Create USB Windows 10 Install by Tool MediaCreationTool.exe

I will present for you how to create usb boot install windows 10! Step 1: You go to Google search with keyword: create usb boot windows 10 Step 2: You download tool for create USB boot windows 10 from website Microsoft! Ps: Link below description! Step 3: You need to open file set up tool! Step 4: You click “Accept” to install tool! Step 5: You need to choose “Create installation…………..”!=>click “Next” Step 6: You need to version windows 10: x64 or x86. Now, I choose version recommend for my computer! Step 7: You need to choose USB Flash Drive. Step 8: You need to choose USB install windows 10 boot! Step 9: You will wait for tool download windows 10 and create USB boot! And finally You can enjoy it! Good Luck! Thank you for watching!

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