Chris Pratt’s epic card trick fail – The Graham Norton Show 2016 | Extra – BBC One

I have no idea but Chris pratt, I hear I hear you are a-a magician Dude, yes, I am respected Yeah, well I have about Decima [Jiton] like like I know real Magic. Yes, no these are not well, I i Know some tricks. It’s been a while cuz these honestly these cards Christian bring these cards They just we got them. Yeah, you know give you these cards [I] kind of do Matt a magic real mad Magic Yes, [no] trick you have to be very careful just practicing in the dark arts lots of flourishes Okay, okay here. We go now. It’s been a while. Oh I screw this up. Just [you] know you’ll cut it out um yeah, this is a whole new Deck [I] Haven’t seen this deck. You haven’t shown me this deck. You know That this is not a deck of cards Captivated yet So I’m gonna shuffle it. I also played a magician in the movie the magnificent seven [I] saw that thank you Like movies and uh and so I learned I got to practice a little bit there, okay. I need um a Volunteer should I oh all right? I got [] [is] awesome. I’m doing a card trick for I love my life, okay See it um okay. So here’s what we’re gonna. Do this is called Burnham, and It works 50% of the time So I’m gonna make three piles Now may I call you will I am yeah? Yeah, okay? Yeah, um take this card and Pick it up and put it on actually no put it on either side of these Piles you want face up this card right here. [oh] Take it that car take that card and put it face up on either side. Oh, yeah, I get a truth. Yeah Yeah, and now take [that] card and put it put it there face up hell Yeah, now this is your card, but do not let me see it But show everybody okay? That’s your carpet. Do let me see it okay [ah] come on and don’t say anything Oh good car [and] when you’re in when you’re finished We ret man committing it to memory put it back in the middle pile anywhere anywhere It was I put it anywhere you want in the middle [pile] Hide it and make it so that I could never know where you could okay? You got it. Yeah boom on that is absent absent Okay, now, ooh Two fours [I] call this trick two Fours I Taked one four on the bottom one four on top now What do I know I know that your card you remember your card don’t tell me what’s [it] somewhere inside This little deck, but I don’t know where it is, so [I’m] gonna put that in the middle what and put that right there now. I want you to shuffle that four times [ah] shit Now I told you there’s only works half the time, so if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna be really embarrassed, [okay] one shuffle Mm-hmm – shuffles three shuffling – I’m In the middle are you is good enough for me, but that’s okay. Let’s try now. What all great magician say yeah Okay, now. I’m gonna look Cuz I’m gonna find your car Don’t don’t glow look at my process equivalently how many chances you get to find the car though cuz we can see therefore Is I guess [four] oh you get four chances. Yep that seems fair thirty minutes each yeah this Is a different engine Graham, Norton show yeah? Okay, let’s see here. No. No. That’s not it. Oh It’s coming It’s gonna be here, okay horn. I think I got it. Nope okay [come] on. [I] get four chances wait a second will you count? Four chances to just shuffle through them or four chances to show me or you judge No, you just look at me something for your car looking for your card, okay? I got it The first chance dear Lord. God please No Market for chances yeah boom now okay. It’s called Burnham. I take one. I burn it. I might have burned your card your card hell, no okay. [hold] [on] Is this your card hell? No just tell me your card now cuz this could be it What is your card? You can tell me now because I wouldn’t be able to take it out, right? oh, it’s an a and a of har a of hearts sure yeah the Ace of Hearts I’m not done. I’m though your card 8a is in this pile I’ll [show] Sam. No no We wash azam. No, that’s good. I think it was your card Wait will I am I’m not done. Give me a fist bump wait a second magic fist bump. Keep it right there. Don’t move it squeeze you


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