Cloud clipboard: Copy & paste across your Windows 10 devices

Copy. Paste. Two actions we do many
times throughout the day. Do you get tired of having
to switch devices or apps when copying content
from one to another? How about having copy text overwritten every time
you copy something new? Good news, those issues are
now things of the past. Hi, my name is Megan from
the Windows Clipboard team. We’ve improved clipboard in
the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Now you can save multiple copied items in your clipboard
history to use later. Pin those you want to use repeatedly and paste across
your Windows devices. Imagine you’re in the library,
working on your final student paper. You’ve been struggling to find the right citations
but today – jackpot, you come across
a few different pieces of information that will
support your thesis. Previously, you’d have to
switch back and forth between applications to copy and paste
each bit of text into your paper. Copy, paste. Copy, paste. All the back and forth is
definitely disrupting your flow. With the updated clipboard features, all your copied items are
immediately at your disposal. No more going back and forth to paste previously
copied items into your work. What’s more, you could
access what you’ve copied on any of
your Windows devices, instantaneously, making it a
lot easier to stay in the zone. Let me show you how to use it. In the Windows Search
box, type in “clipboard settings”, then turn on Clipboard history and
Sync across devices. For the latter, you’ll see
two different settings. By default, the text you copy will be automatically sync to
any other Windows devices where the feature is enabled. The other, allows you to
have complete control over which items get synced to
your other Windows devices. Let me walk you through that. Let’s say, I want to copy
three different pieces of content. First, I’ll open the content I
want to copy and highlight it. Then I’ll copy my text
or image to the clipboard using Ctrl C
or the Copy command. I can press Windows Key V to open my clipboard and confirm that
the items I copied are there. Now, I’m going to select which one I want to paste into my document. That was easy. If your clipboard is set to Never
automatically sync text that I copy, you can select
the cloud upload icon in the clipboard to
be able to re-use it. Now that clipboard item will be available on my other
Windows devices. When I’ve wrapped up my paper, I can easily click the X button to delete clipboard content
I no longer need. I can even Clear all
for a fresh start. This will also delete
items in the cloud. Items stored in the cloud will automatically be
deleted after 12 hours. What if you want to hold on
to an item you’ve copied in the event that you need it down
the road? Consider pinning it. Pinning content comes in handy for copied items you think you’ll
use on an ongoing basis. Pin copied items by
clicking the Pin icon. Pinned items are stored locally
on your Windows device. That’s it. No more sending bits of copy to yourself in bits and pieces. We hope you found this video helpful. Please share your feedback or suggestions with us using
the Feedback Hub by pressing the Windows key and F. Thank you for watching
and have a great day. [MUSIC]


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