Crestron DM NVX® Series: The Only Network AV Solution that Meets All Your Needs

– Hello everybody and welcome
to the Crestron booth my name is Kenneth Noyens, I’m going
to do a small presentation about our NVX Solution. There’s still some room
left so if you want to, sit over here there is
still some room left. So I’m going to talk about
our NVX Solution, the only complete network AV
Solution on the market. So let’s first discuss
why people want to put AV on their network. They want
to use their existing IP infrastructure. They don’t
want to use any special cables and also want to migrate away
from the central matrix switch This will give them greater
flexibility because the central matrix switch has
a fixed amount of inputs and outputs. The system
is infinitely scalable. If you want to add a source
or if you want to add a destination you can just
connect an encoder or decoder to your system. If you are putting AV on your
network you want to make sure that the system is doing
the latest in video. 4K60. 4:4:4 and HDR. You want that it uses your
existing Gbabit infrastructure. If you are putting AV on
your network you want to make sure that is secure.
You want that your audio and video is in sync and you don’t
want to have any latency. You want to have the ability
to scale up and scale down. And of course you don’t want
to have any video dropouts because of any environmental noise. You want to do audio
processing like multi channel audio down mixing and audio breakaway. You want to do USB Routing
and that’s only the keyboard and the mouse, but you also
might want to route that USB camera that is inside the room.
And of course you want that all of this is easily to
manage and easily to deploy on your network. NVX is covering all those needs. So let’s compare a one Gbabit
network AV system with a ten Gbabit network AV system. They’re using both the same
40 Gb up link to the core switch. You will see with the one Gb
solution I can connect up to 40 endpoints to my switch, where
with the 10 Gb solution I can only connect four. If I do
the full calculation of this Gbabit infrastructure will
give me 80 endpoints where the ten Gb infrastructure
will only give me eight. ten Gbabit AV ethernet
is just not scalable. Of course if you still hate
money you can still buy the 10 Gb solution. So we
calculated the cost between a 1 Gb solution and
a 10 Gb solution and as you will see that the
endpoint price is very similar. The network infrastructure
is much more expensive. We recently met with a Fortune 100 tech company and they rejected
to have 10 Gb links inside the room, they said it was not needed, that’s not what you need in the room and they totally rejected
the 10 Gb solution. Talking about security. When you are putting your
content, your AV on the network you want to make sure that it is secure. You want that your devices
on the network are secure, you want to make sure that
the people on your network are secure and you want to
make sure that the data on your network is secure. NVX
is using 8.2.1x making sure that the NVX box
authenticates to the network. We are using active directory,
making sure that the people that log on to our box are
authenticated. We are using AIS encryption making sure
that your content is secure. And of course all the
communication to and from the box is also secure and authenticated. Crestron is using a patent
pending technology making sure that we can decode and
scale at the same time. This gives us the same
performance, as our digital media is the HD base-t scaled solutions today. In addition to all of this
you get an HDMI switch. So we have two HDMI inputs
where you can switch between. We have integrated display control, so we have serial, IR and HDMI-CEC. We have just one box that can be set up as an encoder or a decoder
and we have a box form and we also have a card based solution. All of this is being backed
up by our award winning global true blue support team. So we have the 350 and the
350-C so the C version is a card then we have the 351 so this
add the DSP for multi channel audio down mixing. And then we
have the 351-C so that’s the one with the DSP in the
card based solution. New this year at ISE we
are announcing our NVX-352. This will add Dante Network
Audio and AIS-67 network audio into the same box,
into the same solution. The card can be placed
into the NVX chassis so this can hold up to
eight cards you can just mix and match them. It has a
front panel for some basic configurations and basic
controls so this is not the matrix switch. You put the
cards in here and they still use 1 Gb up link
towards your network. All the NVXs have a web
based interface on it. You don’t need to have any
special software tools. You don’t need to have any
hardware, special hardware to set up and deploy your
boxes on the network. You just use any web
browser, you go to the box and you can set it up. For larger deployments you can
use our XiO director, this is a network appliance that you
will put on your network. It will discover all your NVX
endpoints so it is very easy to set them up and manage them. This will give you a
virtual matrix switcher. A central point for
management and control. We have three versions
of the XiO director. So we have the 80 that can
handle up to 80 endpoints. So this is for the installations
where you are today using a 16×16 or a 32×32.
Then we have the 160 so that’s more for your larger environments
where you have a lot of smaller rooms. And then we
have the Enterprise Solution that can manage up to 1,000 endpoints. And this is really for your
big, large scale deployments. All of these that we have
discussed now we are showing that here today on our booth
in the Network AV pavilion. We are showing a live
demonstration of the XiO director, we are showing live switches
between multiple sources connected to NXV. We are
showing video quality testing, we are showing latency
testing and we are showing environmental testing just
to show you guys that NVX is the best solution out there. Then I would like to invite
you to our booth, see these is real life and thank you
very much for your attention.

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