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1 00:00:04:15 00:00:11:03 Your computer’s
internet browser is a powerful piece of software that can open up a whole new world,
2 00:00:11:03 00:00:15:08 but there are a few precautions you should take
before exploring the web. 3 00:00:15:08 00:00:18:18 Because you’ll
be using your browser to shop, do your banking,
4 00:00:18:18 00:00:22:12 and send private and personal messages
to friends and family, 5 00:00:22:12 00:00:29:14 you need to take
care to help ensure no-one can intercept or exploit the information you’re sending.
6 00:00:29:14 00:00:32:20 Here are some tips for browsing safely.
7 00:00:32:21 00:00:40:10 The most important is this little padlock symbol. It appears
in the top or bottom of your web browser window 8 00:00:40:10 00:00:47:08 and indicates that
the site you’re sending information to can’t be accessed by anyone else at the same time.
9 00:00:47:08 00:00:51:15 That means you’re protected from people who
might want to get your banking details, 10 00:00:51:15 00:00:54:14 home address, or
other personal information. 11 00:00:54:14 00:00:59:13 A secure connection
like this scrambles the information like a code
12 00:00:59:13 00:01:05:07 as you’re sending it to the website, and only
unscrambles it once it’s safely arrived. 13 00:01:05:07 00:01:09:10 The padlock symbol
usually appears with these letters, 14 00:01:09:10 00:01:14:15 and you should
check for them whenever you’re banking, handing over credit card information,
15 00:01:14:15 00:01:19:01 or doing anything else that requires
important personal information. 16 00:01:19:01 00:01:27:02 When it comes to
staying safe online, the simplest way is to just exercise some common sense.
17 00:01:27:03 00:01:32:12 For instance, don’t give out more personal information that you
really need to. 18 00:01:32:13 00:01:38:06 Your date of birth,
driver’s license number, bank account details or medicare number –
19 00:01:38:06 00:01:45:08 this is all important data that people can use to steal your identity
or access sensitive information. 20 00:01:45:08 00:01:50:10 If a site asks
you for this information, be suspicious. Even when a site
21 00:01:50:10 00:01:57:13 just asks for your email, think twice, because
you may end up with an inbox full of junk. 22 00:01:57:13 00:02:00:21 And by junk, we
mean actual junk mail, 23 00:02:00:21 00:02:05:16 like all those
unwanted catalogues and ads you get in your physical mailbox.
24 00:02:05:16 00:02:13:13 It’s mostly advertising, and mostly stuff you’re not interested in,
and most of all it’s really annoying! 25 00:02:13:13 00:02:20:12 Speaking of emails,
if you get an email from someone you don’t know, be suspicious of it too.
26 00:02:20:12 00:02:27:20 You’d be surprised how many people fall for scams because an
unknown emailer offered them money. 27 00:02:27:20 00:02:33:07 Remember, if it
sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is!
28 00:02:33:08 00:02:39:08 When you’re online spending money, don’t use direct debit, bank
deposit or money transfers, 29 00:02:39:08 00:02:42:19 because once that
money goes, it’s gone forever. 30 00:02:42:19 00:02:49:01 You should be cautious
of any site that insists on direct money transfer rather than a credit card
31 00:02:49:01 00:02:53:24 or one of the big transfer services like BPay or PayPal.
32 00:02:53:24 00:02:59:04 If you use a credit card, you can contact your
bank if anything goes wrong, 33 00:02:59:04 00:03:02:19 and there’s a good
chance you can recover the money. 34 00:03:02:19 00:03:07:07 PayPal is another
service that offers good protection for buyers.
35 00:03:07:07 00:03:14:12 A PayPal account is free and a good alternative if you don’t
have or don’t want to use a credit card. 36 00:03:14:12 00:03:21:21 When you use a
public computer, like at the library, there’s a chance it may not be secure.
37 00:03:21:21 00:03:28:13 That’s because so many people use these computers, and not
all of them might be honest! 38 00:03:28:13 00:03:34:09 So you should avoid
giving out personal information while using a public computer,
39 00:03:34:09 00:03:37:02 just in case someone intercepts it.
40 00:03:37:02 00:03:44:06 So much of the world is online now, and that means there’s
good information out there about how to stay safe.
41 00:03:44:06 00:03:48:02 Follow our tips and use some good common good sense
42 00:03:48:02 00:03:53:18 and the online world can be a safe one
for the things you want to do there. �

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