anybody else have questions well so we
have there what’s your input with Brazilian Sauer honey
that’s from Nate what’s your input with Brazilian sour honey I don’t have any
input because I have zero experience with it and then JP the bee man Delaware
says Oh a bee does stress the bees a bit watch my video and see what they do the
initial reaction is and want to get away from it afterwards I mean seeing is
believing so how did you determine that they were stressed the stress comes from
the fact that you have to close up the hive to do it so when you shut down the
landing board and then you put the o a bee in there there’s a source of stress
because they can’t come and go as they want and they can’t ventilate the way
they normally would so you’re gonna be closing it up for six to ten minutes
that would be a source of stress but as far as the X Alice itself causing the
stress I don’t know but I my mind is open on that I’d be interested in
knowing how you determine their stress level and what else nest how come your
forehead is so bright okay there’s another one I do need a moderator what’s
the matter with people today oh it was already hidden thank goodness so that’s
an example of of the automatic algorithm blocking people so then what’s a I guess
something’s in the air today people just want to be angry or some of the best
flowers for the Midwest area for beekeepers well I’ll tell you what for
and don’t look at just for bees look at it for pollinators in general but
throughout the Midwest what we knew the most milk weeds so we planted swamp
milkweed are a bunch of different milkweed varieties out there and the
other thing is we can get you know there’s something that I did this year
that led me to find some new flowers that the bees we’re really going to go
after I went to a local garden center which has acres of plants that they’re
selling and we go at different times of the year
and see what bees are on what so right in the garden center that led me to a
couple of plant decisions that I bought this year just because the bees were all
over I’m at the garden center so you can cheat you go there and see what they’re
doing at different times a year and of course you need to start in the spring
with dandelions and clover and of course the trees and then it progresses but we
planted wild flowers sunflowers are a major deal right now for the pollen
resource so they’re throughout the Midwest they grow everywhere and we get
those from Eden Brothers so go check out those mixes and I like perennials that
come up all the time I don’t like to replant every year so and then of course
rounding things out with the Maximilian sunflowers which is loaded with nectar
so those are my top picks it would be the clover alfalfa if you can get that
going if you’ve got big fields and of course sunflowers and so on so but don’t
ignore trees so Jeremy 50 degrees here by the way I found a few dead bees on
the land board there’s always a few dead bees that’s signs of activity if you
walk that’s a hive and there’s a warm-up and there’s snow in front of it there’s
it’s not peppered with a few dead bees then either they’re very good winters or
they might actually be dead so that’s interesting and you know what I think
we’re almost gonna wrap this at weight yours Robert it seems like they really
love maple tree sap at certain times of the year the wasps in the bees you can
hear them they’re so thick on the maple trees well maples actually have early
season flowers so that’s an early source for them so they definitely get pollen
and and they do like to get their SAP from that but the people that have
evaluated the resin that the bees have brought in and identified the sources
there are lists of the top resin choices for the bees for propolis for example so
see is it happening towards the fall now that’s interesting because in fall my
bees are really working on other things because we still have the wild flowers
that are providing so I don’t pay that much attention to the
trees and fall because they’re in decline and they’re not flowering so
that’s kind of interesting and it says have a good day
same to you gonna go play with stinger okay but I guess we may wrap this up
unless somebody else has a question that’s burning right now you want to
know that we could answer that otherwise we’ll just wrap it up and let me know if
you thought this was even helpful mark sipes a maximilien sunflower seams seeds
linked me to someone besides Ian’s brothers are they who you get the seeds
from I get my Maximilian sunflower seeds from Eden Brothers I also get my not
just the Maximilian’s but I get the big sunflower seed mixes and those were
fantastic danske okay I have something to say about danske because I was going
to do a coffee cup giveaway based on my winter walk through the woods that I
posted yesterday I was gonna offer a free coffee cup to the first person who
could spot the game number on the tree in that video and here goes Dan writing
a comment in there so the game camera and he killed my you killed my fun can
go check out Dan ski Dan skis B’s by the way he’s got a really good vlog and he
says dang it wrong time zone but thanks Dan you blew it for everybody somebody
could add a coffee cup for free one of these but now it’s no it’s not gonna
happen but there’s a game camera in that video it was supposed to be kind of a
can you spot the game camera thing he’s too keen he spots things right away is
it just me or have we lost Fred what did I go away is it cutting out and when
painting a new hive are there paints or sealers not to use when you’re painting
the outside of your beehive an exterior quality good quality house paint is all
you need to do your bees are not going to eat the paint what you put on the
inside of the hive is far more important than what you put on the outside of the
hive so water-based latex house paints are fantastic for the exterior sometimes
if it’s really good quality wood I like to use
quality spar varnish the same finish that they were using on the Bluenose
schooner the one that just came here the blue nose – that’s what they were using
on their woodwork is what I like to put on the B’s to you yeah Dan’s trying to
apologize for everybody but I don’t know Dan you can have to recover you can have
to offer somebody a free coffee cup thirdly thanks for the great live chat
Fred have a great day Cindy you Larry Marc sites what about those willows are
they in seed or you need saplings when it comes to willows you can cut the
willows and propagate those on your own because they grow so fast but the
willows are great early pollen sores pussy willow trees I planted an entire
hedge next to the apiary on the west side and the bees are getting pollen out
of those in February so that’s a very good choice for early resources and how
well of Apollinaire are oak trees I have about sixty huge oak trees again in the
early spring these trees are good so as far as for you know the pollen for the
bees you’re gonna have to I’m gonna have to post a list of top pollen trees down
in the video description so you’ll be able to see that okay it’ll be my first
time keeping bees I bought a box of Sasuke trash bees what to expect
do they need different or special attention compared to other bees they do
not need any this is from Charles Thompson
Sasuke trash bees do not require any different management than any of the
other bees they are not true survivor bees in that they cannot based on my
experience this year they can’t hold their own with varroa so you may have to
do a varroa treatment on them but other than that those things are fantastic in
every possible way and this is my first winter with them so
in the spring in the spring they will hopefully be strong and I’ll be able to
give a positive report it looks like my feet is cutting out so I can’t tell if
this is working or not we’re going to go ahead probably and
close the chat if I’m not coming through clear if someone can see me clear let me
know if not we’re gonna get out of here thank you for your time
have a good Sunday I wish you all a very good Sunday too and that you can take
care of your peace again look for some of these follow up information link so
we’re going to put down below and please go ahead and continue your conversations
down in the comments section of this video and see where that goes
post links those of you who brought up some information about the height that
bees fly and things like that if you know something about this 5g
network and how it’s supposed to impact bees and if that’s from a real source
not something flying around and on Facebook that just tries to get
everybody scared Stephanie put those links down hi welcome people putting
links even to your own videos your own websites that’s great danske check him
out he’s got some good videos last question I have three hives gave them
all in sugar mountain camp well the one I was eating it could that hive be low
on resources okay yeah they eat what you give them when they need it
so the one that’s ignoring it definitely probably has her own resources but the
ones that are consuming that it is a sign that they’re not satisfied with the
resources that they have all those not every colony behaves the same so if you
know for yourself that that felony has resources before you put on that sugar
source then they’re probably good to go hives side by side some take a resource
some don’t and all of my hives are loaded with their own capped honey so
it’s kind of pot luck on what they take so what you know about the resources on
I’ve are more important but they will abandon the resources artificial
resources that you put in once real nectar flow start in the spring but as
far as winter goes when they have stored honey and capped honey and things like
that they aren’t apt to sometimes go after a new resource even though they
have other resources fully stored up so they tend to use things on a whim in the
winter time but in the spring they would definitely ignore the artificial stuff
for that natural stuff that they’re finding in
environment what’s the best vegetables inner fruits that can be planted around
a beehive for a small garden if you’re trying to help the bees get nectar and
pollen resources vegetables and fruits are not bringing in that much for the
bees for example when it comes to tomato plants the honeybees can’t even
pollinate the tomatoes did you know that the bumble bees have to buzz pollinate
the tomato flowers so there are some things that if the fruits and vegetables
benefit us and the bees will pollinate them but what the bees get out of there
that’s not a solid nectar flow for the bees but it is a symbiotic thing you can
provide you know pollen and nectar resources and get vegetables at the same
time but it’s a good thing to think about all the bees so so Fred would it
be ok if my wife contacted you sometimes she loves her chicken and she has lots
of questions about them and I know this isn’t really the place for those
questions you know what we need to do Robert we need to do a live chat just
for chicken people because I have ignored my chicken people for a long
time and I think we probably need to do a live chat just for backyard chickens
and poultry that for those you don’t know I’m a certified poultry technician
for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and have a long history with
chickens guineas ducks and everything else so we’ll be glad to talk about that
sometime I think we’re gonna wrap it up and thank you so much for being here
sorry we had kind of a slow start and I apologize if any of the rude people’s
comments actually showed up in the feed and that you had to read that and know
that they exist who knows why they do what they do but we’re gonna end the
stream and we have to wrap it up let me know so I’m designing a long bang straw
that I’m planning on putting in some flow frames would you recommend putting
them in the middle or near the back of the box before you put your flow frames
on the long length box find out because once you start your brood frames and
everything they have a tendency to start building honey out to one side and not
the other so you can find out what direction they’re going with their honey
frames and that’s the line of where you want to put in your flow frames so
they’ll use it because we on the other side they might ignore it
so wait until they start storing honey and what direction they’re favoring put
your flow hides in that line so they will use that and thank you everyone
again for being here and if you have questions I did not get to please write
them down in the comment section and we’ll try to get to them later on and
maybe in next Friday’s question and answer video thanks again for your
support and for being here have a great weekend


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    Scientists may have found the cause of the world's sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones may be to blame. Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also may lead to their death.May 21, 2011

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  • I plucked this out of > But aren't the Himalayan bees a different species? Carniolan bees are still a subspecies of Apis mellifera, the western honey bee. The highest altitude Himalayan bees (up to 14,000 feet, I believe) are Apis laboriosa, up to 1.2 inch in length and almost entirely black in color. Their "red honey" (from rhododendrons) contains natural intoxicants and is very expensive.

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  • Fred, you asked if anyone knew of a better scrapper to remove dead bees. Here is one: Scrapping bottom board HIVE TOOL
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    You can find one for sale at from a supplier here in NH. Click on OUR SHOP, then scroll down to 5th page.
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