Deutsch lernen: Computer / digitale Kommunikation / Internet / Nachrichten / soziale Netzwerke

English. Many computer terms come from English. computer This computer is very old. laptop I take my laptop to work. printer I need a printer in order to print documents. tablet I like to watch videos on my tablet. mobile phone Oh no! My mobile phone has fallen out of my pocket. charger You have to charge the mobile phone with the charger. battery Oh no! My battery is empty! keyboard My computer has a German keyboard. umlauts On the German keyboard one finds the umlauts ö, ä and ü, as well as the sharp S (ß). mouse The mouse is needed for clicking. USB-Stick I have saved a file on the USB-Stick. file The file contains a document. desktop I have saved the file on the desktop. folder This folder contains fifty files. to save You have to save the file. disk space How much disk space is still free? to rename I have renamed the file. to copy I have copied the file. to paste I am pasting a text. internet I can surf on the internet all day. link When you click on the link, you will come to the website. website This is my website. It is called “”. to click Click on “Quiz” to play quiz games in German. Play Click on “Play” to hear a sentence in German. to order I have ordered something. online I have ordered it online. email He has written an email to her. attachment He has sent a picture in an attachment. to forward She has forwarded the email to her friend. to upload He has uploaded the picture. to download She has downloaded the picture. to post My girlfriend has posted a picture of herself. to like 25 people like the picture. like The picture has 25 likes. comment There are three comments about the picture. to comment Three people have commented about the picture. to delete He has deleted the picture. message He has sent her a message. to reply She has replied to his message. to receive He has received her reply


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