Friends cast too powerful for Luke Evans – The Graham Norton Show – BBC

And this wasn’t your first time
meeting Jennifer Aniston? That was my first time, but then I went to dinner
at her house after we finished the shoot. I was in LA about maybe
a month later, and she very kindly invited me
to her lovely house and we had a dinner
with her friends and… I still get starstruck.
Even looking at that then, I’m thinking, “Me and Jennifer
Aniston on the screen together!” LAUGHTER Anyway, so we were having dinner,
and I’m playing it cool. “This is great, everybody’s lovely.” The doorbell rings. Lisa Kudrow
comes in with her husband. I’m like… ..”OK, Rachel
and Phoebe are in the room now.” LAUGHTER “Stay cool… Keep your hand off
the mobile phone…” And… She’s so… Phoebe… Er, er… Lisa… Shit! LAUGHTER APPLAUSE
..sit next to me! So, so embarrassing. But, you know, I think
it’s quite nice to still have those “pinch me” moments. It never gets normal,
this industry and this business. For a moment I was just sitting
between Rachel and Phoebe and they were having a chat.
I’m like, “Wow!”


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