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In Windows Ink Workspace, you can adjust
pen settings, pen shortcuts, and change general Windows
Ink Workspace settings. From your Windows 10 desktop, click the Action
Center icon on the taskbar. Click All settings. In the Find a Setting box, type Pen. Select Pen Settings, and then select Pen &
Windows Ink. In the Pen settings, you can: choose which hand you write with, show visual effects, show the cursor, ignore touch input when you’re using the pen, and show the handwriting panel when the
computer is not in tablet mode and no keyboard is attached. Under Windows Ink Workspace settings, you
can show the recommended app suggestions, set pen shortcuts, and select pen behavior when you click once,
double-click, or press and hold. Your pen will now write according to your
desired settings.


  • Toxic_Legend_TTV psn

    can u guys plz do this vid on how to turn on a windows 10 when the screen is all black cause im having a problem with my pc right now and i wrote this on my phone

  • Toxic_Legend_TTV psn

    oh yeah btw my pc is a windows 10 hp pc or laptop thx

  • Hello sir cn u help me i have my netbook hp stream 11 . When im going to install game and its says windows smart screen cant be reached right now . How cn i fix it sir. Help me.

  • This doesn't really help me figure out how to turn on pen pressure ;-; I just want to draw…

  • hp x360 envy is support a hp active pen ???

  • my pen is on a weird settings where it can’t draw sometimes.

  • i have a hp envy x360 i5 and the pen wont work on the taskbar, the pointer stops above the taskbar when trying to select something.

  • How do I enable pen pressure for HP Envy x360

  • The gravedigger's cave

    And the side buttons?

  • This doesn't help when it comes to the cursor. When I unplug and plug it back in, it always shows a dot instead of the arrow. And I can't find a way to leave it at the arrow cursor.

  • I want to draw in a program called "Paint tool sai" but the pen pressure justo doesn't work :c
    I want to draw, but i don't find any solution.
    ¿What can i do? Windows Ink have pen pressure, but Sai doesn't have it.

    I speak spanish, sorry.

  • For the eraser how come when I draw a line and try to erase the middle it erase the whole line. How can I change the eraser setting because it keeps erasing the whole thing

  • i have hp ink pen but my pen works sometimes and mostly not

  • SkiFi Sk Music

    please just fire everyone at HP .. I bough a Pavilion x360 and bought a HP pen .. ofc nothing is happening and pen is not working (it has battery in, it´s not bt pen..) and all the HP tutorials are like retarded .. are they even usefull for at least 1 person ? …

  • your explain is very good thanks
    but I have a problem with the window… can you heip me? when I open the window of windows ink workspace it closed immediately

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