Dette er Marcus og Martinus lei av å bli spurt om (SUBS)

Hello everybody, we are Marcus and Martinus. We are really looking forward to it. It’s our third album. It’s going to be very cool to get it out there. We have grown, and our music have grown. We have done more writing now, and it has been fun. We have waited really long to get these songs out there. We just can’t wait! We really like these songs. We just can’t wait for our fans to hear them. So we are really looking forward to it! Reporter: A bit more «grown up» music? Yeah, we are growing. Reporter: In what way? Our hight. The songs are longer. No. As we are growing up, our style of music is growing with us. So it’s a bit different, a bit more adult. For 15-16 year olds and up, perhaps. Reporter: So you want to be treated as adults now? No, we haven’t said that. We still have a lot of young fans. And we really want them to stay with us. We love our fans! No matter the age. It they are 90, 2 or 15 years old – it doesn’t matter for us. We love all our fans. He doesn’t get cold? Reporter: You have traveled around Europe now. How has that been? It’s been really fun! And we have been to USA as well, and that is so cool to be there. Warm and nice. We have made a lot of music. And when we are in the studio over there, it’s not like we are finished like 6 -7 o’ clock and go home. We have to get the song finished, and it could be in the middle of the night. It’s not like in Norway, not that it’s bad here, we really love to produce here. We made «Elektrisk» here. Here we can go home like 8 if we want to, but in USA we have to finish no matter if its late in the night. Once we were finished like 1, half past 1 in the night. Reporter: Is it OK to be not so well known when walking on the street over there? It’s a bit strange. Unfamiliar. We like when people recognize us. And want to take a picture with us. Reporter: People obviously know in Scandinavia, but how is it elsewhere in Europe? A lot of people actually know us. It’s really strange to me. When we were in USA, someone from Mexico recognized us. That was really fun. And when we went to Greece it was fantastic. A big audience there. And after the show they broke through the security, it was really cool. Reporter: You didn’t get scared? No, they just love us I think. I hope. We didn’t get to close, and I don’t think they would harm us. Reporter: And February you are going on tour again? Yeah, on our birthday as well. Reporter: What are you looking most forward to? Both! I look forward to the tour. The tour is going to be really cool It’s going to be a better and a bigger show. An upgrade. So we are really looking forward to going on tour again. And meet our fans again! Reporter: But you are so busy, do you have time for school? We had a midterm on Tuesday. And we have a lot of homework with us now, because we are away for like two weeks. And our dad is our teacher. He is standing behind the camera. Are you OK, dad? He doesn’t like to be on camera. We just got home from … And had our first weekend off for a while. Then there was a test on Monday, so we didn’t really have a time off. But I got A (6) on the test. I got B+ (5+). Reporter: Congratulations! Thanks! Really happy with it. Reporter: What is the most boring, or worst question you get from reporters? Who is who? Yes. No. No. No. Who is who? No, but «Who is who?» is one of the questions we get the most. We are not that alike anymore, right? So people should get to know now. But you can still ask! Just ask us, it’s no problem. It’s no worries. Let’s go to the camera and cover it with our hands.


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