Getting Started: PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch (DHP-540)

Let’s face it getting one wired
connection, let alone two or three to your entertainment center to connect all your
media devices can be a real pain. Now first of all your router usually isn’t
sitting next to your TV, so you could choose to run a really long ethernet cabel across
the floor, or choose to go wireless. But unfortunately
wireless just always cut it, specially if your devices aren’t wireless or if you plan to spend in the long
weekend watching the last five seasons of Dexter on netflix without any hiccups. Now couple of PowerLine Adapters like the
DHP-501AV is a great solution but you only get one
wired connection and you need about three or four to connect all your media devices to
your entertainment center. Now you could just add a switch or better
yet cut the clutter and get the DHP-540 the 4-Port Gigabit Switch
with PowerLine built right in. This gives you four wired connections to connect
anywhere you want with reliable speeds up 500Mbs, and it’s painless to setup. Let me
show you. First off, PowerLine always needs two,
devices one on each end to complete the connection. You can use the DHP-540
in conjunction with many D-Link PowerLine Adapters, like the DHP-500, the DHP-306AV, DHP-W306AV DHP-1320 PowerLine router. Connect one of these to your router
before setting up the DHP-540. In the box we have the product
documentation, the PowerLine AV 500 4-Port
Gigabit Switch, a blue ethernet cable, and the power cable. On the front of the device you have the power
and network LEDs, on the back four ports, an on off switch, and the
power. On the top the simple connect button
to connect to other PowerLine Adapters if you’ve already set up security on your
existing PowerLine network. Now lets connect the PowerLine switch. Start
by plugging in the power cable directly into a wall outlet near your media
center or wherever you need more wired connections. Connect the other end to the
device and flip the switch on. Lastly connect the devices to the DHP-540
for easy wired connections, it couldn’t be any easier. The PowerLine AV 500 4-Port
Gigabit Switch from D-Link also as the DHP-540 gives
you four ports to connect all your entertainment devices in your entertainment center. There’s no configuration needed
just plug it in and you’re connected


  • where z da T.P line connection? plz reply

  • could you show us the transferring speed between two computers in real case?

  • Jonathan Lee Dawkins

    I just bought this kit and, it's wicked! no way im going back to Wifi. Set up was super easy and quick. The speeds are awesome as well!

  • I have this kit. I bought it on BestBuy. I just gotta a question. I got a connection but the house icon LED lights red. Is that normal? I'm getting 7.68Mb/s. My DAP-1522 Bridge can perform at 11Mb/s to 17Mb/s. Why is that?

  • I just plugged my dlink powerline straight into my spare router which has 4 ports on the back. That extended my wifi and gave me direct ports from an additional router.

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