Enable WiFi Transfer to Computer on Canon EOS Rebel T6i / EOS 750D

When I picked up Canon EOS Rebel T6i last
year, one of the features I put into consideration was WiFi transfer. Unfortunately, I realized
too late that I could only transfer images and videos to my smartphone using the Canon
Connect app, WiFi transfer to the computer is not enabled. There’s no option to transfer images to
your computer in the camera settings and EOS Utility only allows you to transfer over USB
and this isn’t always convenient; there are times when you’re not with the cable. There’s a workaround though. The first
thing you want to do is download Airnef from the official website. The link is in video
description. There are different version for Windows, macOS and Linux. Install the software, launch it and keep it
running. Now on your camera, go to menu. Then find
the WiFi/NFC settings. If WiFi is not enabled yet, that’s first thing you want do. Turn
it on. Then Go to WiFi function and select Connect
to smartphone. Choose the settings you intend to use. But
I would advise you start on a clean slate and use a slot that’s not already configured.
If all available slots are configured , delete one and configure as explained in this video. For the connection method, you should go for
Camera Access Point mode if you want to setup a WiFi network on your camera and connect
your computer directly to that network. In this mode, you don’t need to connect your
camera and your computer to your WiFi router. As for infrastructure mode, you should only
select this option if you are able to connect your computer and your camera to the same
WiFi network like your Home network or something. I’ve used both methods and they both work
fine but in this tutorial, we’re going for the first option, camera access point mode.
Select Easy connection and continue. You should see the SSID and encryption key displayed. Now on your computer, connect to the camera
WiFi network and enter the WiFi password which is the same as the encryption key. When connected, check the camera again and
you should see the camera IP address displayed on the LCD screen. This is what you need to
make Airnef work properly and enable WiFi transfer.Now go to your computer and key in
the IP address into Airnef. Now you can see two options here: Select in camera and Select
on computer. Since you’re using a Canon EOS Rebel T6i, you must choose, Select on
computer. That’s the one that works for Canon cameras.The next page displays your
import options. Leaving it at the default settings will import everything on your camera
and I’m sure you don’t want that. So you can filter by capture date and file type.
You can choose to import images taken today, yesterday, last week, last month. Those are
the only two options I usually mess with hereWhen done with the import settings, click Start
download.A new terminal window pops up. Now study this window. The moment you see a message
like Connected to camera at 192.168…. Check your camera and tap OK immediately. The transfer should commence and you should
have the images on your computer depending on the location you chose. The default is
usually the computer’s Pictures folder. I know it’s not a perfect solution because
you can’t view and select images… but it’s better than nothing. And this proves
that canon could’ve done something about this but they chose not to. Anyway, if you’re not a subscriber yet,
please hit the subscribe button and I’ll catch you in the next video. Stay safe.


  • That was really helpful !! at least now i know i can't connect my camera via wifi officially ! i was searching for the answer all the day 😀 ! btw thnx again this is a life saver if you don't have your usb cable with you ! the program is super buggy but i found a solution.. you have to press the button on camera just after 1 sec 😀 ! anything less or more will lead to that error ! but the easiest way to transfer images is take a card reader and transfer your photos via that ! ezpz

  • This was so helpful! Thanks so much

  • Hi Don Caprio, i liked you video so much! (forgive my english, i'm BR) I'm needing use my T6I like a wireless webcam, with a cable i can use the live preview of EOS Utility, but in wireless i can't do that.

  • I feel like I'm so close but there's something I'm missing. Do you ever consult 1:1? I need help! [email protected]

  • im doing all of this but its not working :-((

  • Great video! I just got a Canon G7X Mark 'll and I'm trying to figure out how to transfer pictures wirelessly! When you get a moment, please check out my channel. My channel focuses on RV life, health, education, and living a ketogenic lifestyle! I will subscribe to your channel if you will subscribe to mine. I hope you like what you see.

  • I keep getting this error message when trying to download images: sandbox not allowed

  • Thank You Don!! This really helped me in Transferring files!!

  • Doesn't work: I get a soccket error: Retrieving list of images/files from camera: 0/893 MTP_OP_GetObjectInfo: Socket error, partial data received – 0x0 of 0x0 bytes for specific payload, 0x0 of 0x0 of total data bytes expected. Error: [Errno 10054] De externe host heeft een verbinding verbroken. I'm very dissapointed in Canon: No PC wifi options???

  • Jean-Marc Boussefa

    Hello Don thanks for the information. I'm using a Mac OSMojave 10.14; when I try to dowload I see 2 dmg files for OS X application [airnef v1.1.dmg and airnef v1.00.dmg]. Which one should use? Thankl you again

  • Too complicated fuck that

  • Thank you so much. But I noticed that only my photos were transferred but not my vids… any ideas why? Thank you.

  • my Mac won't connect to the camera's wifi . what can I do to fix this ?

  • Using this method it didn't download any videos for me. Any idea why?

  • what does it mean if it says sandbox will not allow the download?

  • Thank you,it worked

  • Great Help! Amazing!

  • Will work it with tethred capture?

  • It's work on 4000d?

  • very helpful,thanks alot and God bless

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