• shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    5:30:09 Jim Jordon's being a Smart-ass Now. Oh, but wait till he has to go back to court over the 177 + Male Sexual Assault victims he let down .

  • @joseph Williams I stand corrected. Maybe you can tell me why they don't attack and be strong like Ocasio-Cortez like Talib like Omar like Presley like Porter and others. I mean the fact they're having these hearings is just great but they could be a little bit more effective don't you think. I wish they could go to the school of question asking by Porter and Ocasio-Cortez

  • hey dudes it had been all solved and we just don't hear about it. if you sincerely really care about truth you should consider the broader vision about the essence of consciousness
    to get started just check this https://www.nderf.org/index.htm

  • 4:15:46 Monty from Florida calling in

  • Doesn't Schiff see that the Whole World is laughing at him ??

  • I really respect how each time Fiona Hill is asked if there’s a conflict of interest with a child involved who has a parent that takes a role in related foreign policy, she keeps it very inclusive to all in how that would be a conflict of interest and how easy to see that it’s an issue with Donald Trump’s family occupying the White House staff.

  • Steve Castor is asking excellent questions. This is the most thorough and intelligent I’ve seen him. However, the answers are not working in Trump’s favour. I wonder if the Republicans are starting to re-strategize at this point given the amount of evidence amounting against Trump.

    I’ve been waiting for the point where the Republican Party pivots and looks to find a new candidate to run in the 2020 election. These Republican representatives have put on a good front that they stand behind the President regardless the way the wind blows, but I’ve never doubted that they haven’t had this back up plan all along.

  • Can we just take a couple seconds to appreciate how fucking peaceful the dude at the beginning was

  • Like for chin removal from fiona

  • #AdamSchiffIsAPatriot 💙BRAVO, SIR

  • 5:24:10– . Gym Jordan is such a ____!! , ( btw, Holmes eye-roll directed at Jordan, @ 5:24:36)…Honorable mention: Gym @5:26:18– ,:"…yeah. I'll get to you! I'll give you a chance! "

  • He is a clown in the Republicans circus.

  • Republicans got caught defending the Criminal Potus!

  • I want Mr. Goldman to be my lawyer.

  • We are not finatics! The Republicans got caught!

  • Hunter Biden and The Whistleblower will not be attending!

  • They did it! Liver, Lier pants on fire 🔥

  • Lier, Lier pants on 🔥.

  • blastercombo audio

    Only can old white men get summoned to court and then be able to say no LOL

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    6:44:30 Mike , Trump only got 74 More votes in the EC out of 538
    That is Not a "Resounding" Win Or a "Landslide" as Jim Jordon later called it .

  • Tracey Eva Edwards

    Who else enjoys watching and listening to The Before and After moments? I most certainly do. The phone ins not so much. Apart from when someone swears 😂😁😂

  • 4:15:45 The best caller Monty from Florida. You have a great day too. <3

  • Squat Little Witch

    Nunes is hung up on nude photos of Trump. Lol.
    That is just weird.

  • Adam Schiff, you are my hero! We ARE much better than that!

  • Every day this impeachment nonsense continues, President Trump’s approval ratings increase. Keep it up, Dims! By election time, the Democratic Party will be on the ash heap if history, which it richly deserves to be. 🤣🤣🤣 #LaughingAtDems

  • what is everyone in the background doing?! surfin the web? Watchin The Office with subtitles? What are they doing on their computers?
    They're not listening to what's happening in the room.

  • So … it seems that the Approval for Security Assistance (Javelin) is probably prior to Jun but was only released between Sep-Oct (more than 3 MONTHS after it has been approved)

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  • I’d like to add that when Nunes adds into the media RUSSIAN HOAX, even if he means to include that it’s just about the collusion of Trump’s involvement, he does not clarify that many times and when he calls it specifically a “Russian Hoax” it does give validation to the Russians in their involvement in the 2016 elections.

  • Do not play poker against Dr Hill.

  • The view count on this video is staggering ~ considering that the material (and the full hearing) is presented in countless places. It is sad that Republicans are of so little help on this dire matter. The constant bad behavior out of the current White House is getting worse. Without being held to account, the White House will feel invited to do worse and worse and worse. Ukraine is in peril. The USA is in peril. The world is in peril. Even Russia is in peril as their own bad behavior is having an accumulative impact dragging them into he abyss. All the while the climate crisis is crashing down on us as an avalanche and the fossil fuel industry is bringing us ruin one fist full of dollars at a time.

  • Can't wait till it's gets in the Senate and we can actually get the witness to testify maybe even Adam schiff can testify to the majority Republican Senate

  • There is one thing I don't see in the comments and it worries me.

  • I disagree.

  • Trump 2020 everybody

  • Schiff is a robot. Creepy.

  • "Epstein didn't kill himself" gottem

  • It’s a shame that the Republican’s defence is banking on the hopes that the American people are uneducated and unable, presumptuously too stupid, to understand what has happened here. They are hoping that Americans will not understand the law, the constitution, the due process, or the roles and respective obligations of each participating member.

    It’s overtly gross to see the disregard to the hours of testimony and facts which amount as evidence and pretend as if none of it has happened. I feel insulted that they assume I have not been watching, that I cannot put it together.

    This impeachment inquiry in an inquiry to discover from inside the administration what happened and yet Republicans have asked very few questions excluding a couple of Republicans that hold some respect still such as Steven Castor and debatably Elise Stefanik. I will say in other hearings Will Hurd has asked intelligent questions in previous hearings. However, the bulk of the Republican air time has been insulting betting that we cannot see corruption when it smacks us in the face.

    What further disgusts me is that the Republican Party has placed bets on the right horse (to reference Fiona Hill), that Americans have blindly commented in the defence of the President and the Republican Party and have chosen to completely, whether out of ignorance or naivety, disregard all of the evidence set forth. Their strategy has worked.

    What happened to the Republican Party that represented patriotism and dignity not so long ago? We see this time of arrogance in many different countries now, it’s contagious to not have to use critical thinking skills, take the lazy way out, and speak from pure self-interest.

    Blatantly, our world is going to shit and it’s up to the people around the world watching this to say oh hell no, we are not letting democracy, intelligence, and respect crumple before us. This matters and we will not allow corruption to take power, no matter what form it comes in, left or right.

  • I listened to the call-ins from random citizens.
    It's obvious many people do not have a clear understanding of the impeachment process or the evidence being presented .

  • What is wrong with him! She told you that was a debunk conspiracy!

  • Best part: Monty's call at 4:15:47

  • This is a crap show. It’s clearly visible the Dems are slimy and liars. This has done nothing but divided this nation; which, I might add, is the ultimate goal. It’s pure evil

  • They first had to stop Julian Assange before they launched this bs so he’d be unable to broadcast the truth and undermine the coup d’état

  • Adam Schitt is a complete joke. Remember when the turd said he had proof of collusion? How anyone still trusts him is baffling.

  • What happened to the A in caught. Cught.

  • Liana Pehrsson-Berindei

    One qustion. One of the witness is accused of embarassing the president of Ukrainia when relating to the conversation with Sondland. Was he not under the oath to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. no matter how embarassing it might be?

  • Nunes looks guilty as all hell

  • Daniel Michael Cherrier


  • 2:43:11 The caller makes a good point about the logical fallacies being employed in the hearings. I think he missed the mark on the GOPs constant use of straw manning and other techniques. His conclusion was they weren't educated enough to make logical arguments. I disagree. I think they are perfectly well educated and know what they are doing. Their fallacies are intended to manipulate the public and create an emotional response. That has been their main method of controlling their base.

  • https://cyberspypro.com/ghosthacker/

  • White House should
    let Mulvany, Bolton, Pompeo, and Don McMahan testify to Congress. They had FIRST HAND knowledge 🙄

  • Chris Stewart’ s tie was made out of bed sheets 😂

  • I am so happy Mr. Holmes was able to make it through his opening statement without crying.🙄

  • Stefanik is a sow. I’m a woman and I can say it.

  • Poo on Wenstrup and his stinking red herring rant; nothing to do with Ms. Hill's testimony.

  • I honestly thought, just in listening, that Will Hurd was a Democrat. He's a Republican I could vote for: he was polite, didn't have a single emotional outburst, kept to the questions without soundbyte. He performed admirably, and I would like to see his colleagues of the Republican party follow suit. Let the cards fall where they will, but Hurd is a genuine politician, and I respect that he respects others.

  • 6:29:15 WTF!!!???

  • Look at those reptilian eyes of chiff.

  • Hey Mr Jordan. You need a babysitter? You incapable of self control? Do you behave this way when women say no?

  • fukn alabama , that old lady is fukn senile.
    "its all been hearsy"

  • Adam Schiff is a hero.

  • 5:03 I'm here for it! Who put you in charge? Lol! You go Dr. Hill! 5:04:35–5:05:10 had to bookmark it

  • Sorry, but the callers are morons.

  • listen my beat guys is very good. https://youtu.be/D9WJivxC8iY

  • Exactly 5:54:30, these republicans… They're not looking for answers regarding these impeachment hearings. They have just one job… In that is, to defend the liar-in-chief.

  • Rep. Swalwell with the questions. Come through! 6:28:38 Devin knew where this was going lol.

  • Does Jim Jordan not own a jacket? He might want to get one before he is prosecuted for being complicit in a molestation scandal.

  • Here is the deal I am voting for Trump for one single reason. I don’t want the nation tossed in to massive government socialism.

  • …..Arrogance…..That's what I call it….Arrogant  Democrats who feel that they have some divine right to pursue their personal and baseless hatreds instead of doing the  job that the citizens voted them into office to attend to, and who pay their generous salaries and retirements evidently to NO avail………….. The Independents have it in their power to put these pouting, whining, petty, useless officeholders OUT of government and force them to get REAL jobs that they can hope will support their useless butts in the luxury to which they have become accustomed…….I sincerely hope the Independents will do their duty……..

  • Republican are fucking hypocrites!

  • Come on! It is so obvious that Trump is holding dirt over certain Republicans heads. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell once Trump's most ardent opponents and others are now his most ardent supporters… They are being blackmailed by Trump. Fall in line or I will release all of these incriminating pics and videos of you guys. 😈😈😈

  • I like adam Schiff and I like chris Hines and all the other others often not recognized…. and Dr. Hill must be a mother to more than one child bc she is 💯 at making everyone feel loved, understood and sympathizes with the really obvious wrong things people are saying!!!

  • Wow. Mr. Holmes is HOT AF. He's so attractive. My eyes are drawn to him.

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    🤦‍♂️Donald.J.Trump!!! Is a Big, Massive&Huge Time Cause To America🤥!!! This Tramp Guy!!! Has been Caused from Birth!!! Because??? Everything He Touches Dies!!!💀💀💀. That’s Da Truth People.

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    🤔Dummy”Dumb”Jimmy”Jimmy”Da Jack Arse Jordan!!! Has Lost Da Plot, and become Donald Trump Poppy”Poppet Boy 👦 . From now onwards, Jim Jordan!!! Should be named has??? Jimmy Trump🤩🤣😂, Just Like is Pal!!! Moscow Mitch 😆😆😆

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    Devil 👿.D.Nunes!!! Will be Accompany Donald Trump To Penitentiary🤞

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    “Hello”Hello” Rudy.G.Trump!!! You’re On Ya Way To???Penitentiary. Fool.

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    You know What Rudy Boy??? John Gotti will be Laughing 😂🤣🤩 his Head off in the Grave!!! And He cannot wait to see you Rudy Boy behind Da Jail Bar😂🤣😁

  • The uhgggyhyhbfhkoioPoooolhg+The school being wish you were a five tea break my neck neck when the next baby girl have a sofa by the school be sure from the homeowner just called me he she was five she bring Nick make a heart open and then the next day give us up above the school be sure to run it home and you was fine she picked neck neck are hurting my neck neck of the liver levels of other 7ud

  • She is so good. Super woman who was beat Republicans Congress. She is my hero. I think we have to kick all Republicans Congress out of office, then US will be great again.

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    Jim Da Jack Arse Jordan is a big time huge&massive Plunker!!! This Pathetic Jack Arse Idiot, thinks he is something important??? Message for you Jimmy Da Dumb!!! You’re going down in history as Donald Trump Dumb, Stupid Poppet🤥

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    🤦‍♂️All this Bunch Of Republicans are Full Of Bull S A!!! And they will all go down in History as Pathetic Liars, Shameless, Idiotic and Disgraceful American Leaders!!!🤦‍♂️What Da Big F….k are we watching and Listening To!!! They are Bunch Of Rogues and Bandits🤥

  • Mohammed Mudashiru

    🤦‍♂️OMG!!! Jimmy Da Jack Arse Trump Jordan🤥 This Guy is Devil 👿 King 🤴 Of Twister 🌪!!! 🤦‍♂️

  • Jim Jordan is the worst. Ambassador Taylor mentioned more than once that a staffer of his (Mr. Holmes) overheard Sonderland and Trump in a restaurant.

  • If you are watching the hearing (and comprehending the hearing) — you'll want to watch this, and I'm sure you'll agree!! https://youtu.be/zJn2r0krypw

  • Mansplaining?! This is a strong woman. Rep Sean Maloney is the person insulting women with that stupid comment!

  • He did it. Republican clown asskisser!

  • You are not healthy!

  • You do it know that!🔥

  • He is!

  • I agree totally!

  • Clown you tried to get dirt on the Joe Biden you should be disqualified!

  • It is not a a hoax. It has been proven by the FBI and CIA!

  • You do not known if it’s he or she!

  • Check out for better https://youtu.be/0TBlyr7gUBc

  • Russia did not create the divide in our politics . The media has put the divide in u.s politics.

  • Republican has forgotten why they are there and it's not for the Democrats. Justifying Trump wrong doesn't make it right.

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