Cyber Security Incident Response Automation Made Easy!

your incident response team you know the
guys handling security threats to protect your organization around the
clock might look like this or like this but don’t you think they look more like
this because while we humans are really good at thinking creatively managing a
business or even telling a joke will never compete with the response time and
efficiency of automation technology whether security team has two people ten
people or more you could double that number and still not managed to keep up
with non stop cyber security attacks without both a well-defined incident
response playbook and a security incident response automation solution
you know a system that doesn’t need to take a coffee break doesn’t get
distracted as it works 24 7 and doesn’t sleep so you can and some of those
threats they can bring down the entire business and could cost people their jobs
throughout an enterprise brute force attacks viruses malicious emails
classified and financial data leakage fire wall hacks stolen laptops or mobile
devices ayehu eyeShare security incident response Automation provides a
declarative policy driven solution with the ability to capture threats directly
from SIEM tools to trigger incident response playbooks interact with the right
security specialists contain and remediate the alert and send reports to
anyone who needs to know and best of all ayehu integrates smoothly with your
existing ITN security systems for two-way interactions that track alerts
and tickets and manage the process for fast response time maximum uptime and minimum risk in short
ayehu’s automation gets you back in operation faster than humanly possible
along with all your best practices and hours every lesson learned can go right back into the workflow to
make the next time around even faster ayehu eyeShare security incident response
automation made easy

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