How To: Change the Air Filter on a Late Model Ford F-150

Hey everybody—Roger here from O’Reilly
Auto Parts to show you how to change the air filter in a late model Ford F150. Before I
get into that, take a second to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, so
you don’t miss out on any of our new content. Today, I’ll be changing the air filter in
this 2015 Ford F150, and procedures will be similar for most late-model F150s, but be
sure to know the specifics for your vehicle before getting started. If you’re not completely
comfortable doing this yourself, we’d be happy to recommend a professional technician
in your area. Here’s what you’ll do:
Open the hood… and locate the air filter housing.
Disengage the clips securing the lid of the housing.
Pull out slightly on the lid to disengage the tabs on the back side… and lift the
cover. Take out the old filter.
Make sure the inside of the air filter housing is clear of leaves and debris.
Put your new filter in, making sure it’s seated and oriented properly in the housing.
Slide the tabs at the back of the lid into place.
Secure the lid by clipping the two tabs. …and close the hood. And that’s it. You’ll find everything
you need for this and other jobs at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store or
Our DIY videos are designed to help answer questions we get in our stores every day.
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  • If you can’t change your air filter in your truck you shouldn’t drive you don’t need a professional to install an air filter

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