BooleBox – Business Data Security

This is your data in the cloud. Accessible everywhere. Always synced. But: are they also protected? With BooleBox you can be sure they are protected: the only true secure sync and share solution. What is unique in BooleBox that makes it so secure? One: Private Keys. BooleBox protects your data with the highest-level military-grade encryption. When you are looking for extra security, you can use a private key to encrypt and protect your data with a key known only to you. Unlike other cloud services where there is a single key known to the cloud provider, only you have the key to your data. Two: Secure Mail. BooleBox goes beyond
protecting your files to protect your communications. With BooleBox you can send e-mail in complete security, that only your recipients can read. You can do this while still using the most popular e-mail clients, like Gmail, as you usually do. Three: Secure Sync. Thanks to the cloud your files are updated and accessible everywhere, from any device. But with BooleBox they are also protected. Even if your PC or smartphone gets stolen, damaged or lost: with BooleBox your documents stay safe and available. The files on the device are encrypted and cannot be read. Four: Easy and secure collaboration BooleBox helps you and your colleagues work together securely. You decide who has access to what documents. Your contributors will be able to write, edit, leave notes and comments. The documents you collaborate on stay encrypted and secure. BooleBox: the only truly secure sync and share solution!

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