How Can You Keep Your Data From Your ISP?

So what can we do to prevent the ISPs from looking over our shoulders when we don’t want them to be? So for me that’s something like F-Secure FREEDOME. A VPN that encrypts my traffic. I use this for security purposes when I’m out and about, on my devices like my iPad, my phone, my laptop. I’m sitting at a coffee shop, I don’t know the Wi-Fi network, I use a VPN to protect my traffic. So if at home and want to do the same thing, I can enable the VPN there as well and now there’s an encrypted tunnel between my device and F-Secure. And all that an operator, all that an ISP could see is that there’s a VPN connection to F-Secure everything is inside of an encrypted tunnel. So what I’m browsing, what I’m searching for, that’s not going to be something that the ISP can see at that point. You’re paying us to move your traffic from point A to point B, it comes to us, we put it out on the internet, and that’s that. We’re not profiling you, we don’t track you, that’s not our business model. Our business model is to protect you.


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