Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology & The Computer Chips That Make it Happen


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  • Jonathan Leonard

    Had to return my Marvel 90's as it was too difficult switching from iPad to iPhone. Phonak admitted there was a problem. Do you know if they (Apple or Phonak) has solved this problem with iPhone X? I’m now trying Oticon S1 with telecoil. Much easier switching Bluetooth from iPad to iPhone. However I really liked the Phonak 90 better.

  • Chuck Baldonado

    Great update on Bluetooth and beyond. I look forward to watching you videos when they are published. My hearing aids are two years old and it might be time to upgrade. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest hearing tech.

  • You have to give it to Phonak, they are focused innovation, and Bluetooth connectivity is only one part.

  • Michael Parrott-MacLeod

    Sword 2.0 or 3.0? I agree, the size constraints have limits due to the small casing size of the 312 version.

  • Hi, Dr. Cliff, why dont you compare various models of Phonak Marvel series. I can see price difference is huge in between M30 and M90.

  • Cliff, could you please describe your relationship with Phonak. This video has some of the features of an advertisement. Thanks.

  • Any idea when Phonak will make these features available to those of us dealing with one sided hearing loss and currently using Phonak BICROS? I lost total hearing on the left side from an acoustic neuroma and an additional surgery due to a CSF leak. I currently use Phonak BICROS B-90. I like the system, but I hate the fact that CROS/BICROS are stuck with older technology and we can't stream directly into our aids and we can't use our phones/apps to adjust our hearing on the fly when needed in certain situations. It's like they don't really care about us and cater only to people with hearing loss on both sides.

  • Hey Dr. Cliff great video! Do you have a business email? I work with a digital media company and I'd like to talk to you about an opportunity.

  • Abneris Rodriguez

    Doctor Cliff,
    I’m an aspiring audiologist and I would like your share of experience in AuD school. What was it like studying to earn your AuD? What were some of your biggest challenge(s)? What made you decide to study AuD? Etc. I’ve notice it’s hard to find YT videos on AuD grad school and wonder if you could share your experience. Thank u!

  • Is the BLE at version 5.0?

  • Love my MR90's!

  • Those Roger accessories are very expensive

  • I absolutely love my Phonak Marvel M90-R, I watched this video on them, meaning that the sound is streamed directly to them. The sound adjustments are amazing and automatic.

  • William Norton

    Hello Dr. Cliff. Always enjoy your tech briefs on YouTube! Got a question for you that has puzzled both my Virginia Audiologist and first line Phonak audiologist: My Marvel M90 312's have a significant amount of "white noise" that is sent into both ears when I am driving in the truck or car at 45+ mph or when I go into Home Depot with their large overhead air handlers. I have been to my audi at least 3 times and she has contacted and had phone consult with Phonak during one of the screen share sessions. No change. No fix. Problem still remains. How would you recommend I proceed to get a fix to this white noise nuisance artifact?

  • Radosław Kaczmarczyk

    Hi Cliff, I got my first hearing aids 4 months ago. Your videos have helped me a lot, especially the one about REM. I appreciate your effort so thank you and keep up the good work! Since there are sponsored videos on your channel I have been wondering if your reviews can still be impartial. In your Oticon OPN-S review video you said that main flaw of Oticon OPN hearing aids is poor feedback cancellation. However I cannot spot anything about that flaw in a review video of Oticon OPN. I am a bit confused here. Anyway thank you again. I will be coming back here because so far you are the best in sharing knowledge about hearing aids.

  • George Kosser

    You left out direct Bluetooth connectivity. They advertise that they can directly connect to Bluetooth audio output devices like a TV or computer but they can't. I have worked with Phonak on the phone with no success. Also, you have to disconnect from your phone, if you want to connect to an IPad. That is a weak solution. If you are not tech savvy, you don't stand a chance.They make a great hearing aid with a lot of features but they are over hyping it.

  • I listened to this on my Oticon hearing aids love the blue tooth

  • I love your video's, great presentation, very informative , compassionate and interesting– Thank you! 🙂

  • Great explainer, thanks!
    I am wondering what is needed to add language interpreter services to the Marvel by Phonak? Could that come via a smartphone app and streamed via Bluetooth technology or would it need a built-in interpreter chip in my hearing aid to assure (near)zero latency streaming people speaking in a foreign language?

  • Hellow Cliff! Im stll folowing your advice and knowledge about hearing aids! but you mentioned you were going to check out EROS new NEros! Havent seen any thing on the tube about that yet! how about it!

  • hi, Does cic or iic hearing aids have bluethoot hearing technology?

  • Sponsor = objectivity, NOT!

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