Hey guys, welcome to the annual Christmas video! Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and welcome to
the annual Christmas video with my mom! Hi everyone!
[ROSS] Yaaay! Mom! So- Mom, come! Come back here lol
[MAMA TRAN] Oh, sorry. These kids look like they’re dead!
[MAMA TRAN] No! No! You
know, they lay down in the Sun Looks like they dropped from the sky and they landed on this snow slope.
[MAMA TRAN] When you go skiiing, you will see some people enjoying-
[ROSS] When I go skiing, there’s gonna be people dead on the snow [SCREAMING] I look forward to this video all year, I
think it’s super fun and a perfect way to end the year. So mom, you ready?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah! RossDraws! With mom for Christmas! Mom! I think last year you drew your
character named Miley who’s a half light half dark angel, right?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah! Oh, I just had a dream of her [ROSS] What?
[MAMA TRAN] I just had a dream and in my dream, I saw her. WHAT! You had a dream of Miley? How about you draw your dream?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah, I can do it, okay. [ROSS] Here, yeah, here- just just draw your dream whatever you’re envisioning, okay? I saw Miley in the nice day- and she was Santa Claus. [ROSS] Miley was Santa Claus? [MAMA TRAN] Yees, we have a hat- [ROSS LOLS] And she has long hair Beautiful, beautiful long hair. And now-
[ROSS] Okay [MAMA TRAN] she have a cape. She has a candy cane. [ROSS] Oooh, she has a candy cane and she’s Santa Claus?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah Milo always with her. [ROSS] Aaaw-
[MAMA TRAN] Let me draw Milo. It’s hard to draw Milo! [ROSS] Where’s his eyes? [MAMA TRAN] Eye’s right here. and also she have owl on her shoulder.
[ROSS] Oooo- It was snowing!
[MAMA TRAN] Is this okay? Can you get eraser for me? I wanna fix the face.
Erase the face – okay – I see her look this way now you can do transforming for
[ROSS] Mom, this is so hard! [MAMA TRAN] Well, I send you to school for that! [ROSS] This was your dream?
[MAMA TRAN] Yes, in my dream I saw Miley – okay – and she was Santa Claus, she had a cape, a candy cane, Milo with her, and owl on her shoulder. She have very, very beautiful long hair. It was snowing, too. Transform it to
the nice picture! [ROSS] Alright, alright. See what we come up with. [QUEUE SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC] What do you think so far?
[MAMA TRAN] I love the hair,
long beautiful hair.
[ROSS] Mhmm- but I don’t see snow, I don’t see Milo,
I don’t see owl! [ROSS] Mom, I just started like ten minutes ago!
[MAMA TRAN] Okay, I’ll wait.
[ROSS] There’s a lot to do, so I’m just gonna work on it and I’ll
check back soon. Alright mom, here’s the progress of the piece so far. And to be honest, I’m kind of struggling a little bit! It’s hard. [MAMA TRAN] What! What’re you talking about? What I send you to school for? I still don’t see Milo, owl, or snow.
[ROSS] What, well there’s some snow here! Right? [MAMA TRAN] Uuuh, is this snow?
[ROSS] Yeah. There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5- There’s six snows!
[MAMA TRAN] Ah, alright, I get that. This can be a true
collaboration, I can just-
[MAMA TRAN] Really? Did you get my Milo?
[ROSS] I’m gonna put your sketch
in my painting lol [MAMA TRAN] Are you serious?
[ROSS] Yes. I’m gonna get some reference for you, and you’re going
to draw an owl. Is that cool? [MAMA ROSS] Yeah [ROSS] And so now it’s a true collaboration. So here’s
your reference, and you’re gonna draw an owl right here. Okay?
[MAMA TRAN] Alright. Wow, so pretty mom!
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah? [ROSS] Wooow!
[MAMA TRAN] I can draw. Mom, you can draw!
[MAMA TRAN] I think so- [ROSS] This is crazy! Mom, you should start your own YouTube channel.
[MAMA TRAN] Lol I’m gonna have 2 million subscriber-
[ROSS] WOAHHH [MAMA TRAN] If I have my channel, you only have 1 million Yaay! Wow! Oh my gosh, mom! How’d you do that? and this is the magic of using reference! [MAMA TRAN] Dadadada-
[ROSS] What? Yay! [CLAPPING] We have Milo, we have the owl, and then we have snow! Six snows.
We’re almost done with this, right? I’m just gonna try to wrap it up, and I’ll check back soon. What time is it?
[MAMA TRAN] It’s color dodge time, right Milo? Oooh man, here we go! Here we go! Ooooohooohooo! Alright mom, your turn! [MAMA TRAN] Ok. My owl- Yay, oh my god, beautiful~ More beautiful than Ross did. Where’s Milo? [ROSS] Huh?
[MAMA TRAN] Where’s Milo. Ooo Milo, Milo. Colordodge, colordodge you okay? Ooh beautiful, but I don’t see Milo anymore! [ROSS] Thanks Milo! It’s color dodge time! Christmas tradition, you
know, I come home. We create a drawing together, and this one was hard.
This one was harder than I thought. Man, but- [MAMA TRAN] Maybe your talent get worse. Your owl was great,
maybe you should start your own YouTube channel. [MAMA TRAN] If I start-
[ROSS] Yeah- have 2 million subscribers by now.
[ROSS] Oh! 2 million by now? Do you want 2 million people
watching you draw owls? There is an annual holiday event
happening right now on my store, bigger and awesomer than ever. There’s a free
mystery print in every single order, this event lasts till all the way at the end
of the year, so make sure you check it out And if you’re interested in video demos and bonus content, it’s my entire process on how I bring these
pieces to life, please check out my Patreon. If you want to win a book or
print, this video’s question is: what is the beautiful dream that you always
remember? When I was in nature I always dreamed that I was in water, a lot
of water, deep in ocean – yeah – like mermaid. Wow you dreamt that you were a mermaid?
That’s awesome! How about you Milo? Huh? What’s your most beautiful dream? Let us
know your dream in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. That’s the last video! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for 2020 – the year of NIMA! My book
is finally coming out, I’ve been working out for four years and so many awesome
things are happening, so I’ll see you guys next year. Don’t forget to subscribe and
[MAMA TRAN] Every day is a color dodge day!
[ROSS] Mhmm And happy holidays and good luck to everyone
next year. [ROSS] Mom! these-
[MAMA TRAN] Boy, girl- [ROSS] These kids look dead!
[MAMA TRAN] No! They like, enjoy lie down in snow and enjoy the sun- [ROSS] Mom, they look dead! Lol [MAMA TRAN] Dead? No! [MAMA TRAN] When you go to ski, you sit down


  • IT'S HERE!! I look forward to this video all year haha. Hope you guys have a fantastic super amazing color dodgin holidays with your loved ones. Remember, it's all about good vibes, love, and forgiveness ❤️

    MOMMA DRAWS!! hahaha

    🎁 ALSO Our Epic Holiday Event is going on until Dec 31! Can't wait to send you some gifts 🙂


  • what drawing device do you use?

  • Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year for you, Milo and your family….Take care, lovely greetings…😀🐕🎄🎆🎇✨🎅

  • I feelike this is presented to towrods 6 yo old or younger.

  • A beautiful dream that is coming back each year is that I wake up in a mystery land and there I've an dangerous adventure with some friends. Just like a movie! 😀

  • "What did i send you to school for?" savage😂😂

  • Your mom is cute! UwU
    Merry Xmas

  • The most beautiful dream I remember I've ever had, is the following:

    I was in my house's yard. I was looking at a sunny sky with few clouds. I was feeling pretty good and light. I thought: "wow, I would enjoy being free in the sky now". And then, like somenthing I do everytime I can, I've just stretched a little bith my chest, breathing as much as I could and I just started to levitate. I had the total control of my body, so I twirled on the yard many time, thinking "I can make it, it's possible!" and then I woke up!

    The funny thing is that in the exact moment I got up, I felt all my weight on me! It was like I was light until that moment! That day I was happy all day long, it was really a beautifull dream! I wish I could dream it again in the same way aaaahh

    However, beautifull art work, as always Ross!

  • Your mom is really creative!!

  • Ur mom inspires u alot like the way she gives u an idea to draw something that's lovely

  • I wish I could spend my time with mom like this.
    Though , I want her to experience to draw traditionally since I am a traditional media artist 🙂

    This is so heart warming Ross.

  • My beautiful dream that i always remember was me with wings and learning how to fly and when i couldn't my dad would tell me to look at the sky and imagine myself flying.

  • lancethecutewolf_ studio

    That i was a dig like milo

  • The dream i can remember is on where i have butterflies wings and i can fly 🙂

  • Happy holidays!

  • I always kept dreaming of myself drawing under the beautiful sunset, holding only pencil and paper. But the dream were so vivid that I remember the whole process that I make from sketching to painting even though it was only one pencil.

    Sorry if my english is bad. Your fan from philippines since 2016 when I first discovered your channel. I stopped drawing for like 2 years and then I saw your video again in my recommended… It motivated me again to create and dream.

  • Ur mom is so adorable 😆❣️❣️🎄🎄🎄

  • thank you for Christmas mood

  • Pls drow my character

  • The dream of living—

  • Karen Sequera Ortiz

    Your mum is hilarious XD I don't usually dream or, at least, I don't remember them. But once I dreamt that I was able to fly and it was so vivid.

  • Tiiu Jean Baptiste

    What is the thing you use to draw and what is it called

  • When i was a 6 years old kid i dream with a giant sea turtle, i always remember that, was so beautyfull.

  • Your mom is so pretty, so good to see her on the show again. MERRY xmas

  • "Mom this is so hard!"
    "I sent you to school for that!"


  • Wow, your mom's owl looks so cool. I guess she picked up some skills from watching all your videos. 🙂

  • I always dream about a fireplace and my family and friends around me and it's so worm and I can sleep for hours and the scenario won't change. Maybe that's all I want in my life.

  • murph murph murph

    I really like her drawings!

  • hey ! I would like to know what sort of studies did you do ? because I didn’t know what studies to do, and what you do os exactly what I want to do later. Thank you bro and sorry for my english if it’s not correct.

  • Your mom is a legend haha. Would 10/10 subscribe to her 😎I had a dream once that i was living in a small nautical type home, and when i looked out the window, i could see the dock and boats. It was night and thundering and there was a candle lit by the window. I've no clue why i dreamt this, all i can remember was how beautiful it was 🙂

  • Me a biology student
    Mom: What the name of this plant?
    Me: I have no idea
    Mom: I sent you to ScHoOl for tHaT

  • this is soooo coool! I love ur videos .

  • I Dreamt that a yellow little bird with a pink long feathery tale curling around my finger like If it felt safe with me. It felt so real since it was in my house and everything around me was so clear. It made me a little sad when i woke up but i still remember it to this very day.

  • My favourite dream was dancing on a stage in front of my friends and Family 🙂💃🏻❣️X

  • Gamer sin credito


  • I had a dream where I was in a white room and all I did was eat an apple. Not the best or worst dream but was the the strangest.

  • Elle s appelle comment l appli

  • I am subscribe woth hia channel and got turned on notif but I didnt saw this dunno why

  • my most beautiful dream is one where im floating in space and everything is so vivid and peaceful

  • I dreamed that I died but then I rose from the dead and found out why and for whom I live. My family really love me. It was a pleasant dream and I woke up with a smile. I was happy all day. 🙂

    btw. beautiful painting <3

  • Kadyanna Fagundes

    You should draw/paint Catra from she-ra princess of power…. U don't have to of course cuz its your choice just um giving my uhm uh option or uh contribution Idk what word to use but uh just putting it out there 😅

  • sho kawaiiiiiiiiiii

  • Cerrine Denise Manapat

    So far my dreams involve me flying from a high place, but I could only fly when i don't breathe in my dream :000

  • Kristine Opalberg

    the dislikes are people who cant draw and got frustrated and jealous.

  • Hiii Idol❤❤❤ Merry Christmas And happy new year💕💕💕 Im a big Fan of yours .Im from Philippines💕💕

  • Cô biết nói tiếng Việt không ạ?

  • Flying free in the clear sky and no one could ever stop me to reach my dreams

  • Really love this guy always smiling, energetic and fun to watch. Really love your art too I wanna be like you someday

  • your mom is so cute

  • Dream as a kid: playing chess with my German Shepherd is a 50’s diner. Used to have that one a lot for some reason!


  • Pennywise is rude

    I had a dream I was kidnapped by a adult sized plush T. rex while my dad ignored me to look at the Dino eggs hatching

  • i have a lot of dreams that i remember but i guess when i was a kid i used to have this reoccurring dream that id be able to go on a big blowup pool obstacle course because i remember being really young and wasnt allowed to go on one

  • I have this reoccurring dream since early childhood, in which I am chased by a giant gummy ball. I try to escape, running so fast, but in the end I always end up in this weird toothpick prison 😀
    Drawing looks amazing ! Happy Holidays <3

  • My beautiful dream I always remember is me flying into the sky above the clouds feeling free.
    I love it so much to dream this!

  • I had a dream where I saw a girl and a group of boys, we were in a classroom (my real life classroom), and the boys said to the boy "I can't believe you actually got her" then the boy looked sad and said that he didn't want to do that anymore but his friends keep convincing him. The girl heard it and shouted at the boy "I thought you love me!" And the boy pleaded until the girl bursts fire through her hands and the crowd started yelling "Monster!". The girl ran away into a cave, where another woman sorta lives, there was potions and everything. "Why did you give them a love potion for me?!" The girl said and the woman responded "I didn't know it would be like this" the mother's look stayed the same and the girl, again, ran away with the boy trailing behind her. She ran into a cliff and stopped, the boy pleaded "Pls don't do this" the girl turned around and smiled, "I never thought a goddess could love a mortal" before letting herself fall. And it went to a time gap, I saw a boy, maybe in around 13 or 14, and a man, a captain. We were in a boat now, maybe a cruise. There's an oven infront of them , then the man said "Where did you get this?" while looking inside the oven. "They said it was the last of their kind, the last piece of the goddess" the man stiffed. "They say this fish could turn into a bread"

    It was a weird and a wonderful dream. The most unique I have ever dreamed of, I even remember the date, September 21, 2019.

  • My most beautiful dream was that i was standing on my houses roof and jumped, but i didnt fall, I evolved into a pidgeon and was flying over my village

  • i dream that i was anime character lol


  • ☆ Donut Cream ☆

    She dreamed about Miley…
    I dreamed about demons…
    And my head hurts 🙁

  • Thank you Ross and Ross's mom and Milo! <3 Looking forward to seeing your Nima book!

  • My crazy dream: I had this dream about two times in my life. It felt almost like a nightmare. As a prerequisite for this dream, I have Alopecia meaning I am bald. When I used to have hair, I had a dream that I would role a die and I would be teleported to an alternate dimension. I kept rolling a number 2, which would send me to a dimension where I had no hair. I would touch my head and be filled with terror. I had that dream once when I had hair and once when I was bald. Both times it felt like a nightmare. Weird how that dream foreshadowed real life events.

  • Can I have your phone number? Because I want u to draw mine?
    Oh, PLEASE..!

  • Can you redraw my face?

  • My dream is to watch your mother draw owls on her YouTube channel with 2 million other subscribers

  • “I love the long beautiful hair…but I don’t see the owl!”
    “Mom, I just started, like, ten minutes ago!”
    HA! That is RELATABLE!

  • You now i have been watching you for a long time you are definatly good but i havent once seen you draw on paper can you do that plz

  • WLOP collaboration when, two very similar art styles

  • I LOVE 💛💛 your channel! Found it today ! 🦖🥳

  • Hkw about switching to Erica draws so they get the point.

  • I had a dream when I was about 7 about a scooby-doo made out of jello chasing me down railroad tracks, haunts me to this day

  • What is a dream you always remember?
    Ross's MOM: I was under water and a mermaid
    Me: 6ix9ine preformed at my church

  • i'm not sure people can call my dream a beautiful, but i like it. in my dream there alway a mix of fantasy and reality, all of the people in my dream were anime, there was a boy how glows like gold who play with me. chess,monopoly,etc.. all kinds of board games. sometime we go on adventure and meet new people, i had that dream most of my life from childhood to now. it's like a game that never ends. it's always different like a continue episode of the last one.

  • My Dream is to be able to draw I know that sounds cheesy but I want the skill to be able to creat works of art that touch people, that speak you you that make you say Wow

  • Hey Rosstran can you please draw Genji ( Overwatch ), he is currently my favourite before Sombra, Tracer and Mercy p.s try using pose from bottom right corner
    Link : https://www.google.com/search?biw=1366&bih=613&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNRVgJPFAu8oQjOZQTLZbBK46BCNuQ%3A1577027368009&sa=1&ei=J4f_XYv7PIbCwQKMxY3oAw&q=sword+fighter+poses&oq=sword+fighter+poses&gs_l=img.3..35i362i39l10.14663388.14672843..14673742…1.0..0.0.0…….0….1..gws-wiz-img…..10.E0pqdGyAYg4&ved=0ahUKEwjLqsjgxMnmAhUGYVAKHYxiAz0Q4dUDCAc&uact=5#imgrc=rbMz7cfe0lmK2M:

  • So this year before I knew I was pregnant I had a dream about having a baby girl and me and my husband raising her up. And woke up to her graduation from college and then two weeks later found out I am pregnant then only recently found out we are having a little girl.. due in March

  • Love you work with your mom

  • I had a dream with a whole story plot about a boy who had ice powers, but if he used them too much it would end up killing him. He ended up reaching that point to save his mom and sister from a murderer they were trying to stop. He was still alive, but was slowly dying. Their parents decided to make his last few days as peaceful as possible, so they brought their children to a secluded house with a Sakura tree in full bloom and a pond outside. Each day the boy would sit outside, freezing the grass around him in a bigger and bigger circle every day. His sister (who had water powers and could turn into a small water dragon) would spend time with him and get him to laugh by swimming around in the pond, letting him freeze the water while she was still in it, and then unfreezing it again. On the last day he had left before he was supposed to die, the boy and his sister were playing as usual when he suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. He kept laughing and laughing and laughing, letting out all of his emotions with every breath, until suddenly all the ice on the grass, the Sakura tree, and the boy burst into these beautiful blue flames and melted away. He had nothing else to say except “cool”. And that’s where my dream ended!

    Sorry for such a long comment, the dream was really long and the story was surprisingly fleshed out, but I’ll never forget how beautiful that moment was when everything was engulfed in harmless blue flames around the boy and his sister!

  • Well, I don't have time to participate in the raffle, plus we're not on the same continent, but your question made me remember a dream that stuck with me. I'm not really sure if I could label it as "beautiful", but it was so vivid… It was a short dream, I dreamt I was on a beach with someone (I don't know this person in real life), it was a warm summer dusk and we were walking hand in hand on the beach. Just that, walking. But what stuck with me were the very real feelings that made me doubt reality once I woke up. I could feel his hand in mine, I could feel skin warmth, I felt the sun on my skin and the salty breeze, heck, I felt the sand between my toes. Every second of that dream felt real. It was so real, when I woke up in my bed, with my husband next to me and my baby boy sleeping in his crib… It took me a few good minutes to grasp reality, I still had the salty air in my nose….. Freakishly real to be honest. All in all, it was a good dream, but so vivid…..

  • The dream I always remember I’d this beautiful old house on the side of this small lake. There is a whole bunch of trees around but the sun shines through between them and lights up the lake really beautifully

  • My dream is i was see a angel was like a god and there is a owl

  • Kherlee Jade Nillas

    What is a beautiful dream you always remember?

    Ross' mom: I was a mermaid
    Me: I was a fairy lmao

  • "This is so hard!"
    "Well I sent you to school for this!"
    _Ross'Mom 2019_

  • TheHaloFriends_YTplayz

    Are u Vietnamese u and ur mom look viet
    If u r then sin chao ban

  • The dream i always remember is:
    It's an overcast cloudy day as i walk up to the front door of a house i grew up in. But when i open the front door i see a Bram Strokers Dracula-type of vampire with the widows peak. The vampire chases me into the street and then i wake up.

  • I dream that I'm in my own world and I'm the fairy queen.
    Anyway merry Christmas ross and family <3

  • The most beautiful dream i remembered was last nights dream actually. It was about this girl and her friends trying to find her father which she hasnt seen in a long time a found many beautiful and scary creatures. It was nice.

  • Your mom reminds me of BMO

  • I dare u in ur next vid to draw on….
    PAPER ive never seen u draw on paper so pls try to do it

  • Thank Wendy!!!
    & pay her more!

  • JayJoy of Shrooms

    This idea alone made me sub. This is so sweet. I honestly was confused bc I thought she was your sister, but nay.

  • My favorite dream was of me floating in the sky. I would jump up, float, come back down, and then jump again. A bit like anti-gravity.

  • Squeakers5ever /ItsIr¡s

    Anybody remember when his hair was black XD 😂

  • That will be sooo legit when it's semi moving

  • Jasmine Embalsado

    I wish I could also draw with my mom😆

  • Jasmine Embalsado

    By the way, I'm a new faaaaan~
    From Philippines ❤️😅

  • Please tell me which brushes are better to take in Photoshop for drawing

  • I love to much your work ross, and i'm always get inspirated by your work, seem like maybe i can't be make great art like you and i'm woried about my future someday, but still you art motivated me make me to be want make great work just like you, i hope still have time to me for drawing until i can't do it this again.

  • MARRY CHRISTMAS Ross and Milo. 🥰

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