Evo X Mishimoto 改裝品開箱!改入機油冷卻系統等等昂貴的Mishimoto零件試駕美里卡丁車場地 | 青菜汽車評論第229集 QCCS

Welcome to epd. 229 of QCCS !
HWS here ! 🖐😄 Remember EVO-X on last episode?
It’s back for more aftermarket ! Like last time,
I’ll reveal the parts & price for y’all ! I’ve the list here. All of the parts here are
same brand … Mishimoto 3 row X-line radiator,
intercooler, dual oil cooler kit, radiator hose kit… … intercooler pipe kit
& Mishimoto BOV return hose ! The total are RM11,650 !
Damn rich people. To learn ’bout Mishimoto,
Google y’self ! Cause today’s episode is not
about brand ! This is radiator hoses,
5 layers silicon constriction ! Exotic air are
included ! It came with manual
that nobody reads… 4 radiator hoses,
RM 800. Next are
transmission cooler + fan ! The fan are already
screwed on ! It came with a frame,
to protect from knocking ! Smaller brand wouldn’t include the fan.
Usually you had to buy it as extra! Cooler with fan,
RM 750. For BOV return hose,
RM 750 ! I rather spend $750 on coffee
than one hose ! Will NOT unpack small item,
or might lose it ! Mishimoto intercooler,
RM 3,000 ! Let’s see what makes it
$3,000 ! From what I can see,
it’s wider than any intercooler ! And it’s heavier, too ! Even the bolts are
heavier than usual ! Free item,
Mishimoto’s mascot ! This is radiator ! Love how they pack their product !
Every company should put effort on shipping, too ! I give 5 star for that !
( ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0/5.0 ) Please keep it up,
Mishimoto ! This is Mishimoto
aluminum X-line 3 row radiator ! RM 2,000 ! It’s very light ! If I have $2k,
I’ll buy T-50 gear box as spare ! Something I must show ya,
it’s has lifetime warranty ! Look, lifetime warranty !
With serial number all that ! Another big box.
Inside are just mixes of smaller parts ! This might be
a turbo return hose ! Some kind of oil hose
with flexi metal wrap ! – This is…?
– Oil cooler ! – Didn’t we unbox one already ?
– Those with fan cools trans oil ! This are for
steering/ turbo ! – Damn crazy rich Asian,
overkill his cooling system ! Another oil cooler ( -fan),
RM 2,800 ! At the moment,
Mishimoto had done good in all aspect… Disclaimer ! I’m NOT getting paid
to say all this ! Not sure what this is…
Something for Plug & Play. The rest are just
silicon hoses for intercooler ! Has many screws and clips…
THIS I believe are intake pipe ! Same thing ! We’ve unbox
all the items ! Later, we’ll do a
“before & after” benchmark… … see how much
it can improve ! So subscribe
for more ! We all knew
Mishimoto’s radiator are wider… … but by how much?
Let’s compare, shall we? This is
EVO stock radiator ! Not only stock are smaller,
but also has plastic ! While aftermarket
are all aluminum ! Aftermarket (Inlet tank)=6 cm
Stock (Inlet tank)=3.5 cm For the core,
it’s around 5 cm width ! Aftermarket=5 cm (Width)
Stock=2.5 cm (Width) Bigger it is,
better the cooling ! Bro, if you’re not using this anymore,
can “lend” this to me? 😂 How do we benchmark?
We’ll test it in Time Attack ! Before it was modded,
it was 44 sec in half track ! We’ll do the “after” video
during my Time Attack ! Then we’ll see,
can aftermarket improve the time? It has to reach
43 sec to beat stock ! This is stock
EVO-X intercooler ! It’s very light.
While the aftermarket are heavier ! Heavier and
wider ! Why it’s heavier? Maybe the metal are thicker,
hence extra weight ! Stock=7 cm (Width)
Aftermarket=9 cm (Width) Is bigger better?
We’ll see ! Forget to mention this !
Aftermarket intercooler are welded ! Unlike stock,
it’s not assembled ! You can see we need
multiple parts to create stock intercooler ! Hence it may leak
some pressure ! 😱 Like I’ve said. This interconnection
could leak some pressure during hi-boost ! That why aftermarket
welded it ! ( Stock Intercooler hose kit )>>( Oil cooler cools
the turbo’s oil ) The moment of truth !
Can aftermarket up the performance ? I wanna thank the owner
for lending EVO for second time ! Not just any EVO-X,
it’s Final Edition ! As the only EVO compete in AWD,
I wanna say… Mitsubishi
is the best ! Subaru weak,
EVO is better ! Unlike last time,
we’ve removed the seats ! ( AWD Open ) ( Start ) (1st Lap=42.9 sec) (2nd Lap=43.51 sec)
(1st =42.9 ) (3rd Lap=43.43 sec)
(2nd =43.51 ) (4th Lap=43.58 sec)
(3rd=43.43 ) (5th Lap=44.0 sec)
(4th=43.58 ) Looks like it’s
gonna rain ! ( Half Track Open ) ( Starting to rain… ) The rain are starting
to pour ! ( Due to rain,
we’ve some changes ) This is just in ! All racer that raced
in the dry had to retake ! ( Half Track Open – retake ) ( Wet track ) (1st Lap=45.7 sec) (2nd Lap=45.8 sec)
(1st =45.7 ) (3rd Lap=47.49 sec)
(2nd =45.8 ) (4th Lap=47.64 sec)
(3rd =47.4 ) (5th Lap=48.83 sec)
(4th =47.6 ) I think only AWD can win podium
on today’s Open class ! Cause of pouring rain,
AWD advantage excel here ! Meaning,
I got chance ! ( But I wrong course ! ) – Full track, bro !
– Sorry… ( Full Track- Open ) It’s slippery,
even for AWD ! I’m scared ! (1st Lap=76.33 sec) Steady ~ Grip it, boy ! (2nd Lap=76.33 sec)
(1st =76.33 ) (3rd Lap=75.4 sec)
(2nd =76.3 ) Guys, it’s so scary
to race in the rain ! Need to learn how to race
in the rain ! ( Before mods=Half track 44.09 sec ) ( After mod:
Half Dry=42.9, Half Wet=45.7, Full Wet=75.4) You thought that’s it?
We can’t end the show without 0-400 ! This is drag test:
After Mods ! I’ve off the traction,
maximizing the launch ! By my experience,
my guess are 13.9 sec ! ( Cam no batts ! 🤦 ) It’s 13.37 sec !
Better than I thought ! Max speed 171 km/h ! After knowing how to proper
launch a AWD + mods … … compared with EVO review,
the time has improved 1-2 second ! That’s it for today !
Don’t forget to subcribe @Hee Wei Seng ! More subscriber,
more I can make content ! C U next epd ! 👋😆 (Buy my merch,
so I can buy an EVO )


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