GTX 1060 3GB or RX 480 4GB for $200? – Probing Paul #13

What’s up guys? Welcome to Probing Paul Episode #13. This is my baker’s dozen episode. This is my Q&A segment, I do it every month. And I answer the questions that you guys ask in the comment section, which many of you have done from last month’s, which was episode #12. You can see all the times of done this segment in the past. I’ve been doing this for, like, over a year now. That’s crazy! But let’s actually just dive right into it with the first question from Mr. Shah. “I’m looking at a new $200 GPU, should I get a GTX 1060 3 gig or an RX 480 4 gig?” That’s a very good question, and one that I’m sure lots of people have, since $200 is a pretty popular price to pay for a GPU. At least when you’re looking at a slightly more budget or more towards a budget-end rig. If you’re not going to be spending three or four hundred bucks. But I do want to point something out to you guys. This is an article, it’s linked in the description. We’ve talked about it on the live show on Tuesday, AMD is working on some refreshes of their current GPUs. And according to this rumor article on WCCFTech, so a whole barrel of salt to go along with this. But they have an RX 580 and an RX 570- Both are re-brands of the Polaris GPUs that the 480, 470, and 460 are based on. And they’re saying it’s been postponed until April 18th, in this article. So if that is truly the case, and if the article is true at all, then the 580 and 570 might be providing higher-clocked chips. And they also might be dropping the price of an 8 gig 580, Which would be would be the equivalent of an 8 gig 480, just a little bit faster, Down to $200. And that might be about a month away. So again, all this is rumors, so it’s hard to bank on it too much, but you might consider hanging out for a month or so. ‘Cause right now, you gotta pay about $250 for a GTX 1060 6 gig, and you gotta pay about $230 to $250 for an RX 480 8 gig. I would definitely recommend getting the larger memory capacity. If that’s something that you can afford, if you can fit it in the budget. So I’d look for a cheap RX 480 8 gig right now, Or hang out for a month or so, see if AMD does release those re-brands. And then maybe you’ll have some better options for you. You might even see NVIDIA respond with a price drop with the 1060. So then you’d have an option right there. If you’re just trying to choose between AMD and NVIDIA, consider your monitor. If you’re ever thinking about doing G-Sync or Free-Sync, You might lean towards AMD at that lower-end of the budget, because the monitors you can get with Free-Sync tend to be a lot less expensive. Thank you for the question, though. Next question, from Terranamics, three weeks ago. Are there still going to be lower-end Zen CPUs? And the answer here would be yes. And a lot of you guys might be already familiar with this, but let’s take a look at it real quick. This chip just dropped a couple days ago, AMD has released information about the Ryzen 5 CPUs. They should be available for sale April 11th, so just under a month away. It’s going to be available for $169, so there’s the whole product stack right there. 1400, 1500X, 1600, and 1600X. These are all still based on the same dies as the Ryzen 7, so they’re going to have cores disabled. But we’re told they’re still going to be using both CCX units. So, there’s still a lot of questions as far as performance goes, and particularly gaming performance, and that kinda thing. But yeah! To answer your question, yes. And you have quad-cores as well as six-cores with SMT multi-threading. To give you eight-threads with twelve-threads, for pretty reasonable prices. I feel like I can at this point, without havng tested or putting my hands on these CPUs at all, say that these’ll probably be pretty good options for multi-use computing. We’re definitely going to be hitting these pretty hard with gaming benchmarks, because that was one of the short-comings in CPU-limited situations with the Ryzen 7 CPUs. And since these are definitely geared more towards the lower-budget systems, The gamers might be more interested in the gaming performance, particularly at lower resolutions, where you can become more CPU-bound. This is going be a pretty important question. So, yes. Yes, is the answer to your question. Give us a few weeks until, hopefully, we can give you guys some reviews on those and talk about performance. Next question comes from YamiFrankc, “Paul, what difference does a chipset make?” Also a good question, if you’re not familiar with chipsets and how they work and what they do. There’s actually many different answers to this question, it’s not just the simple “here is exactly what they do”. I mean, the chipset gives you a bunch of additional inputs and outputs, so you can have what’s called a PCH, the peripheral controller hub, that’s part of the chipset that can control stuff like SATA ports and that thing. On the Intel-side, your chipset will determine whether or not you have unlocked overclocking support, or overclocking support for unlocked K-skewed processors. So if you have a 7700 K, for example, CPU, then you gotta have Z170 or Z270 chipset motherboard, in order to overclock it, the lower-end chipsets from Intel don’t allow for overclocking. AMD, of course, has a bunch of things as well. So here’s a quick chart of that, if you want to check it out. And I know this looks a little complex, so I’m not going to go through all of it right now, Suffice to say, the high-end chipsets are generally going to be in more expensive motherboards and have the vast-array of features or basically all the features that are going to be available for the platform, like the X370 on the AMD-side. You are able to split your PCIe lanes for graphics cards to 1×16 and 2×8, which will give you support for SLI or crossfire two-way. Also, for USB, you might get more USB 3.1 ports gen 2, USB 3.1 gen 1 ports, USB 2.0 ports, you can see the number of those all the way down the line. The number of SATA and NVMe devices that can be attached. The number of SATA express devices, those are stupid, so don’t worry about those. PCI express, SATA RAID, all that kinda stuff. So, pay attention to those charts, look at your budgets, and what your CPU is supposed to do and what you want to do with your computer. By and large, you can get away with the higher-end chipsets. If you start getting into more of the budget options, is where you really kinda see features disappear. And you might not get something that you might want, Like, say you want support for RAID 10 or something like that. Again, though, there’s lots of variances, So, there’s no quick and easy answer to this, but if you do want some additional viewing material, I’ll post the link in the comment for my “Should You Get a Budget Chipset Motherboard?” which is, gosh, couple years old now. But still very relevant. I even had, wow, look, that’s, like, before I built my set-up and my tables and everything. Look at how ghetto that looks. Horrible. Anyway, hopefully that should help you out, though. Next question from Mechragone. Mechragone? “Do you still use 3rd party antivirus or antimalware software? And why or why not? I… don- I was about to say, “No, I don’t.” My initial response was going to be, “No, I don’t.” And the reason why not would be because I’ve been using the internet for quite a few years now. Since the internet became something that the public had access to. Since, since AOL days let’s put it that way. Ummm… and I’ve just gotten used to, when browsing, you know, the shady stuff is often very evident, you know, when you click on something and you get a big pop-up that starts giving you an alert like, “YOU HAVE A VIRUS AND YOU HAVE TO CLICK HERE TO FIX IT!” or whatever, I know that’s BS. And I’m just going to, like, close out that window, or you know, that kinda thing. And that usually doesn’t happen, cause usually I don’t stray into the shadier parts of the internet. But, you know, you can. That can happen. You can click an arrant link, or something like that. So, when I thought about this again, I was like, “Actually, anti-malware, for sure.” And Malwarebytes is far and away my favorite for that Uh… The basic is free, it’s constantly updated, it’s really good at getting in there and rooting out stuff that might have infected your system, particularly when it comes to malware. So, I usually, when I have a new system, don’t have any anti-virus stuff installed. I’ll use the system for a while, if something happens that seems fishy to me, then I’ll usually get Malwarebytes. If I’m really suspicious I’ll boot into safe-mode, and run Malwarebytes there. And that can usually get rid of most stuff. That’s not, like, too terrible as far as having infected your system. But… yeah! That should hopefully answer your question. Next question from Tomas s, “What are some tips for people getting into custom water cooling?” Funny you should have asked this question a few weeks ago, because my most recent video, posted just a–what was that? Yesterday? Is about Arctic Panther, my water-cooled system that I built in 2015, which used to be back here behind me, has been relocated the computer room, and I’ve been using the crap out of it, but I also neglected to do the proper service and maintenance. So that would be my biggest tip right now, for people getting into custom water-cooling, is either don’t put any additives or opaque fluid or anything like that into your liquid itself. If you want something that’s going to run for a long time, and not require more maintenance, or if you do go that route, which I understand, there’s definitely some aesthetic appeal, in like, the opaque fluid and that kinda thing, and that’s why I did it, and I knew when I was doing it, that adding that stuff to it was going to potentially lead to, I won’t say problems, but just… It’s going to require more maintenance down the line. I neglected to do that, you should definitely flush your loop every six months regardless, and especially if you’re using something like opaque fluid. Beyond that, I would just say, generally speaking with water-cooling, with custom water-cooling, don’t do it if you’re on a strict budget, your money is much better spent getting higher-end hardware. Like, don’t water cool a GTX 1060 for example, just sell it and get a GTX 1070 or 1080, you’ll get more performance that way. Also, I only typically recommend water-cooling if you’ve built a system that’s really high-end. That’s kind of reaching towards the bleeding-edge of performance, and the only way you can get better performance is by water-cooling it and overclocking it more. It can also be a great option if you want something that’s really quiet, ’cause if you have a lot of radiators and slow-moving fans, and you have… …umm… …if your fin… density is low, so that the air can flow through easily. then you can end up with a very cool-running and very quiet system. But, yeah. Watch that maintenance… if you want more on that…. If you didn’t check it out already, I will also post a link to this video. “Restoring Arctic Panther!” Part of the epic Arctic Panther playlist, you guys should check that out. It’s been good so far. Okay, next question from aaaa… I’m going to call you Crafts Gaming. ‘Cause your actual username is just letters and numbers. “Paul, at what age did you start building computers, and what happened to your first computer?” So I guess I would say 14? Although that wouldn’t be strictly speaking building a computer. When I was about 13 or 14 I remember my dad and I went and got a Hewlett-Packard 486DX-based computer. You know, one of those desktop ones, beige box with CRT monitor on top and everything. And that was 14, and after using it for a while, I did a RAM upgrade on it, and that was my first dipping of my toe into the actually building your own computer thing. Wasn’t until I was, I think, 16 that I actually went to Fry’s and bought a bare-bones system and got the rest of the pieces to install everything and built what was my own computer that was just mine, and I sort of, I guess I sort of put it all together myself, even though it was a bare-bones system from Fry’s. Um… Although again, we had a Commodore 64, that really doesn’t count quite as much for building computers. What happened to my first computer? It probably got recycled at some point. Again that was that 486DX system, and… That was a really long time ago. And I’m not really sure what happened to it. At this point, yeah, if I could go back, I probably might have kept at least that first one. Just for nostalgia’s sake. But. But I didn’t. 🙁 So there it is. But thank you for your question, Crafts Gaming. And, next is Joona Knuutinen… Canoe… Joona Canoe… Joona Canoetinen… “How do you whitelist channels? I’m asking because a friend of mine wants to know?” Well, your friend’s a very nice person if they’re interested in whitelisting Lemme walk you guys through it real quick if you’re interested. And this is particularly for AdBlock. So I’ve already actually set it up on this, let me bring it down so you can see. I got the little green thumb-mark right there, for AdBlock. So the way you do this is you gotta go into AdBlock, and if you just open up AdBlock, it’ll give you the options for enabling or disabling AdBlock on a specific page or on a domain. But you don’t wanna have do that for every single YouTube video, and if you don’t wanna whitelist the entire YouTube website, which I’m guessing a lot of you probably don’t. Then, yeah, you have to this: Basically, you gotta go under settings, there’s an extra checkbox there in the settings menu, to specifically whitelist individual YouTube channels. This is the most standard AdBlock, by the way, So just go ahead and click that, restart your browser, and then you should be able to pull that back up, go in there, whitelist a YouTube channel, and then any page that is associated with that YouTube channel. Whether it be the channel page, or anything like that. You’ll still see the ads, and that means I will still get a little bit of money from you watching those ads. And I’m very grateful to you guys for that. Of course, if you want to run AdBlock, like, I really don’t mind that either, because I understand how intrusive and annoying ads can be at times. But yeah, that’s how you whitelist. At least with AdBlock. marmar040… This is the last question. And one that was clearly quite poopular with all the thumbs ups it got in the last video. “Do you look at your own poop before flushing it down?” Uhh, of course I do. It is a natural human instinct. To look at your own poop before, or like, after you’ve done it. And it’s built in, because you look at it, ’cause if it’s a strange color or something like that, or it looks really weird, then you know something’s wrong. Like, you got something wrong with your intestines. Or maybe it’s tied or you’ve been eating the wrong food, or perhaps you should stop drinking until you pass out every single night. That might be something to take into consideration. So, marmar, yes. To answer your question very specifically, I do. But guys, that’s all for this episode of Probing Paul! Thank you so much for probing me. And of course, if you guys want to ask me questions to be answered next month, please leave those down in the comment section down below. While you’re at it, hit the thumbs up button, and that’s all! Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.


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    Either a 4gb rx 480 or an rx 470
    A xeon e3 1231 v3
    Or the extreme option of saving up and buying a new PC with ryzen a ryzen 5 1500x 8gb ddr4, rx 470/480, etc.
    Thank you so much Paul! 😊

  • What would you recommend for an external optical drive solution? My case doesn't have 5.25" bays but I have old games on cd that I still like to play, blu-rays I like to watch, etc.

  • 6:38
    as a security analyst, the best practice is to run VMs. you will see a semi significant dent in your gaming performance but you will be safe for the rest of your life. There are open source linux flavors that will let you run windows VMs and you can pretty much do anything you want within those VMs. meaning you take a snap shot of your main OS and keep that up to date and never do any work with it. your life behind a PC happens on VMs 99.999% of the time.
    however not everyone has the knowledge or drive to setup virtualized environment at home for safe browsing.

  • With new benchmarks, the RX 480 outperforms the GTX 1060.

  • so youre telling me that i could have waited a bit linger and got a faster card for the same price?

  • Hey Mate , could you pleas give a link to that Malwarebytes ? i'm scared to download the wrong one and actually get a virus . Cheers

  • could u review somehow the amd firepro s9170? itd be fun xD

  • 10:55 I didn't think you were old enough to actually know about Bill and Ted but now I'm picturing a 14 year old that just finished the build going "Excellent!"

  • Devon Budzitowski

    can you do a video on the rx 580 4gb vs the 1060 6gb, everyone is benchmarking the rx580 8gb but no one has really benched the 4gb version, you can get both the 1060 6gb and rx580 4gb for a little over 200 dollars on pcpartpicker so I was wondering how their performance compares

  • RX 580 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB? Want the best future proofing for VR. I'm very neutral in the Red Vs Green team debate, so no major preference.

  • Jordan Sangster-Williams

    So Paul, i'm looking in to(and if you answer the question in video will probably have bought by now) buying new hdd's for my pc and i want to combine them all into one volume. I was wondering how this could be achieved?

  • Can you suggest a low price freesync monitor? I just ordered a 480 and would like to give it a shot

  • LobstersAreFabulouz

    that thumbnail is so good 😀

  • more than 4gb card is good investment, ghost recon wildland use more than 4gb vram for high-ultra preset, I don't know other games that also vram hungry like that, so in this case rx480 8gb is better investment because who know in future there will be more games like this that even require 4gb ram for medium setting of course when that kind of game exist both card already obsolete but at least you can still play it until you can afford new card

  • I hv dell i5 3570s 8gb ddr3 1600mhz soo suggestion me, which one is the best for next 2 year's…………………….?

  • I wil prob u.

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