Como poder Instalar salida AV Master System 2

hello and welcome was are here of turn to bring you another logo tutorial of this that are doing lately devote them to console retro that is to say consoles of more than 15 years in this occasion has touched the master system 2 it is a console that practically it can have almost the 30 years and what we go to do is to teach how open the that in reality does not have any secret we go to signal a poquito the more common problems that has and afterwards especially centre us in one that is the we say in graver that is when it leaves to command the exit of video to través of the hereje or rg or then when it occurs this what is simpler is install another exit in this occasion we have chosen side see to ovidio put then nara the first is as always they go to give this greeting to ours subscribers and invite to the rest of people that join to our channel and like this receive all the noaa notifications of new tutoriales then at all eat the said opens the esbu simple go to give him the turn to what is the console and with a destornillador of tip of star here will see and cinc orifices in where we go to remove five screws we go to go removing but once and it has removed the tournaments him we give another in the turn and operate him the that it is it covers it asia had opened now perhaps we could do one small repair that basically is clean those that only in 20 to what are the contacts and for this can use a brush with a poquito of alcohol join to give with by here is that this way attain does is to delete any type of dirt will deliver the contacts and like this do not have proofs to the hour that it detected us the cartridge the game also would be convenient do the same process in the agreements or batteries or fragments eat it would be bad of what was cartridge and like this surely we do not have any problem to the hour to criticise game afterwards another of the repairs and there the plate for this now go to have that remove one two three four five six and seven screws head crashes the one who have removed the seven screws now go to raise of east side have here already there is a person then we have to take it out to hello banishment now call the plate to the discovered the following repas repair would be in the case that it break us the connection of load as we had to remove the also stops remove what if the complete plate we had to remove these two screws we would do to rhyme could take out the complete plate like fact to the hour of change the very simple connection we had to to solder these three points and afterwards as add one connection that was practically equal very as now we go with the repair more common that has this type of console that is when it fails us the exit of renfe or the ref eu and then what go to opt is for putting connections of exit to/v that is to say the red connections white and yellow then what go to need goes to be little few components and really the work is not very complicated but this himself we go to have to drill a poquito what the carcasa and as said it achieved one the small components now we go to do a listing of what it goes us to do fault in the first place more rd necessary a resistance of phenomena that is the one who have now same the image that vara that have an idea of the safe values ring sixth black degree brown black afterwards also we go to need what I eat you the bug connections of exit to one that is honest the ranking white and red white and yellow and afterwards also a poquito of graces of of wires and can be grappin that it is this that uses fine that estiliza to solder especially chips and afterwards damien in the case that we do not have this type of wire post could use this wire that is the one who it uses for the connection and the one of torrent is of of orator then nadal or like the crazy necessary taladro stops drill and afterwards clearly a soldador to do it are some then also that it does not comment one thing the components can consider of two ways a purchase the dollar an electronic house that no we go to have any problem stops achieve it and afterwards another and recycling recycling the components as I it was like this it removes me 22 connections of a plate of television but also we could do use of the critic adapter of carnés of cinema one with héctor that what had to do it would be the following as we would have it ozaki that has by the three connections more desolados and like this could recycle also what are the connections and the resistance at least a resistance of but mine can consider that for being that the majority of the electronic plates then neither it would be very complicated achieve this type of resistances if we can not it achieve a black supports we would have to go to a house electronics and well as generally we go to begin to taladrar and the first that would have to do would be clearly afterwards signal where we go to do the holes like me was born clear these pieces and two of them go joined in rbs decided put tose here that the serial sounds and the vega v aquila of video here in being able to now marks or with rotulador and now with a taladro the pp does not support the measures give a poquito people abbas actions uses a file the that we will be the possibility to give a poquito of heat with some gun or it tolerates that we go to do is orar stops that are clearer to darken more this form already have it we go to do will be to fix what are the connections well as once of to fix or crazy or the connections of exit of still it would remain of the following form it is drilled in escaping in the hump of what are the connections therefore we have to fix them with what puts hot that is more plastic melted case that the we do here I see any house electronics moss have a thread then simply the slug rock it would arrive américas now we go with the following step that it would be already to solder what is the wired up and the resistance in these two connections in the mass is the pines from above and it I go to do is to carry them to the chassis metallic ore the connection and afterwards lavazza of the yellow wire go it to soltar here we arrive in the copper of the of the plate you we stopped us tail splits of the resistance the resistance like said encino mine we will see the ring gilded right now the left part of which go to solder in the dye say beginning from the left part the top ones 345 in total would be of the pin 20 but now we go with the resistances it will be the erre 19 the war of twenty that they are those that go to connected in the exit of the diginovela that go to put the white exit and the 20 the exit of blunt then we go to use to grappin solid rock the white connection the resistance of it crumple this way already have it all placed now we go to test now have to mount what is consumption and test the minors that have done the gap of the metallic sheet because clear to the put them in the connections eradicated a poquito bulkier the normal we had to remove as as it has done a bit of sheet to find love and support to the place tornear to the now we go with it covers it from above more this would be result west detain the hour of the connections sees or as now as we go to test to see if everything it has known properly and now us we see in a moment that we can see that we have done to work what the collection inside are to improve a poquito what is the quality image will go solid and well once by which this proof go to run again stops comfort and follow with expectancy as once it has checked that works all properly so much the signal of video like the one of audio after have added to the console what are exits to v day also is necessary say that we have given us account that it has improved a poquito the fall of images and a bit threw it then only it would remain to the of always say you that it has gone out you albiol tutorial soda accused already know a secular likes me that does not cost at all only wanted sack a greeting will see us very prompt in the next tutorial more


  • MachineGreyFox Gameplays y Tutos

    Yo esa modificación se la tuve que hacer a mi megadrive,ya que no daba vídeo.
    Muy buen tutorial.

  • Jesus Hernandez Serrano

    Hice todo lo que aparece en el video pero la pantalla sigue en negro sin ningun tipo de señal. Alguien me podria ayudar?

  • no tienes modificaciones para la nintendo 64

  • Yo también he seguido el vídeo confiado en que no iba a tener ningún problema al tener roto el modulador RF.

    Comprobé la continuidad de las soldaduras antes de poner termoretráctil y me aseguré de que no había soldaduras no deseadas entre cables.

    Aproveché y le puse el led para comprobar cuando está funcionando la consola y al poco de probar y sin conseguir salida de imagen y sonido el led se apagó y me temo haber fundido algo.

    Cómo compruebo que la consola está ok? Algún sitio donde tocar con el polímetro?

  • los colores de las resistencias se leen al revés siendo el dorado el último, que es la tolerancia marron negro negro dorado. Cada color se le asigna un numero siendo negro 0 y marron1, el tercer negro seria multiplicador y por lo que se le añaden 0 ceros. Esto quiere decir que la resistencia es de 10 ohms.
    Por otro lado tienes que poner siempre una resistencia en serie con cualquier led o lo quemarás. por lo demás el video interesante!!

  • Hola, una pregunta. Este mod sirve también para una máster system americana? agradecería que me dieras el dato…

  • Hola ,mi master system 2 no enciende ,el adaptador he comprobado que está bien ¿sabrias como repararla?
    Gracias,buen video

  • Dices que se necesita una resistencia de 100 ohm pero cuando dices los colores de cada banda (*) en realidad se trata de una resistencia de 10 ohm

    (*) el dorado es la tolerancia y siempre va al final…: marrón-negro-negro–dorado = 10 ohm

  • Alguien conoce un técnico en Madrid que sepa adaptarlas para las televisiones de ahora? Porque no veo que haya otra forma de adaptarlo con otro cable si no tiene la salida.
    Gracias por la explicación.

  • Quita la placa cuando agujerees, animaaaaal XD

  • Hola, podrías subir un tutorial con la placa más moderna? Puesto que el chip de la placa nuevo es bastante más pequeño… concretamente si no voy mal, es la 2M

  • Pasaros por el canal de : Retrogalde

  • Puede funcionar con una resistencia mayor?

  • El Abuelo Tony Montana

    Te mereces un pedazo de LIKE maestro si señor!! ole tus cojones!! likekazo!!! y SUB!!😂😂🙈😂😂😎👍

  • martin lo o 0ppp#Ñ

    Hola. Sirve para máster system 3

  • Excelente trabajo hermano. Gracias por un video de calidad. Un abrazo y te dedicare mi primer directo de Master System 😉

  • Ana Mª Burgase Grasa

    Hola! Yo he podido conectar mi Sega Master System II a mi TV. Veo la imagen perfectamente en un canal analógico y puedo jugar, pero no escucho el sonido. ¿Sabéis cómo lo podría solucionar?. Muchas gracias.

  • gracias, muy buen video, ya puedo disfrutar de mi system sin el odioso tema de la antena, si tengo que poner un contra es solo el tema de donde soldar el 20 y 19 por que no se ve en que lado de la resistencia estassoldando, por lo demas de lujo

  • Acabo de realizar el mod av y todo bien, salvo k al colocar la placa metálica después de realizar todas las soldaduras, me hacia contacto alguna masa o algo y no sacaba imagen, y finalmente he apretado solo como unos tres tornillos y va bien, no creo k pase nada por no colocar todos los tornillos. Saludos

  • Dale con la uña esa que tienes en el meñique para sacarte la cera!!! Te doy mis dieses por el vídeo.

  • Falto una prueba real del funcionamiento, ya que al ver el gameplay del final se logra ver que no es de la consola modificada si no de un video de youtube XD el cual puede ser que se grabo de la consola pero le da poca credibilidad (esquina superior izquierda)

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