• I don't have Ming Liu font on my computer 🙁

  • this looks to be for traditional chinese characters

  • 睡眼惺忪 瞓醒期望感到輕鬆

    If the way shows in the video not working,
    you may try goto Windows Setting, Time & Language, choose Region & Language on the left,
    click on Administrative language setting change your system locale and restart your computer
    not sure is that help, but it works for me. Good luck!

  • December 2018 and this issue it is still unsolved, of course! (the instructions on the video do not solve the problem)….i have some files (*.txt) that are not properly displayed and one i just created (*.txt) that it is properly displayed…..still no idea how to fix this after years..(i had the same with Windows 8.1)

  • You should show the results or else no one knows if it really worked.

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