Essential Security and Privacy Christmas Gifts | NordVPN

We’re all connected these days. So this
holiday season online security and privacy are starting to look more and more like great
gift ideas. To make it easier for you, here’s a short guide. Webcam cover to avoid spying
If your webcam is left unprotected, a criminal can hack into your device, steal your private
info, and watch you watching Youtube videos or eating breakfast if they want to. RFID-blocking wallet to keep your cards safe
Contactless cards are convenient, but RFID attacks and even accidental charges are a
real risk. But a special wallet can protect RFID-enabled cards from unauthorized chip
usage or scans. Privacy screen cover to prevent visual hacking
Think about your private pictures or the banking credentials you type when paying your bills
or shopping online in public. A sticky screen protector will help shield the information
on your screen from prying eyes. NordVPN subscription for private and secure
browsing Giving the gift of online protection is pretty
easy, especially since it comes in the form of a user-friendly VPN service. NordVPN creates
an encrypted tunnel for your online traffic, ensuring that those interested cannot get
their hands on your private data. For more online security tips, don’t forget
to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.


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