F-Secure Data Discovery Portal is a free online tool which shows exactly how you can extract your data from tech giants like Google and Facebook. In this video we’ll look at Google Takeout, a service that can be accessed from the Data Discovery Portal. You can download all the data you have stored on Google’s services, as well as the data they have stored about you. As you can see, there’s a lot. From more obvious things like bookmarks and browser history, to slightly creepier data like your fitness activity, location history and restaurant reservations. Even the fact that you watched this YouTube video will be there! Check all the boxes you want to download and follow the instructions to create the archive of your data. In the downloaded archive, you will find a file called archive_browser. This file will open in your browser, and let you access all the data you have downloaded. Once you see how much of your data is stored, you might be tempted to reduce the size of your digital footprint in the future. Hopefully this video will give you the tools to learn what information on you is out there, and how to make sure you are the one who decides your own level of privacy.


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