Computer vision syndrome – Exercises and preventive tips

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regular notifications Exercises at desk for computer vision syndrome What is computer vision syndrome (CVS)? Eye problems resulting from prolonged use of digital screens. You too may have it If you are frequently hooked on your computer for>2 hours at a stretch. Symptoms Eyestrain, headache, dry eyes, red eyes, blurred vision Effective exercises at desk Effective eye exercises at desk Blink eyes more frequently Focus on an object at 20 feet for 20 seconds at every 20 minutes Rotate eyeballs in a circular motion Place the warm hands over the eyelids Press the eyelids by using one finger for 10 seconds Some more preventive tips Adopt proper posture, use blue cut glasses, have proper lighting Maintain an arm’s distance from the screen, use antiglare screen Get regular eye checkups, and eat eye healthy foods (carrot and spinach) [Music]

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