Chris Martin MORTIFIED by how TERRIBLE Coldplay used to look! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

And is it this year or next year
that is going to be 20 years? Since we got together. Next year, since our first album
came out. 20 years. Hats off to you. CHEERING 20 years ago, I think this is
your first ever photo shoot, and bear in mind this is
the photograph they approved… There were worse pictures
from this photo shoot… There they are. It seems unlikely that they
would be global superstars. There they are.
What’s wrong with you?! At that time, we were only
really eating pasties, and Mars milk that you get
from the service station. That chocolate milk.
That’s all we would eat and we thought, we’re going to
look great, no problem. And we didn’t really have anyone
to tell us what to wear. What, there wasn’t a stylist? LAUGHTER Yeah. We paid this guy £8,000
and we never saw him again. Had to do it ourselves.
Please tell me that isn’t true. No, it’s not true. You look at Coldplay now,
and you are gods, and you tour the world. And you’re sitting
beside Hugh Grant. Yeah, Hugh. I know you’re a fan.
I’m a giant fan of Hugh. Likewise, likewise.
You want to see my tattoo? Have you got… No, I haven’t. Didn’t you send him fanmail? I sent
him fanmail as a 40-year-old man. So, recently. Recently. Not so much since
the restraining order, but… No, it was really nice of you.
I was very flattered. Every time I’ve ever met Hugh
he’s very grumpy, he’s like,
“Whatever, rock star, fuck off.” And then starts flirting
with your other half…! So, it was after… LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE This is true. It was after A Very British
Scandal, I thought, “I’m going to tell Hugh
that I think he’s wonderful.” Because I’ve loved his work ever
since he started 45 years ago… I really have. And after British Scandal
and Paddington 2, I thought… I think I just wrote,
“Hey, I love you.” It was very nice. And he replied, and it was very
gracious. That’s all good. Yeah. Shall we leave this, now?
I don’t come out of this too badly. I’m crap on music,
that’s why I’ve been… I’ve only got two records.
One of them is Godspell. The other one is the band
of the Grenadier Guards. Good album. It’s my sex tape. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE DROWNS SPEECH


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