Drew Brees Goes Full-on Edward Norton in ‘Fight Club’ | Gridiron Heights S3E15

Welcome to the Saints. The first rule of Drew Brees is you don’t talk about Drew Brees. The second rule of Drew Brees is that when you do talk about him you mention that he’s a great football player, but an even better man. He’s so nice. Like many of you I was stuck. I’d go through seven and nine seasons and wonder: How do these consistent passing records define me as a person? I’d pray for a different life. I want you to line up as a receiver. Huh. What? I WANT you to LINE up as a RECEIVER. What if we did wacky stuff on offense all the time? Thus began Project Mayhem. Did you go for it on fourth down? Which f–kin time. Someone beat the Rams and a question everyone is asking: Who Dat? Our offense is getting too dangerous. We have to stop this. Sorry, sir, we must do everything to completions. His name was Desmond Bryant. His name was Desmond Bryant. Oh, I’m coming back. Coach, Taysom Hill’s taking over. He’s running. He’s passing. He’s blocking. That’s impossible. Nobody like that exists. You were looking for a way to stop being boring and great, so you made me up so you could be interesting and great Everything’s gonna be fine. I promise. Hi sports fans, please subscribe to this channel or not. It’s okay. You can also watch more episodes here, but only if you want to. Sorry for bothering you!


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