Bill Nye: Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

So are we living in a videogame? Are we actually
part of a giant simulation? I don’t think you can know. I think you can argue that whoever
has written the simulation, whatever super entity has written the simulation could make
it so sophisticated that even your memories are a result of this being programmed by the
simulator or simulatrix. So the question is at some level irrelevant but another level
I think we would have to agree it’s unknowable. You can just presume any level of sophistication
that makes it undetectable to us. With that said there have been a lot of science fiction
stories where people discover that they’re living in a dome or inside a hollow world
or underground and the metaphors for this are from our everyday experience. You hear
about kids who have been kidnapped and kept in a room until they’re 14 and they know
nothing of the world outside. And the human mind apparently at some level is uncapable
of detecting that outside world unless something goes wrong. For me as a philosopher to prove
that we’re living in a videogame is an extraordinary level of effort. But if you can do it bring
it on. But it seems to me it’s a hard question to resolve because it’s easy to imagine
a game designer, a simulation designer making it so sophisticated that you can’t tell.
Good luck out there.


  • Isn't philosophy just mind blowing? I feel like if all humans ran their lives with scientific truth and a dash of philosophy, the world would be such a better place. We'd care about protecting the Earth and helping our fellow man be the best they can be.

  • right in my paranoia

  • There is a huge difference between living in a simulation and being a part of a simulation. If we live in a simulation and we are not a part then if something goes wrong we could get outside (like matrix). If we are created as a part of the simulation then there's no escape for us.

  • God damn how long did the creators spend on details. They must've gotten good.

  • maybe it's not that sophisticated. we are just their version of Pong!

  • if we are in a simulation then the chances are that the creators of our simulation are also in a simulation, and this goes on ad infinitum. The simulation hypothesis doesn't really answer anything, rather it adds infinate layers of complexity. it just becomes another version of the age old question of is there a creator, and if so who created that one, and that one, and that one……….

  • Are we talking living in a simulation, like our brains are wired into a computer simulation and our real bodies are on the outside, or more like The Sims and we are part of the program? The first could hypothetically be proven one way or the other if we could find a way to disconnect our minds from the program or find a flaw in the program. The second would be totally unproveable. Although I suppose you could try making a number too big for the system to process which would cause it to crash…. and kill everyone. Either way it would be one hell of a computer system running it.

  • How do we know our programmer isn't a program himself? A program inside a program inside another program inside a kfc inside a taco bell inside of a mall inside of your dreams…

  • Why does Bill Nye look like he's a CGI with a bad lighting model?

  • even if we live in a simulation all everything is fake we cannot change that, our knowledge is limited to this layer to what's been written in the code. Our brain is just an array of matter/code there's nothing for us outside this reality.

  • There's actually a way of testing it. If you could find an almost perfect circle or a really smooth curve line, then you're not in a simulation

  • Would a simulation explain paranormal events that some seem to experience?  Would it explain the strange nature of quantum mechanics?  Would it explain the speed of light being a constant?  Would it explain shared hallucinations that some claim to have?  Would it explain what they call cell memory during organ transplants?

  • If we are in a simulation im sure there would be a little bit of glitches at least im pretty sure no matter how advanced we get we will always have glitches

  • Bill Nye, you want to find out if we are living in a simulation? Come out to a farm for a week, muck out horses stall, drive a tractor full of poop from the horses stalls, and fertilize fields with that. Then plant the fields. Then, milk some cows ( I am not kidding). Repair barns from the winter, there is always something that needs to be repaired. Make sure you drink a lot of water, it is not air conditioned outside. Then chop some wood, for the fireplace. When you are done, make any repairs needs for the house. Then harvest the crops. Hurry up you want to harvest before the rain, Your crops cannot be wet!
    Come on Bill Nye. This is proof it is not a stimulation. Your body gets tired, you sweat, you smell real poop in the barn.

  • cave allegory man 1:15

  • It's extremely likely.. in fact Elon Musk has been quoted saying "I think there's a one in one billion chance that we are living in base reality". Look at today's graphics and how rapidly they're advancing.. I think that everyone can agree that in 200 years (or probably sooner) we'll be able to have almost, if not exact replicas of our "reality".. if we can do it, why couldn't other beings do it that are potentially more intelligent? .. this is actually such a great topic to get into – it fascinates the hell out of me. I mean if this were fact our entire existence I think would change. What would be the next questions? .. who are the creators? Why? Is thought and consciousness a programmed algorithm? (meaning is it pre-determined).. Is it a SHARED algorithm? were we created with our memories or placed into this simulation as A.I babies? Would be a hard, but not impossible thing to prove. Just ask a Jerry to fold himself 12 times.

  • lol we understand soo little about this universe, and we dare to say its a cumputers simulation a fucking computer a concept that we created in our very early existants. Even if this is somewhat created by some entity, they had to use something so beyond what could we call a computer.
    For example, first MOBILE phone, its not even close to what mobile phone is now, just because they both share, one function, today mobile phone aka smartphone can perform million more things that are not even remotely similar to the being able to make phone calls xD, and for some people making phone calls on their phones is one of the least function they use
    So calling a Computer simulation is a bit too naive xD but it doesnt mean it hasnt been created by something/someone else

  • If that is the case then the controller or maker is the one we call God.

  • but the problem is, it doesn't need to be some incredibly sophisticated simulation to be believable, we haven't experienced any thing outside of it to know the difference. sure we know the difference between it and a video game but that's because we are used to reality (virtual or otherwise) more than a video game.

  • It's a very boring simulation. I even have to work 40 hour weeks.. shit..

  • Daily Dump News

    "Doooooooooome" ,Homer Simpson.

  • Daily Dump News

    What a bag of hot air and bullshit. Bill knows no more of the nature of reality than any average person. We all want to know. But the answer eludes us all doesn't it? What is the matrix?

  • Daily Dump News

    Screw you SIMULATOR. i want my quarters back. This game sucks.

  • Brayden The Epic Gamer

    Who's the main character

  • maybe we arent in a simulation, but are actually living underneath the fingernail of a homeless man from a separate, larger universe whose laws of physics just so happen to allow universes to exist under certain peoples fingernails. you cannot disprove this theory, and it is as valid as the simulation theory. understand however that that "value" is equal to zero

  • No were not. We are just becoming so technologically advanced and smart that we are starting to question our own existence. Snap out of it people.

  • Who cares what Bill Nye thinks? He's not even a scientist, just some failed comedian trying to pose as one, lol.

  • This should be called the "Wreck it Ralph theory" because if this is true than we are like the characters in Wreck it Ralph

  • I guess only way we can kind of disprove that we’re simulations or programs is our own video games. For example do characters we make in video games need sleep? Do they need to eat? Do they ever take a shit lol. Like for example if you play a video game from the 90’s now, like Metal Gear Solid did the characters change? Did they grow old and die since the last time you played the game. No ofcourse not. Do they really feel pain, you can get hit with your own Nikita missle and use a ration and be back to normal. Lol try that in real life and you’d be dead for sure. Have a friend load a gun and shoot you in the face, are you gonna not feel anything take a ration and be back to normal? Of course not,you’d be dead. And video games and computers are things we created in our own existence for fun. Anyway that’s my take or theory on if we’re real or not.


  • I think therefore I am.

  • Does that mean Donald trump has the most points?

  • Open-minded Skeptic

    Here's an interesting paper detailing some newly proposed experiments, which have the potential to demonstrate whether or not our material reality is actually a simulation. The team who wrote the peer reviewed paper includes physicists and mathematicians from NASA, JPL and Cal Tech. They're currently forming a 501c3 to raise funding for the experimental set-up. From the paper:

    On rendering reality: It is now well understood in the emerging science of Uncertainty Quantification that low complexity computation must be performed with hierarchies of multi-fidelity models. It is also now well understood, in the domain of game development, that low computational complexity requires rendering/displaying content only when observed by a player. Recent games, such as No-Man’s Sky and Boundless, have shown that vast open universes (potentially including “over 18 quintillion planets with their own sets of flora and fauna”) are made feasible by creating content, only at the moment the corresponding information becomes available for observation by a player, through randomized generation techniques (such as procedural generation). Therefore, to minimize computational complexity in the simulation theory, the system performing the simulation would render reality only at the moment the corresponding information becomes available for observation by a conscious observer …

    Hopefully the experiments will be undertaken relatively soon. On Testing the Simulation Theory:

  • Dear Bill Nye. Uncapable is not a word. 1:14

  • Life is not compatible with an holographic Universe. Our limited and numbed senses are just not able to perceive everything that is really there.

  • total bull

  • If we can prove it's true. Then chaos will follow. People will indulge themselves because, nothing is real. Why bother doing something you don't want to do?

  • Bill Nye is a joke.

  • William Matney II

    The effects of either it is the wars of the matters of the flesh. That includes the animal kingdoms.

  • A philosopher? Is there anything Bill doesn't claim to be?

  • How strange.

  • No we are not living in a simulated universe ,no alien creature nor entity could have come up with Donald Trumps hair so there’s your proof!

  • Have you never heard of the “Mandela Effects?”

  • GOD = Graphics On Demand

  • He'd rather believe were living in a simulation than God? Aren't they like the same thing?

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Bill Nye isn't a scientist, however, he is clown.

  • what if we are a stimulation. and the people behind the screen know more than we do and everything that we improve in is just them puting more information in the system.

  • I get this and I believe it’s true holographic stimulated computer I have opened the third eye

  • Is this simulation we live in Nintendo or Sega?

  • Goddamn. This is some shit I use to say when I would get fucked up stoned. Now it's being talked about around the world 😂

  • Didn't the Photon experiments prove that already? BTW I am a game developer.

    This is pretty interesting lol

  • Why wasnt his theme song at the beginning?

  • The creator told me yes then showed me myself in 3rd person inside my skeleton i was a grey zeta reticulian! God reveals to me things about reality he calls life on earth 'containment' like total recall showed me then a futurist place and installed modules which allow more power and freedom, grace while in the simulation also made worlds with him via a holodeck long b4 i learned about theories like this seen strange alien hiroglyphs sum look lotr like elven, japanese and san skrit i call it ancient nordic. B4 sumaria language of the simulation. One of my modules allow me to summon god at will anytime while in the astral realm. I have also a module that allows me to see into the matrix's source code, and have had issues where b4 rest and after i ascend from 3rd to a 4th or fifth dimensional being where i keep conscious and can look inwardly and see my on ai being programmed by god the observer and it's amazing. My newest module is freedom, freespeech. Which i am now able to share all these secrets freely without divine wrath or punishment. I'm a curator of the most high god. Apprentice in training.

  • In my lifetime as a gamer i would have killed maybe 10,000,000 people 100,000,000 entities.

  • So everybody is fake and I am a character being controlled? So, the point of my game is to try not to slap rude people at school.

  • LMAO @ "uncapable" (1:15)

  • They will call it super entity, some random alien shit who created it..but won’t call it GOD!! I guess it’s too boring🙄

  • Watch bandersnach whoever reads this comment, watch it

  • I implore anyone to watch something decompose and you would realize we're not fake,we are real..also unlike a simulation we can't die and come back, the other thing is ya sure you can argue life is a simulation but then you'd have to create individual life like beings and giving the amount of people in the world and the beauty of birth, it's highly unlikely it's a computer simulation but that's not to say we are not the product of alien matter or combination of the perfect storm of elements and evolution

  • So why deny god

  • Save yourself two minutes. He doesn't discuss it he just says he doesn't know.

  • B I L L N Y E T H E S C I E N C E G U Y—

  • Charlatan.

  • The most interesting part about this question is that it wouldn't make any difference at all if it was. We would get our short time on screen and be gone afterwards having effected the simulation in whatever way we would have effected the "real" world. Our lives would amount to exactly the same in either scenario. Reality is just the sum of our observations.

  • Why do scientists tell us that we could be living inside a virtual reality and that is was probably created by our ancestors? Unless history has been telling lies this whole time, I very much doubt for one second that they created a huge computer, just a hundred years ago they never had the technology we had, so imagine a thousand years ago or some shit, our ancestors creating a simulation to me doesn't seem likely at all, maybe like a 0.00001% chance or some shitty low percentage like that…….. basically they never created our reality, if we are living inside a simulation than the ones who created it would be aliens or some sort of highly intelligent, highly evolved beings from the very, very far future, like probably more than a thousand years from now… And, also, if sci told us that our reality was created by us but from like a thousand years from now, that would make sense…. Also, I don't like when people say that "We can't be living in a simulation because if we were we'd detect a glitch by now, no computer no matter how sophisticated would not stop us from experiencing a glitch in the system" firstly, why would even assume that there even has to be a glitch, the simulation might be really great, games nowadays don't glitch much anymore, imagine a highly advanced, highly sophisticated computer? Secondly, there could be glitches all around us but if we are in a simulation our programmer or whoever probably doesn't want us to know, so quickly wipes out our memories or something, and finally, thirdly, maybe the phenomenon déjà vu could be the programmer wiping out our memories but only to an extent not fully and maybe that's what déjà vu could be, because it feels like we've been in that exact situation even though we know we haven't, so maybe, just maybe it could be our programmer wiping out our memories but once again, to an extent, perhaps? 😎🤔🤔😐😐😥

  • well the assumption is we are living in base reality. If you are to tell me that we are living in a simulation, I am very open to believing you. All you have to do is give me proof. Just a small amount.

  • Antonio Patelidas

    Glitches prove it n I've seen a few n I'm not the only one. And if u must know we live in a simulation of a simulation. We are like a petrie dish with hate being the only disease not cured yet. Unfortunately it always consumes us. Love n hate r so finely intertwined that it's been very difficult to separate the two. But if we do the experiment we're living in will be over n we'll see the real.

  • So wrong a game designer would put glitches, Easter eggs an so on. The glitches are here . Dmt . That's the holy grail.

  • Youssef Elfathi

    Ok. Let me tell you. If you’re super creators created us. So we are in a simulation right. But we did not know so that mean that they would not want us to know it. But you guys who claim that we are in a simulation would have already been brainwashed or wiped out of existence. And no. We are not in a computer because we created it. We may be In a world. And the one who created this is as we know it. GOD. There is no such thing as a simulation.

  • If you want to know just die

  • I wonder, the dev of ours, what if one day his PC will crash? What if our creator catches PC virus, and it reflects on us like Ebola or Cancer (same as Trojan)?

  • Deception here we are again,these people need Jesus Christ there’s only heaven and hell no more, The truth will be known when the trumpet sounds. Come on it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Joseph Borrero

    🚶🏻‍♂️💨🤢I made a simulated fart.👍

  • Yes, we are living in something. It seems that a computer simulation could only partially answer questions, but there is something out there exercising some control over events. There are so many weird things that happens somewhere everyday, out of the normal, and also in the past. However, perhaps it is something else, besides, or only partially a computer simulation.

  • If you think about it, this theory is basically becoming a religion. A higher being created us into a 'simulation' and it's yet to be proved or not at all.

  • Bill Nye is simulated for sure… Just look at that bowtie! Just playing' wich cha Bill (if that's really you and not a simulation ;-). Anyhoo, Kudos to yoo for not taking the Neil Tyson stand on 'the snotty nosed kid' in his parents basement who made us all up. But what can y'all expect from a fall guy living on a pear?

  • Please give me proof that we are living in reality, I’m gonna kill myself to try to escape and I need to know that it’s worth it

  • Me: "Bill Nye, are we living in a simulation?"
    Bill Nye: "I dunno. U tell me."
    Me "-_-"

  • Easy to resolve and find evidence we live in a simulation..just somebody ask me how…

  • living in a simulation…….. are u insane!


    i think bruno mars is a vip player he got some sick ridiculous skins bro!!

  • yes, it’s a great big Supercomputer reAliTy simulAtioN from the other – side , I call the S.A.T.A.N , I would rather work with this ‘system’ Over a hell p.c. anytime . please read your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth…GOD is in control .

  • It is truly sad to see that our culture is so far gone that our youth (and seriously brain dead people my age) will fall for anything. There fore I issue this challenge: WAKE UP! OPEN YOUR EYES! USE YOUR BRAIN! If you dont believe in God, then why are you trying to create one? If this a simulation, who created the aliens? Why don't we try to solve the problems we have? PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! We are so close to nuclear world war now. No one has common sense anymore. They believe ANYTHING.
    Whats wrong? Was the THEORY of evolution not a good enough fantasy for you that you believe anything bill nie the lieing guy puts out? Answer me this: Of all the millions of different types of life on this planet, why are humans the ONLY species with REAL intelligence? Why did no other creature on Earth "evolve" with intelligence like ours? And I mean REAL intelligence, not a bunch of trained dolphins balancing a beach ball on their nose or mice in a maze looking for cheese.
    And as for the question, "Are we living in a simulation?", I will say NO! Bill Nye the LIEING GUY is the one living in a simulated world!
    Take the virtual reality headset off and come back to the REAL WORLD. Thank You, Old Toby.

  • Yeah I can see a simulation already on bill nye because look at his graphics sim

  • Man people call me close minded but IMO to think where in some Mario land just seems silly . A games that’s lasted millions of years ? Or thousands ? if this is a video game then who created it and who created them ? And who created them and them ect ? When it all comes to the end of the day there is no answers only questions and in all honestly Nothen quite makes sense to me . Allso of this was some kind of a game wouldn’t we see some solid evidence by now ?

  • The thing is… They didn’t have to simulate an entire universe. They just had to develop an Artificial Intelligence that processes an “external” world that doesn’t actually exist outside of their “heads”. I feel sometimes people tackle this subject and think it seems really unbelievable. It’s not. One of the most common theories for consciousness is that it’s present in any system of reactions. However, from an external point of view, we can’t give insight to the level of consciousness within Life/AI to prove the validity of it’s inputs. We may never find the full truth but I can shed some light in the right direction. All these “entities” had to do was program a breed of AI interconnected from stimuli through the program. Not an entire plane of existence. No masterful amount of computing power necessary. As for the rest of the universe? A simple procedural generation algorithm with the “real-ness” invoked through filtered inputs of the artificial intelligence.

  • I think that the cartoon TV show Rick and Morty heavy answers to if we are in a simulation and how'd you get out of it I think the cartoon has been designed to see who is smart enough to find the answers to stop the simulation my answer is a glitch I need to get a huge glitch to shut down the system

  • And have the Simpsons Nostradamus type in site for the future with Donald Trump and what not same thing you show it's the show for the future

  • We cannot see the flag we put on the moon with the most powerful telescopes we have but yet we can see universes and rings around planets. Every time we get close to waking up they distract us with nonsense. Politics ,War, conflicts, love, sex, smartphones are but mere distractions. The only way we get unplugged is if we're deleted. RIP

  • rangin is average

    So does that mean when you commit suicide the person controlling you wants to end the game?

  • Him a philosopher ? Actor .

  • Bill Nye is such a complete moron, he could use the help. I am the inventor of the real "Matrix"… that nobody wants to hear about. But I can confirm that something very similar to what you all think of as "The Matrix" could be the true nature of the universe. Mine is an "functioning simulation of God", the holy grail of simulation design, that appears to also be a unified theory of everything. However, if the universe is "alive"… that would look identical too "The Matrix". NOBODY ON THIS PLANE OF EXISTANCE would EVER be able to answer the question of whether it is artificial ("The Matrix") or natural ("The Living Universe"). From this plane of existence, it would be impossible to tell the difference. My "Rube" is equally both things, depending on how you want to make it. Therefore, this question can NEVER be answered. The closest you could possibly get, was getting it down to the two choices of "The Matrix" or "The Living Universe", which is where I already am now with what I call "Rube". Whether it is artificial or natural CANNOT be answered by us in this "Place". Think I'm crazy if you want… but you just read the only person in the world who actually knows how "The Matrix" works!

  • I think that the very fact that we thought it possible, might be a clue that it is true.
    Then even if we are, such an immensely powerful simulation could never be preprogrammed from the start, so it is basically like reality.

  • Did Bill just admit to Intelligent Design

  • Im at work in this stinking simulation… We all peaces on the Jumanji board . Somebody need to roll the dice, so i can go home..

  • This is why I do not argue with people who say that "God" exists. It is unknowable. It is almost impossible to prove a negative this big. So ultimately I don't waste a lot of time thinking about it.

  • Trash video. I would recommend Kyle Alanders,Inspiringphilosophy or Donald Hoffman on this subject.

  • God created us like a video games ?? What a graphics

  • This is coming from a guy who believes in more than two genders.

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