Getting Started: PowerLine AV 500 Network Starter Kit (DHP-501AV)

Getting started: Power Line
AV 500 Network Stater Kit (DHP-501AV) Its no longer just about getting a wireless signal through out your house. With High definition
streaming you need a strong signal to reduce the buffering and make sure that you have
the best quality picture that you can. Right now were in a two story condo that gets pretty
good wireless through out, but the down stairs signal strength is not where it needs to be
to stream high band-width HD movies. But luckily the DHP-501AV power line adapter kit can quickly
and easily provide a solution. It uses electrical wiring thats already in your house to provide
a fast reliable wired speed of up to 500 Mb a second. The built in quality of service,
or QoS, helps prioritize traffic flow to make sure that your HD movies are streamed with
high priority for many network ready devices such as the Boxee Box, a Blu-ray player, a
media player or a Playstation 3. Now let me show you what comes in the box. For starters we have the documentation. Two blue ethernet cables,
one power line adapter and the second power line adapter. Looking at the front of one of the power line adapters you will see the power LED, the power line
LED, and the ethernet LED. On the side you will see the simple connect button to secure
your network, the reset button and gigabit ethernet port. On the back you have the electrical
prongs to connect the device. Let me show you how simple it is to setup a power line
network. Just connect one end of the ether net cable to ethernet port on the side of
the adapter, and plug it in to a wall outlet near your router. Then connect the other end
of the ethernet cable to an available LAN port on the back of your home router. Next, plug in the second adapter in to any
other room in your home, and you’ve got yourself an instant high band-width
connection to connect to your internet able TV, or media player like the Boxee Box by D-Link. Using nothing
but the existing electrical wiring in your home. Its really that simple.


  • i have 2 powerline av adapters. One of course is plugged into my modem, and the other is in my room plugged into my xbox. Can i plug the one in my room into an wireless router so i can have wireless in my room.

  • Do I have to connect the ethernet cable of the 2nd adapter to a computer? What an inconvenience! That means that it isn't wireless. What a bother!

  • @DLinkTV Thanks. I have tried a powerline adapter which has a 2nd adapter which is wireless. Unfortunately, the speed still fluctuates because of all the wireless traffic/interference. All the channels are clogged up too. Do you know if the wireless extenders are any better? Honestly, where I live, watching streaming videos on a wireless network is a waste of time. There must be a way to overcome my problem without having to wire something to the computer!

  • Thanks DLinkTV! I'm glad you confirmed that since I have just come o realise that a dual band router is probably what I need. So, I need to do away with the powerline kit and get he router. I'm not happy with Virgin Media Business cos they have given me a "g" superhub, whereas with Residential I had a DLink "n" modem router.This was supposed to be an upgrade for me&yet I am getting slower wireless speeds.Then they are saying that they have to set up static ip addresses for £10/m to add a router!

  • Hey good video but i'm having a problem connecting my Sony Bravia LED T.V. to the internet. I tried using my normal router to the T.V. and it worked perfectly, but when connecting using these av-500s it will connect. I don't know what the problem could be, it's very frustrating

  • Okay tried what you suggested but did not work for me. I don't think there could be a problem with the power line that runs through my house. When i plug both adapters in, for example 1 by the internet connection and 2 by the laptop i have in the same room, it shows a connection as the third light is red (meaning low connection), but still can't access the internet. Only local? any ideas on this would be a help.

  • ok i'm worried about the speed of the link.
    If i have a 300 Mbps router and i am using the 500 Mbps powerline, will i be getting 500 Mbps or the max of 300 Mbps of my router. Similarly if i have a 300 Mbps router and I use a 200Mbps powerline will i get only 200 Mbps of my powerline?

  • PLEASE MAKE A PROPER WAY TO SETUP THE POWERLINE UTILITY! I can't put a proper encryption key when it tells me I have the wrong key everytime -.-

  • Hey

    When I use this exact product I always get a orange power supply led.
    It works fine near my computer but any sockets near my router give the adapter that orange power line led"

    Any help would be nice.

  • Can I use a wireless extender in conjunction with the 501AV? Do I have to buy another starter kit to get a wireless connection?

  • Zeavidtraveltime

    What type of cables come in the box? Rj45 cat6? Or the older rj45 cat5e?

  • Trying to set this up to my PS4 but its not working? Do you select Wifi and type in the code on the back of the adapter?

  • pet peeve, people who block the bottom socket

  • My computer can't identify the Ethernet

  • How far away can the adapters be from each other? Mine are up at either sides of the house, a distance of about 50-60 meters, and they just cant find each other.

  • A decent-quality video with almost no information in it. Sweet.

  • I just bought the dhp-309av network kit and it's not connecting. I thought it might've be the have that the room the router is in was part of an addition and that might affect it but I tried to see if the 2nd adapter would work in the same room and it doesn't. direct connection to the router works with just an Ethernet cable andwiring should be ok but our house does have a circuit breaker… would that have to do with adapters not connecting?

  • This worked great for my download speed but upload sucked bad.. lost 3/4 of my upload speed?? is there a way to fix this?

  • advertises 500mbps, barely get 49.

  • "its really that simple" fuck off. if it really was that simple wouldn't be here

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