Behandling av Frozen Shoulder med Swedish Fascia Vibes

Frozen shoulder is a movement disorder which affects about 40000 Swedes every year and there is no official cure and the disorder hopefully heals on its own after two to three years. Someone suffering from Frozen Shoulder is in constant pain. Mobility becomes limited and consequently quality of life. Everyday activities which others take for granted, such as showering, putting on clothes and cooking becomes an entire project, with pain as a constant companion. It’s easy to feel useless and frustrated – because how can there not be a solution? We know how difficult it is to be in pain, that’s why we have never stopped stopped searching for new ways of making it easier to solve physical problems. Year 2017 around 50 people with Frozen Shoulder came to us. We did our best to help them and were surprised that most, in just a few treatments, got their mobility back and that the results lasted. Another one who was impressed, was physician, Dr. Håkan Borg, who insisted that we should make a scientific study. In the spring of 2018 the ethical committee approved a pilot study for the treatment of Frozen Shoulder using Swedish Fascia Vibes. The results indicate that the treatment has a great possibility of being a potential form of treatment for patients suffering from Frozen Shoulder. That is why we now want to make a continuation study, with an increased number of patients, with the hopes of laying a foundation for a new possible treatment process. Now we are looking for you, who want to find a new solution for people suffering from Frozen Shoulder, with the aim of reducing sick leave and bringing quality of life back to thousands of people living with pain. Sign up and show your interest today and find out how you can be a part.

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