Computer Turn on Then Turn Off immediately – Repaired

Hello everyone welcome to SRAdvice Today I will repair this motherboard In another video I just show how to do repair But today I will repair this motherboard and show you Lets see what is the problem when I power on this motherboard CPU fan just turn on then goes off I thought that I repair this board and show Lets start First lets see the problem You see the fan on then off immediately ! see again Power on Just turn on then turn off let’s solve the problem see when I remove RAM then what happens such problem may occur for bad RAM so I removed the RAM then I’m trying to get power on have the same problem let’s remove the 4 pin atx connentor Remove it now switch on hey, fan is spinning so the problem come from VRM section so I have to check VRM section VRM section means Processor supply circuit talking about this problem with one person he asks what is the VRM section so friends VRM section is processor supply circuit let’s check the VRM section this 4 pin connector supplies the VRM section after removing this connector fan is spinning continuously so there is short in the VRM section So we have find the short components remove all the device now check the board select continuity range first check the ATX connector there is no problem next this is called mosfet there is three main mosfet and 3 suporting mosfet so first check the main mosfet this is Drain and source can you here the beep sound! I think this mosfet is short remove it and then check it again so check the second one this mosfet also show short Beep sond coming in between drain and source check the suporting mosfet this is ok this is also ok this main mosfet show short suporting mosfet is ok three main mosfet show short two main mosfet show short between drain and source this mosfet show totally short Too much noise here giving beep sound there is also coming beep sound first I will remove this mosfet then check out it If it is not bad then check the other mosfet let’s check the mosfet ok let’s check the board first there was a mosfet here there are no beep sound coming short is gone no beep sound coming from here so others main mosfet do not show short again so there is no short circuit in the board now so now check the mosfet Mosfet is OK or not this is drain this is source beep sound is coming so this component is short totally short drain-source, drain-gate, gate- source all show short means this mosfet is totally short let’s try to power on this board you can see there was a mosfet here I have removed power on this board you can see the 4 pin ATX connector is connected and CPU FAN is spinning continuously that means problem is solved so friend if you like video plz subscribe my channel and hit the like button


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