Fortnite, fps boost for low end computers (Intel Celeron + IntelHD) (OUTDATED)

Oh dear. OH GOD. PLEASE STOP. Fortnite has decided to give the PUBG obsessed
Internet something to talk about by releasing a quality competitor of the same genre, with
some different mechanics, better optimization and FREE. However, if you are stuck with an integrated
GPU or a computer for 2010 you might want to make some sacrifices to get started on
this game. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, if you are new
to this channel I explore ways of increasing game performance on low end computers by sacrificing
everything else and after spending god knows how many hours reading documentation on the
Unreal Engine 4 I have some initial tweaks to share so you can get started on this game. Fortnite is an early access game developed
by Epic Games, the creators of the Unreal Engine. So it is not surprise this game is running
on the latest version of that. The game’s Battle Royale mode is free to
play and the whole game is expected to go free next year. It is also not a surprise that this game uses
the resources of the Engine very well and that it has a fair number of graphical options,
but if after you drop it all to the minimum you still need more performance, you might
want to head to the configuration file located on your hidden app data folder, local, fornite
game, config, windows client and the file we will use is Engine.ini. We will add some commands on a system settings
section. First, you might have noticed that the game
has an internal resolution scaler mapped to some options in the menu. This changes internal resolution without affecting
the readable UI. However, you can specify any values you want
in a multiplier with ScreenPercentage. For example, 20 is 20% of the normal resolution. This will override the game’s setting. Outside resolution we have a couple of interesting
things to look at. Let’s start with something small, for some
reason I noticed that disabling grass in the menu did not work properly on several of the
computers I tested with so you can disable grass completely with these commands. More interestingly you have this commands
that control texture quality. I have noticed that if you use MipBias 10
you can reduce the resolution of the textures quite under what the game usually considers
as low. Another amusing tweak is draw distance. ViewDistanceScale controls this and 0.1 being
a particularly low value. This game has an interesting system to manage
draw distance while still maintaining visibility over long distances. Draw distances work as you would expect on
certain elements that will only be rendered when closer to you, as well as grass if you
have it enabled. But you might have noticed another things
going on… when players are outside your render radius they have no animations and
move in bursts… and if you have ViewDistanceScale set to 0.1 they will only be animated very
close to you. This will probably save some resources, but
I do not need to tell you how this puts you in a disadvantage. Hah, c’mon. But when has that stopped us? I decided to test this a Dual Core Intel Celeron
G1840 and its included IntelHD overclocked to 1600 MHz, a setup that I could not play
PUBG with, no matter what I did and got some interesting results while playing the free to play Battle
Royale mode. You can notice that the buildings are visible
after a certain distance. There are 2 render distances, when you’re
really far you get some simple objects to know where you’re heading to, and when you
get close, they vanish and then they pop back in as they get closer to your actual render
area. See? That is actually pretty interesting how they
manage that. Of course, that is made so you usually won’t
notice it but… well… Wow, it’s like every single part of the
system is bottlenecked. That’s… interesting. There’s a player there! See? Oh, my god. Oh god, this is terrible. I’m fighting a flying man! Oh I can hit him! I totally hit him even with the draw distance. This is fantastic. No, no, come back here. There he is. I can see his laggy movements. This is the weirdest shooting game I have
ever played! This is so bizarre. This is so bizarre. What?! No, no, no, no, build the barrier. Oh, f*** Ok that… didn’t go as well as I expected. That was interesting. Let’s try that again. Look at those janky ass players. We’ve removed animations almost com- this
is so bizarre to watch. Ok. We’re getting closer. Look at all those trees popping right in front
of us. Oh god. That’s good, that’s good. How in the world am I still alive? So, my strategy so far is… since the draw
distance is making it really hard to find enemies at a distance, I’m getting into
situations where enemies are really close to me. Pretty sure that’s going to work. I need to find some place where I can keep
to myself. I need to find a place where I can bring them
closer to me. How the heck am I still alive? This is literally the least players I’ve
ever seen. I’ve never gotten this far on any game of
this genre, ever. Ohhhh! Ok. Look at all thos fancy weapons. Oh my god, this… c’mon, heal, heal, heal, heal. I still got a chance. I’m into the 5 left players. I can’t believe this is happening. This is literally the last house in the fucking
game. One, one, it’s literally one. He’s coming for me, he’s coming for me,
I feel him. I see him! I see him on the corner. How in the world have I survived this long? Chance! Oh c’mon, c’mon. Oh, once again, One health, this is really
impressive. It’s four players and that was my last health
pack. What was that? Ok, some shit’s going down. Did I just… what? Well that was literally a rocket launcher-
I placed 4th! I literally just placed 4th. With these settings! That’s… ok, that’s it, I’m done. I’m done. I’m never going to get anything better than
that. That is all for this video. I am pleasantly surprised about this game
so you might see me playing more of this in the future. Thank you to everyone who donates in Patreon
for the continuous support. See you all very soon.


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