Christmas in College (Official Video)

Thoughts? It’s bad It’s… a bad idea I think it’s a good idea Yeah but you also think pirating movies is a good idea No I think pirate movies are a good idea also sometimes I illegally download them Jesus Christ Listen are you gonna help me with this or not? You know normally I
wouldn’t do something like this But? Easy. But you’re my friend so I’ll do it Bud. Calm down now You’re operating at about a nine I need you at like a three at best Shake my hand -I’m not getting anywhere near you especially not after last time Shake my hand or it’s not official Okay fine Oh so wet! What!? I’m excited! Oh God… Christmas in college is pretty much no
different Only thing is gotta pay rent Cuz your parents aren’t present Speaking of presents I got this pretty cool sweater Had my high school crush saying “Hey man!” “Lookin kinda better” Sorry that’s enough about me Let’s talk about this college campus UCD A visit was really all that I needed to know That this little small town was where I needed to go To hopefully one day say I feel real secure Cuz in Cowtown they got it all except for maybe some snow “Hey! Where’s the snow!?” People here are pretty great Specially by that big ole metal gate Never thought I’d have this But there’s folks that I appreciate See him in the halls I’m like “Hey what’s new with you mate?” They say “Not much but you know I got nothing to really hate either.” I’m like “Yeah you’re right.” “But you better stay indoors or maybe catch a fever.” “Oh yeah that’s like a legitimate thing.” “Yeah you might want to watch out for
that.” “Good luck!” Christmas in college is pretty much no different Only thing is gotta pay rent Cuz your parents aren’t present Speaking of presents college is a gift that keeps on giving Get through it happy and you feel like life’s worth living That’s pretty sad but it’s pretty true too I just been hesitant to spill the beans to you School gave me a big mental boo boo I can never wake up Cuz I’m feeling some shades of blue Maybe we’ll chat about it later but that’s another day Ever meet our Chancellor? See him in the halls and he says “I’m Gary May!” I mean maybe I’ve seen him like once I was on my way to tutoring Cuz I’m a f*cking dunce But I’m sure that he’s around just like me In the Arboretum all I see are trees I’m reminded every day that I’m so damn lucky I just hope that one day this is something I see Cuz right now it’s looking quite bleak head drooping eyes down staring at my feet thinking everyday I’m so damn mentally weak Christmas in college is pretty much no
different When I go home there’s that question that I absolutely resent They always ask it on my man Nick’s day They say “How’s school?” And I say “Okay.”


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