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You may have seen on the news recently about a new computer virus that’s infecting computers across the world. That virus is called: The world’s police have seized the computer servers but so far they’ve
not made any arrests so it’s expected they’ll be back. This particular virus is only targeting Microsoft Windows computers, so if you have an Apple computer you are safe for now. Its expect the hackers could regain control of the hijacked computers in only 2 weeks so it’s important to check your computer to see if it’s infected or not. To check your computer, go to the web address shown Click on the orange ‘Run Now’ button and then when
asked Save or Run – click ‘Run again. When it opens, press ‘Start’ and then click on the Accept button. The computer will then check for the virus (about 20 minutes) and will tell you if you are infected or not. If you do it will offer to clean your computer (remove the virus). Hope that was useful!

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