Graham reveals his first acting headshot – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Now last week, now I don’t know if you saw
this on social media, was old headshot day and there were actors who were posting their
first headshot. Now did any of you join in, or am I just going to bully you into doing
it now? You’re going to bully us into doing it now.
Ok fair enough. So Stephen Mangan, now I have to say Stephen, you, you sir have aged very,
very well. Your headshot, has not. Here you are. It’s like a wall of hair.
Oh my God… What’s terrifying about that, is not only
at some point in my life do I look at that and go ‘yeahhhh’. But also, when you get
a professional picture taken, as you’ll know, they give you about sixty to choose
from and I chose that. Did you ever work when you looked like that?
No, not even as a corpse. Imagine when your children see that.
They are never going to see it, ever. I will lose all of my authority overnight.
Did you solve any mysteries on the Magic Roundabout? Hey now, this is Johnny Vegas
Oh no, don’t, don’t This is your very, very, very, very first
publicity shot, this is the one you… Wow
But you put that on business cards didn’t you?
Yes, I did. What was the business?
Well I was trying to keep my options open. You look like you’re trying to keep your
flies shut. Yeah, I lived in a bedsit and my landlord…
yeah I owed money and I asked him if I could pose in front of his Mustang or whatever American
car it was, and I just thought it was different from the straightforward, you know, print
a business card up at the service station on the machine.
And of course Emilia Fox, we looked high and low for an early headshot of you, and we did
eventually find one, we found this one Oh no, mine are awful
On eBay. Have we bought it? No we didn’t buy it.
You didn’t need to buy it, that’s free. No, it’s not free it’s £1.99. Seriously
if you want it, it’s £1.99. And finally, in the interest of full disclosure, we’ve
also got my first. This is my Spotlight, you know the Spotlight, it’s the directory of
actors. So what’s weird about this is that it looks like it was 100 years ago that I
looked like this. Awwww
But it wasn’t that long ago, I’ve just f*cked myself up. Really badly.
The rest of you, you know, funny hair but you look kind of the same.
You were slightly older than that when I worked at Argos and you was in the safety training
video. Oh! The one with the boxes?
Yeah! Oh my God!
I had to sit and watch you going: “And now, don’t be making an idiot of..arghh…”.
I loved your false tumble No, no, because then I had to be dead!
Yeah Yes!
There you go He was playing a corpse!
I was! Why is there a corpse in Argos?
Heavy boxes. Heavy boxes.
And they cater for every gift idea. And then they used a real ambulance in the
film and we were told we needed to be quick because if a call comes in that ambulance
needs to go.


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