How NOT To Wheelie | Norton Motorcycles Anti-Wheelie Technology [TECH NUGGET]

– One of the problems with powerful bikes
is keeping the front wheel on the ground and while of course the rider can control
this with modulation of the throttle, we do now have technology at our disposal
to make this a little bit more consistent and a little bit more reliable for the rider. This includes strategies such as anti wheelie. Now there are a variety of ways of doing this
including laser ride height sensors for the front wheels so that the ECU knows when the
wheel is in the air. Norton on the other hand have got quite
a unique take on this. They start by monitoring the front and rear
wheel speeds. And what we find is that when the front wheel
first comes off the ground, if we’re monitoring the front and rear wheel speeds, we’re going
to very quickly detect a loss of wheel speed on the front versus the rear. As soon as the ECU sees this differential in
wheel speed, it knows that the front wheel is in the air and then it can switch to
monitoring an IMU or inertial measurement unit. Now that inertial measurement unit uses
a gyroscope to detect the rate of change of pitch, among other things. And what it can look at there is how quickly
the front wheel is rising off the ground and it can then decide what to do in order
to halt that and control the amount of wheelie. There are a variety of strategies available in
order to control that however if the front wheel is coming off the ground very quickly
or very aggressively, then some pretty quick action from the ECU is going to be needed
and in this case the easiest way to modulate engine torque aggressively is to cut the
ignition to individual cylinders. Beyond this, for slightly finer control, using
drive by wire or fly by wire throttle, the throttle bodies at the engine can be
closed, even when the rider is still at full throttle and this can modulate the
engine torque to maintain the front wheel contact with the ground. While a lot of people will argue that strategies
such as anti wheelie do take away from rider skill, we do have a lot of technology
at our disposal now and if we want to be fast and consistent, it makes sense to
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