The hunting for the one million dollar
Bitcoin prize is already officially open John McAfee states that it is
mathematically impossible for Bitcoin do not reach 1 million
dollars by the end of 2020 Come on!=) You are in Fanaticoins,
your digital cryptocurrency magazine In an enigmatic message transmitted to the
Blockstream satellite on April 13, 2019 an anonymous user challenged the
rest of the Bitcoin community for a millions of dollars for what they call
“Satoshi Treasure,” a competition that will test the courage and intelligence
of possible hunters. In the exchange rate the current prize, the contest
prize is approximately 198 Bitcoins according to the message, the anonymous
broadcaster plans to provide clues for reward at site
Link in description, but pointed out three initial keys to
the reward that will be revealed in the next days. The message
also established the rules basic for treasure hunting in cryptic
terms, and noted that the final prize is: “No gold, no jewels,
no pieces of worthless paper for money in this sad time of our era.
“The game master fragmented the solution of challenge in a thousand pieces
using the magic of the wizard Shamir Treasure hunters need to find
at least 400 pieces and use the Shamir’s recombination spell to conquer
digital gold. Shamir is actually a reference to the Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir, who invented a secret key sharing mechanism
that the game master is using to divide the Bitcoin stock into a
private key into several fragments. The first three key references in the initial message
will be revealed on April 16, 17, and 18, 2019 in 3 geographical coordinates provided to the noon in their
respective time zones. Oh! For a million dollars I think you’ll try, huh! Link in description! – Oh! Hello there! My name is John McAfee… Famous programmer John McAfee is known for Do not measure your words when it comes
to Bitcoins. He recently stated in his profile on Twitter that it is mathematically
impossible for the currency to be worth less than a million dollars by the end of
2020 the statement refers to a news published by Today’s Gazette, which
cites MacAfee’s prediction as something impossible due to the current
fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies market. John McAfee’s post he
posted on Twitter is: “Come on, folks, it’s time to
perfect your basic math skills and perform some p & 3 & #% of numbers. It
is mathematically impossible that Bitcoin worth less than a million
dollars by the end of 2020. Bitcoin is not an effective action, you can not apply
paradigms or formulas of actions and expect answers ” The forecast was first revealed February 21, and then the programmer
stated that he would eat his own balls if the goal
was not achieved… Send… send…. ahhhhh Betina has already invested 1,000 reais – That simple! Ah go to mer # $ @%, porr # $ @%!
Go to mer # $ @% Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Did you like the video? Leave your LIKE and
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